Vuebit Review: The Missing Tool For Video Marketers


If you’re a video marketer then you’ll want to read this Vuebit review all the way to the end. In fact, if you insert videos in blog posts or run a video hosting service then you should pay attention, because Vuebit has been developed to help you with one simple problem every video marketer faces; getting people to actually watch your video.

Talk about the obvious…

The thing is, despite the amount of time it takes you to create a video only a fraction of your visitors will ever watch it. Any platform that gets people actually watching your video will help you increase engagement and ultimately make you more money.

What is Vuebit

Vuebit allows you to create gif style preview animations for your video that autoplay on load rather than a static image. You can see the results in the preview above.

The difference is immediate.

As a viewer the gif is more engaging than a static loading image. You get a sense of what you’ll actually see, which if the video is interesting, makes you more likely to press play. With the static image, well you just get a static image.

Vuebit passed my obvious assumptions metric. It makes sense that the gif functionality would improve video play rates.

I split tested Vuebit on a sales page to test the results. I got more people watching a video than on the page with a static loading image. It also generated a few more sales (this is the only stat that really matters). This initial engagement is important given the fact you can’t autoplay sales videos anymore in Europe.

Setting up Vuebit on any site is also really easy. You just insert a line of script in the header of your website. Vuebit have created a WordPress plugin that automatically installs the script into your header if you’re not comfortable manually altering this.

Problems With Vuebit

This wouldn’t be a proper Vuebit review without a look at the problems… I have to admit I had reservations about the platform. According to the homepage Vuebit does not officially offer any customer support for the free plan. So, when I tested the software and had problems I was worried…

I contacted support with my issue though and they answered really quickly. It’s madness that they don’t let you know this on the sales page as a great support team is a big plus for the software.

No problem there then, but I did have issues with the scenes selected in the animated gif. Truth is you can’t choose them, which kind of makes sense. Unfortunately this does mean that sometimes, especially with shorter videos, the generated gif looks rubbish and there’s nothing you can do about it.

More importantly though I found Vuebit did not always load the gif image on the first time. Considering most people don’t reload a page, this is a major problem with the software… Especially for marketers.

That’s the main thing.

There are a few improvements the developers could make. For example, the software currently autoloads the gif. This could be an issue for you when you have more than one video on a page. It would be nice if you had an option to only enable the gifs to load when you hover over a video.

I think a lot of marketers will also have problems with the pricing structure. You can only install the software on one site. This is an obvious issue for marketers who could be running offers across multiple sites, but want to use Vuebit for sales videos.

An obvious solution to this issue would be to have a pricing structure based around video views, maybe they’ll do this, but I don’t know.

Vuebit Pricing

Vuebit have a tiered pricing structure. The entry package is a free plan with up to 1,000 views a month for videos up to six minutes in length. It comes with branding, but given that they just replace the Youtube logo with their own I don’t really see this as an issue.

The premium plans start from $19 month. You can find a quick overview of the plans and features in the bullet points below:

  • Free Plan: It’s free 😀 Videos up to 6 minutes long and no support. Only works with Youtube.
  • Basic Plan: Costs $19 a month. Videos up to 20 minutes long with basic support. Only works with Youtube.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $35 a month. Videos can be as long as you want and it works with Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Streamable.

For most marketers the freemium or paid for Basic Plan will be more than enough.

Vuebit Review: Final Verdict

I like Vuebit. The developers have created a good software platform that does one job well and it’s immediately useful for video marketers. If you’re creating sales or just general videos for your website I recommend you test the platform for free and see the results for yourself. If it increases engagement, and I think it will, then you can sign up to one of the premium plans.

Keep in mind that we use all of the software platforms before we write a review. It means that this vuebit review is in depth and took a few hours to write, but hopefully as a result you’ll find the information more useful. Follow the link below to check out Vuebit for yourself.

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