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Dear Marketer,

Hiring a marketing agency is stressful. Most agencies don’t tell you how much they’ll charge until after your second or third meeting. By that time you’re so invested in the process you feel obliged to say yes.

Even though they are forcing you to sign a long-term contract… Even thought they are vague on the deliverables… Even though you don’t know if you’ll get the results…

Here’s the problem with the traditional agency approach:

  • You’ve never worked with the company before, and don’t know if they’ll deliver.
  • You don’t want to waste time negotiating budgets if the agency is pitching outrageous prices.
  • You don’t want to be tied down to a long term contract when you can’t predict what the future holds.

We understand these problems.

We offer SEO services with transparent pricing and a 30-day cancellation policy. We’re happy to do this, because most of our clients scale once they see the results of our work.

SEO Services Optimized to Your Needs

Technical SEO audits enable us to pinpoint the gremlins hampering your search rankings. We use a mix of tools like Google Page Speed Checker, Screaming Frog, and SEMRush Log File Analyzer to scrutinize everything – from page speed to backlink profile, and from pesky 404 errors to server logs. We also dig into your crawl budget and other hidden glitches.

Once we’ve completed our audit, you’ll get a comprehensive rundown of issues alongside a rock-solid action plan to kick those problems to the curb. This provides a solid foundation for future work and provides quick SEO wins we can build on.

The content audit is the second building block of an effective SEO strategy. There will be content that needs to be improved, links that should be removed, and unnecessary content that could be deleted. Alongside the content audit, we also do a competitor analysis. This is an opportunity to dig up golden opportunities for growth and relevant keywords you could be targeting.

That initial content audit helps us identify easy wins. The competitor analysis feeds into your future content strategy. That way we can see what your competitors are doing right you need to nail. This methodical approach to keyword research lays the foundation for an SEO campaign that knocks it out of the park.

Most companies fail because they had a bad plan. You need to target relevant keywords that you can rank for and establish topical authority to achieve success in SEO. Lucky for you, we have expert content planners on our team. They know which keywords to target, and how to build out an editorial calendar that generates a snowball effect where each successive post you publish builds on the last so you’re rankings quickly snowball.

Once we’ve developed a plan, we create comprehensive briefs for each piece of content and assign the article to one of our skilled writers. We use industry-standard AI tools like Surfer SEO to ensure every article or sales page that’s published on your site is optimized for SEO and contains the semantic keywords search engines like Google want to see.

To secure your rankings you need authority links from top tier sites. Our strategy for snapping up authority links? We’ve got two main moves. First up, we can play ghostwriter and craft guest posts for you. This means hunting down websites that are perfect for your niche, spotting content holes, pitching knockout guest post ideas, and then creating content that echoes your brand’s voice. The SEO brownie points from these links are great, but the cherry on top? They position your team as the top dogs in the VoIP game and give you killer material for your marketing arsenal. 

Alongside this, we secure link insertions and brand shout-outs. For example, we can snag links to your target page from fitting sources, using just the right anchor text. Plus, we can secure your brand a mention on high-profile list posts, like Hubspot’s roundup of the best tools in your category. This drives referral traffic your way and reaps leads for your business.

Choose Between Three SEO Campaigns

1. Full-Service SEO

Our comprehensive SEO package is catered to two categories of VoIP and enterprise companies. First, there are those with minimal or no in-house SEO teams. These companies need an external team to manage every element of the SEO project. Second, you have enterprise businesses with an in-house SEO crew seeking strategic guidance and an extra set of hands in content creation and link building to hit their marketing targets. Here, we step in to help you score your objectives.

Regardless of your position, are general approach is the same. We provide technical, on-site, and off-site SEO. Our dedicated team develops a high-impact SEO strategy to achieve your marketing objectives. We then manage all of the deliverables with minimal supervision.

Success Story: Right Inbox

Right Inbox was looking for a full-service SEO plan. They needed help coming up with a content strategy, creating content, and securing authority links. Working closely with their team we rolled out an SEO strategy targeting top-of-the-funnel keywords.

Traffic to the Right Inbox site increased steadily over time from 30,000 to over 365,000 monthly visitors. These results were only possible thanks to the close working relationship we developed with their team.

2. Link Building Support

Our link building support package is best for VoIP companies and enterprise SaaS businesses with strong SEO and content teams. You know you need powerful links from authority sites like Hubspot, BigCommerce, and others. The struggle companies face is securing these links at high volumes.

That’s where we come in. You hand us a list of pages you want to rank for and the kind of links you’re after; guest posts, link inserts, or partner links. We set the bar for Trust Flow, Domain Authority, and site traffic. Then, we go all out to secure a pre-determined number of links every month. Essentially, we leverage our network to boost your rankings.

Success Story: Beaconstac

We’ve been working closely with Beaconstac doing link building for almost a year targeting high-competition search terms like “QR code generator” with a keyword difficulty of 94 out of 100 for Difficulty on Ahrefs.

By consistently securing them authority links from relevant sites, they’ve seen site traffic jump from around 200,000 monthly visitors to 340,000 in one of the most competitive niches.

3. Content Planning & Creation

Our content planning and creation service is best suited for VoIP companies and enterprise SaaS businesses that need rapidly increase the volume of content production. For example, going from 7 articles a month to 20 or even 100 a month while maintaining high quality output. That requires a huge growth in the size of your content team.

We can help with every part of the content marketing process from coming up with a keyword plan that will actually generate more visitors from Google to producing high quality content to a brief in volume. This is possible thanks to our team of SEO content planners, editors, and writers.

Success Story: Quidlo

Quidlo needed support with increasing content production after finalizing the content strategy. Our editors and writers stepped in to step up content production efforts.

Content jumped from little more than 1,000 monthly visitors to 18,000 in under six months. This was despite the fact it was a relatively new site with a Domain Rating of just 45.

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