Writer: From 20,000 to 3.5 Million


Writer is an AI tool that helps companies grow faster by automating and improving tasks in various departments like marketing and product development. It uses AI and machine learning to help users create content faster.

Campaign Overview

  • Campaign: Ongoing
  • Links Secured: 400+
  • New Referring Domains: 200+
  • Traffic Increase: 3.47 million

The Challenge

We started working with Writer in 2020 when they were just a startup. They were struggling to rank for super tough keywords like “Grammar Checker” and “Punctuation Checker.” They knew there was a ton of potential traffic out there, but getting to the top of search results as a new site would be tough.

So, they came to us for some SEO help. They wanted to get their name out there in search results by landing guest posts and getting some solid backlinks. The goal? To boost their SEO game and climb up those hard-to-reach rankings.

Our Results

We first joined forces with Writer in 2020 when they were pulling in just shy of 20,000 visitors a month. We got down to business, creating a focused link-building plan. We landed them spots in big-name publications like Hubspot, Search Engine Journal, and Content Marketing Institute.

The authority links helped propel them to the top five search engine rankings for their target keywords. This led to a massive increase in traffic but also expanded our partnership with them. The success of this initial campaign deepened our collaboration. We continue to provide SEO and link-building support to the company.

Ready to experience explosive growth like Writer?

We’ve been supporting Writer as they’ve progressed from a small startup with humble traffic numbers to a thriving enterprise pulling in 3.5 million visitors a month. It’s been a great journey.

Stuck because of competitive keywords? Let’s change that. We can get you those powerful backlinks that’ll boost your rankings to the top and generate quality leads. Just fill out the form below and let’s start a conversation.

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