ShareThis Review: Everything You Ought to Know


ShareThis is a social sharing tool that lets you share links on different social networking platforms. It offers several free tools, apps, and plugins to help users increase their website traffic and social following. It also provides data solutions to help businesses optimize their marketing strategy. The idea behind ShareThis is simple: If you want to share something on your site, simply copy...

Toast Review: All You Need To Know


As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, restaurant owners must keep up with the times. One of the platforms restaurants and the rest of the food service industry can use to achieve this is Toast. Toast is a cloud-based point-of-sale platform that helps you handle orders, sales, payments, and even marketing in one place. In addition, the platform allows business owners to identify cost...

Connectio Review: More Effective Facebook Ads


We’re spending more and more of our online time on Facebook. That goes for marketers too. In fact, Facebook advertising makes up the bulk of many small business’ marketing strategy. The trouble is, that means more competition for visibility. This leads to higher costs. We’ll look at one solution in today’s Connectio review.

Prospero Review: Everything You Ought To Know


The truth is, freelancing is quite challenging. From sending tons of proposals to win clients, to being able to manage your time and maintain productivity, there are just too many hats to wear. Now imagine if you have to create a proposal from scratch each time you find a promising gig. Sounds stressful, right? Enter Prospero. Prospero is a proposal wizard that can eliminate the stress of...

Recruiterflow Review: What You Need to Know


Recruiterflow is a recruitment software with features that help make the entire recruitment process more efficient for recruiting businesses. Recruiterflow is designed to streamline the recruitment process and save businesses valuable time. Efficient, streamlined processes are particularly important for SaaS businesses that need to be able to quickly solve clients issues. So, when launching your...

eclincher Review: Everything You Ought To Know


eclincher is a social media management tool and customer support software for businesses and marketing agencies. It allows users to manage their social media presence and accounts on a single platform.  It is a user-friendly platform that was built to simplify social media management. In this article, we comprehensively review the key features, pricing, pros, and cons of using eclincher for...

Custify Customer Success Software Review: Everything You Should Know


Custify is a customer success software built for SaaS businesses. The software is outstanding because it works whether you have a small or big team. Furthermore, it is your customer success solution to grow your business and your team. It provides a 360 view of your customers that enables you to anticipate customers’ needs and offer solutions in time. This outstanding feature and the...

Visitor Analytics Review: Everything You Ought to Know


We live in the age of information. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have been using big data to gain insight into customer trends and drive business decisions. Ever wonder how Netflix recommends films and TV series? It analyzes customers’ behaviors to create a clear picture of how people use the platform and what they like. Customers interact with online businesses daily, providing...

Engati Review: All You Need To Know


Chatbots are all the rage at the moment. They are especially valuable for enterprises looking to automate their customer care procedures. Engati provides businesses with a comprehensive chatbot solution across multiple channels. Engati’s AI-powered chatbot capabilities enable businesses to automate customer interactions and improve response times. This allows them to focus on more...

OptiMonk Review: Everything You Should Know


OptiMonk is a multi-purpose lead capture and conversion optimization tool. Lead capture software allows you to bring more high-quality leads into your sales and marketing funnels. From there, conversion optimization software takes over to help you turn visitors into buyers and increase conversion rates.  OptiMonk uses on-site personalization to give visitors a better customer experience with...