All You Need To Know About Survey Compare


Many people who want to earn a bit of extra money sign up for survey sites. One of the biggest names in this space is a site called Survey Compare. You can earn a bit of extra money by answering forms and questionnaires.  This article will cover everything you should know about Survey Compare. You’ll learn how Survey Compare works and how much money you can earn through the platform. With...

What You Should Know About ySense Before Signing Up


There are many ways you can make money online. ySense, for instance, is a global online community that can help you earn money in many ways. You can earn money just by taking surveys, for example, and even just for trying new products. In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this website that can help you increase your earnings with just a few clicks. What is ySense? ySense...

The 25 Best Office Backgrounds for Zoom


The Coronavirus pandemic made video conferencing a daily affair for WFH professionals. And even after the world went back to a new normal, most organizations still embraced remote and hybrid teams. This maintained the demand for video conferencing apps. Zoom is perhaps the most widely used video call app today. Everything, from business meetings to casual catch-ups, is conducted on Zoom calls...

10 Of The Best Mathway Alternatives


Many people love math, and it’s a practical subject. You use math in subjects like physics, chemistry, geography, and computer science. Its importance in the STEM field can’t possibly be overstated. Whether you’re a huge math geek or a student who struggles with formulas, websites like Mathway help simplify and shorten the calculation process. If you’re looking to solve math problems faster, this...

10 Best Wattpad Alternatives For Readers & Writers


Wattpad has become a well-loved online writing medium since its launch in 2006. It is a venue for both amateur and professional writers to publish their work to the world. With more than 90 million users worldwide, many written stories have become sources for New York Times bestsellers and Netflix shows.  However, as great as the platform is, it can’t necessarily please everyone, especially...

11 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives for Savvy Researchers


The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the internet. It is free to use and enables the user to view how current and long-defunct web pages looked in the past. It’s the most popular internet archive. Yet it’s not the only Wayback Machine. There are some great Wayback Machine alternatives. This guide will review some of the best Wayback machine alternatives. We’ll look at paid and free options...

The 10 Best Omegle Alternatives You Should Try


The internet has provided us with a great opportunity to connect with people and make new friends. While Omegle remains a popular chat site, the fact is, it’s getting overcrowded.  The good news is that Omegle is not your only choice when it comes to video chat sites. There are many other sites apart from Omegle that will give you the same wild ride of meeting and chatting with...

The 30 Best Zoom Backgrounds You Should Be Using


Zoom gives working professionals a means to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family from anywhere. Naturally, you want to personalize the setting, which is why we put together this list of the 30 best zoom backgrounds. You can use these Zoom backgrounds for meetings, office gatherings, or just to chat with family and friends. Our handy ideas for a nice virtual background will make your...

20 Funny Zoom Backgrounds To Liven Up Your Meetings


Looking to brighten up your next video conference call on Zoom? We know the feeling. Zoom backgrounds are, arguably, the platform’s defining feature. They give you a chance to have a bit of fun and inject your personality into a call. We covered the best office backgrounds for Zoom in this post. Here is a short list of funny zoom backgrounds that are sure to make you stand out in any meeting. How... Review: Everything You Ought to Know Before You Apply


Making money online has its risks. You need to be cautious about the platforms you’re using and the information you’re willing to provide. These risks are the common reasons why aspiring freelance transcriptionists are skeptical at first.  That said, there are still legitimate ways to make money online, and is undoubtedly one of them. This article will discuss what is and how...