Surfer SEO: From 25,000 to 53,000 Monthly Visitors


Surfer is a smart tool that helps businesses make content that’s great for SEO. It gives you live info on how to structure your content, how many words to use, and how to include the right keywords. It’s all about helping you get to the top of search engine results.

Campaign Overview

  • Campaign: Ongoing
  • Links Secured: 250+
  • New Referring Domains: 130+
  • Traffic Increase: 27,000+

The Challenge

The folks at Surfer really know their stuff when it comes to on-site and technical SEO. However, they needed help with getting high-quality links from other websites. They were getting about 25,000 visitors a month but had a hard time getting new links that would help their content show up higher in search results.

A client introduced Surfer to us, and they trusted the recommendation. So they came to our agency to get strong, relevant links from big-name websites.

Our Results

When we first teamed up with Surfer, they were getting about 25,000 people visiting their site each month. We made a custom plan for building links that was just right for them. We targeted important keywords like “article outline generator,” and got them strong, relevant links from authority websites.

Since we started working together, their monthly visits have more than doubled and are now around 53,000. The links we’ve secured have played a role in securing those higher rankings.

Ready to experience explosive growth like Surfer?

We helped Surfer almost double their monthly visitors and got them those all-important strong links that really count when you’re trying to stand out in tough search results.

If you’re not getting more visitors and need a boost to move up in search rankings, we can help. Let’s team up to get you those top-notch, super-relevant links that can really change your online game. Just fill out the form below to kick things off.

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