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10 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms for Digital Ninjas


If you’re a retailer who runs an affiliate marketing program, you may well already be using an affiliate tracking software. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or considering launching a program, you’re probably wondering which of the many available platforms is the best one for you. But how do you know which one to choose? Today we’ll look at ten of the best ones on the market and weigh the...

12 Best Sales Funnel Software Solutions on the Market


There are a lot of sales funnel software solutions on the market. They range from comprehensive sale funnel platforms to the best landing page builders that can be integrated into your existing CRM or automation software. Many sales funnel solutions give you a peek into how and which of your leads go through each step and help you identify areas for improvement in your process.  If you have...

17 Best Webinar Software Platforms to Generate Leads & Make Sales


If you’re active in online marketing, you’ll know of the benefits of webinars. In fact, you’ll have probably attended a couple of webinars hosted by experienced marketers. The reason marketers love webinars is that they provide one of the best ways to engage your audience and generate sales. There are many webinar software platforms on the market. In this article, I’ve...

Five Best Accounting Software Solutions for Your Business


If you run a business, one of the first applications you need to buy and set up is accounting software.

You need to choose an application that’s reliable, accurate, and easy to use since you will be using it a lot to keep track of your income, expenses, receivables, assets, and liabilities. You will also need to generate regular reports so you can track how your business is doing.

The No. 1 Business Development Secret No Consultant Will Share


Business development is a set of tasks and processes meant to create growth opportunities for a company. This is generally achieved through improving relationships with partners, accessing new markets, or the release or improvement of products or services. Fundamentally, business development involves either making more money or cutting costs. Of course, there is any number of ways this can be...

6 Best Mac Cleaner Solutions of 2020


If you’re looking for the best Mac cleaning software it’s a slow day in the office. Yet even though Mac cleaning software is about as exciting as watching paint dry, it’s essential. A good cleanup of your Mac will free up your hard drive, removing months of electronic clutter that needs to be incinerated.

3 Webinar Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rate


Webinars are one of the best ways to engage, and sell to an online audience. They are used by professional marketers like Neil Patel, and Alex Becker, through to small online businesses to generate an income. In this post I’ll break down how to create a webinar and the essential webinar tools that you can use to increase your conversion rate on an existing webinar platform.

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