How to Structure an Article People Want to Read


We write about 100+ guest posts a month at Launch Space for many of the top publications in the marketing niche. We’ve come up with a lot of simple systems our team can follow to help manage the content creation process. This article will discuss article structure. Over the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss how to structure the type of long-form blog posts that you’ll find on...

Scaling Your Company: The Definitive Guide to Business Development


Business development is a set of tasks and processes that help a company grow. It can include any activity that: Cut costs and improves productivityGenerates more sales by reaching new customersHelps you make more money from your customers You can see from this definition that the scope of business development is quite broad. It is a multidisciplinary skill. Your approach to business development...

Everything You Need to Know about Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing


In the brave new world of 4 hour work weeks and passive incomes, one of the terms you’ll come across most often is affiliate marketing. Often, this is presented as a way to retire to the beach in Bali, where you’ll spend a few hours a day on your laptop, watching the money roll in. While this is certainly possible, we won’t spend today talking about these sunlit uplands. Instead, we’ll be looking...

Blogging Like a Pro: How to Make Money Blogging from Day 1


You’ll find a lot of great content online about how to make money blogging. Everyone has their take on how to profit from blogging, and this perspective is based on their experience. You’re about to read mine. This guide will share a step-by-step approach you can apply to earn an income from your blog. I’ll then show you how to turn your blog into a six, seven, or eight-figure business. The tips...

Guest Posting: How to Ethically Scale to 50+ Posts a Month


If you want to start a blog, the competition has never been stiffer. Once upon a time, you could make the first page of Google with just a few decent posts, and not a single guest post. You may have even found outside help by buying dodgy backlinks. Today it’s not so easy. Indeed, if you want to get anywhere you need to put as much effort into getting good backlinks as you do into writing your...

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