I'm a SaaS consultant with a passion for travel. I help companies scale their link building so they can dominate the SERPs for their chosen keywords. I work primarily with scale-ups and enterprise businesses.

21 Best Email Finders to Help You Manage Cold Outreach


Anyone engaged in business knows the importance of cold email outreach. To send cold outreach emails, you need email addresses. Sure, you can search the Internet, but there’s a risk the address will be incorrect. This is where a good email finder comes into play. In this guide, we’ll share a roundup of the best email finders on the internet. Before we dive in, let’s get our...

15 Best Chatbot Software Solutions to Engage Customers


Customer experience is a game-changer for businesses. Positive customer experience helps you retain customers and build brand loyalty. It can also help you in customer acquisition; when your loyal fans tell their stories about how well they’ve been treated by your brand, they can entice other people to try out your products. Providing a positive customer experience means being able to be...

12 Best Database Software and Systems For Your Business


In this age of information, businesses need to store their data for use in their strategies and decision-making processes. Whether leads, transactions, or employee information, the data must be secure and managed and retrieved easily. With streamlined data, businesses can ensure processes run efficiently. And when processes run efficiently, the business is more productive and profitable. This is...

10 Best Backlink Monitoring Tools for Managing Your Website


If you want your online business to succeed, you can’t rely on people finding your website by chance. You need an SEO strategy to ensure the quantity and quality of website traffic, and to increase exposure for your brand. This strategy should include generating backlinks through guest posts and monitoring backlinks of both your website and your competitors’ sites. Backlink monitoring tools make...

16 Best Grammarly Alternatives


It’s vital to ensure your blog posts are free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Poorly written content reduces the time visitors spend on your site. Although Google has said it doesn’t explicitly penalize sites that have errors, those that rank at the top of SERPs tend to be error-free.  However, it can be challenging to identify these mistakes, especially if you’ve spent hours writing...

10 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms for Digital Ninjas


If you’re a retailer who runs an affiliate marketing program, you may well already be using an affiliate tracking software. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or considering launching a program, you’re probably wondering which of the many available platforms is the best one for you. But how do you know which one to choose? Today we’ll look at ten of the best affiliate tracking software on the...

12 Best Sales Funnel Software Solutions on the Market


There are a lot of sales funnel software solutions on the market. They range from comprehensive sale funnel platforms to the best landing page builders that can be integrated into your existing CRM or automation software. Many sales funnel solutions give you a peek into how and which of your leads go through each step and help you identify areas for improvement in your process.  If you have...

17 Best Webinar Software Platforms to Generate Leads & Make Sales


If you’re active in online marketing, you’ll know of the benefits of webinars. In fact, you’ll have probably attended a couple of webinars hosted by experienced marketers. The reason marketers love webinars is that they provide one of the best ways to engage your audience and generate sales. There are many live webinar software platforms on the market. In this article...

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