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Digital marketing has become a very crowded field in the last few years. In fact, it is now the centre of many businesses’ marketing strategy. However, more and more small businesses are struggling to get the results they expect from their digital strategy. This is partly because they are competing with companies with more resources and bigger marketing budgets. If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to pay close attention to this Vyper.io review.

So why do smaller organisations struggle? The key is innovation. A few years ago, many small businesses were able to successfully market themselves using simple social media campaigns. Think of a ‘Like and Share’ competition on Facebook. But when you’re competing with massive companies who can create sophisticated and exciting campaigns this won’t cut it.

Your customers expect more too. What’s the point of a Like and Share contest if everyone knows you’re only going to pick the person with the most friends as the winner? If you want to grow your customer base or improve your conversion rate, you need to be able to inspire your audience. This is where Vyper.io comes in.

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What is Vyper.io?

Vyper.io is a platform for building viral marketing campaigns to boost your online reach. Most importantly, it’s designed for marketers with little or no coding ability. That means you can use the same tools to grow your email lists or social following as your larger competitors, without needing to hire a front-end developer or bring in a digital agency.

Customer experience is a massive part of digital marketing. Vyper.io allows you to create professional looking branded contests, competitions and other promotions. These promotions help the customer to develop a relationship with your brand. The theory is that an engaged lead is a high quality lead.

But maybe you’re thinking ‘that’d be great if I ran an ice-cream shop, but contests on social-media aren’t much use for my construction business’. We’ll see in this Vyper.io review, that it also has a suite of tools which are great for B2B marketing. Growing your email lists will allow you to make your content marketing efforts more effective. Then you can establish yourself as a thought leader.

Additional Features

Let’s take a look in more detail. I said that Vyper.io helps you create contests and promotions, but how? Really, the primary feature is the built-in landing page editor. Here, you have two options for creating a webpage, which your promotion will be based around. You can either use one of Vyper.io’s templates, or create your own page from scratch by inputting your own text and images. Users with a little bit more HTML nous can use their own landing pages too.

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The standout feature in this Vyper.io review is the templates. What makes these so great is that they are focussed on specific goals. For instance, there are templates just for growing your Facebook audience or creating buzz around a product launch. This goal orientated approach is really helpful for getting the results you want quickly and easily.

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Vyper.io also lets you give your followers incentives to carry out other tasks. You can even create leader boards and reward your followers for referring their friends. This is obviously an important element of any successful viral marketing campaign.

On the B2B front, Vyper.io really comes into its own when it comes to email marketing. In fact, it has a built-in platform for sending follow-up and reminder emails, without the need for a separate service provider. However, there is also support for MailChimp integration and manual .csv upload. Usefully, this means that Vyper.io can easily slot into a range of different email marketing strategies.


For all the praise I’ve sung in this Vyper.io review, it still disappointed me in a few areas. I said already that one of my favourite things about the platform is the landing page templates. The trouble is that there are only six of these at the time of writing. While I expect this number to rise over time, it definitely limits the use Vyper.io for less tech savvy marketers.

While the visual editor was fairly intuitive, there are a couple of extra features I’d like to see. For example, Vyper.io provides the optimum image dimensions for the different parts of its templates. I think this would benefit massively from some kind of basic image manipulation function. Even just the ability to crop and resize images without leaving the platform would improve the UX greatly.

I was also disappointed to find that the analytics tools are quite basic. You can only really keep track of how many leads have been acquired over time. Vyper.io boasts that you don’t need a separate ESP. However, you’d need some form of email automation platform or even a CRM to properly score and track individual leads. Encouragingly however, each landing page can still be tracked with Google Analytics.

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Vyper.io Review: Final Verdict

So is Vyper.io any good? Definitely. Is it right for everyone? Maybe not. Where I can see it working really well is a question of scale. For small or local businesses, it could really be a game changer in terms of their digital marketing. It would also be great for bloggers who want to grow their readership. I also think that eCommerce stores of just about any size could see great ROI on their campaigns with Vyper.io.

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