Introduction to Weekdone OKR Software


For a business to succeed, there are specific goals that you need to meet. These goals may include developing the product, market research, reaching quarterly quota sales, etc. Every company milestone can be divided into smaller sizeable tasks, the labor of which is divided among teams. Your company needs a plan before reaching innovative company status. Weekdone is a goal setting and tracking...

Ultimate Outreach Tool? A Comprehensive Salesblink Review


Cold outreach is an important step in the sales funnel. Mailing the prospect lets you start a conversation and introduce your business to them. However, creating high-quality cold emails or a well-implemented outreach campaign might be challenging. Having outreach tools will help you improve your outreach strategy and get better outcomes. SalesBlink is a  sales outreach automation platform...

Just What Does it Have to Offer: Review


Running your online business with too many tools may be a real nuisance, and the costs of maintaining each tool gradually build up as you expand. Fortunately, thanks to alternative solutions, you don’t need as much business software or email marketing software as you would imagine. All-in-one online marketing platforms reduce the need for an overload of various tools and the necessity to...

Mailbird Review: What You Need to Know


Are you looking for an email client that will make managing one or more email accounts easy and convenient? Do you want to find an Outlook alternative that will increase your productivity and build a healthy approach to email management? If so, then Mailbird is the email client for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of its strengths and the features it packs. Mailbird’s Trustpilot rating...

What You Need to Know About CIENCE


A well-designed procedure for attracting customers is the key to any company’s success. The company will fail if it does not have new consumers, no matter how good the product is.  Converting a person into a customer requires a professional approach, just like any other business process. For that reason, there are more than 500 successful lead generation companies that offer fully...

Zoomshift Review: All You Need to Know


Zoomshift is a scheduling software solution designed to help managers and hourly employees track their shifts with utmost ease. The time tracking platform brings dozens of employee management features in one place.  Besides time management and shift scheduling, the tool also offers convenient payroll scheduling. This set of features makes it easier for both managers and shift employees to...

OSI Affiliate Review: What You Need from


Referral or affiliate programs are an excellent way to promote your business and reach a larger audience. It’s an effective marketing channel. Around 80 percent of brands use affiliate programs to generate sales. The way affiliate programs work is straightforward; affiliates drive traffic to your website through social media, blogs, videos, paid ads, and other marketing channels. They get a...

Woorise Review: What You Need to Know


Competitions have always been popular with businesses. When I was a child, cereal companies offered prizes to customers who filled out a form. Prizes could be face caps, T-shirts, an extra box of cereal, or something more expensive like a family vacation.  Although those kinds of giveaways have fazed out, the concept behind it was clear — Brand marketing. Now, the contest platform has...

All-In-One Marketing Suite: Your Complete EngageBay Review


Modern consumers expect brands to deliver a personalized customer experience. They simply do not want to feel like part of a crowd when interacting with a business. Marketers understand this all too well, and that’s why there are dozens of marketing solutions designed to deliver a consistent and personalized user experience.  The issue, however, is most tools focus on one or only a few...

Connectio Review: More Effective Facebook Ads


We’re spending more and more of our online time on Facebook. That goes for marketers too. In fact, Facebook advertising makes up the bulk of many small business’ marketing strategy. The trouble is, that means more competition for visibility. This leads to higher costs. We’ll look at one solution in today’s Connectio review.