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If you’re crazy enough to try and setup an email marketing services provider you’re going to have a tough battle to fight. There are a lot of great companies that provide an outstanding service. The question I’ll try and answer in this review is do Sendlane offer a good enough service to be worth your cash?

To answer that question we’ll take a look at a couple of different things. We’ll start by looking at their pricing model and who they are targeting. I’ll follow this up with the extras they provide to make them stand out and then we can take a look at the customer service.

Before I get into the meat of the article, it might sound obvious but we’ve really taken the time to review the product by actually using it. This might sound like a novel approach to writing product reviews, but I think it will help you make the right decision about the platform.

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Sendlane Overview

Sendlane is a good all round email marketing service provider with advanced features. There are a lot of things about Sendlane that I really like. Top of the list is the user interface. You can see that a good UI designer has worked on the platform. It’s a bit like what you expect Apple would create if they ever got involved in providing email marketing services.

The user flow is the same. Everything about Sendlane just makes sense. There’s a minimal learning curve. It sounds like a small thing, but you’d be amazed at how many software companies get this anything from slightly wrong to hole in the head hideous.

As an email marketing service provider Sendlane is also versatile. It’s easy to create autoresponders and set and forget campaigns. There are plenty of email templates to choose from and you get advanced marketing features like the ability to send emails at the best time for customers based on when they opened their last email.

What Makes Sendlane Special

There are a couple of decent features of Sendlane I want to highlight in this section. For starters they are very careful about letting people upload lists through their platform. You won’t have a problem if people are signing up to your list from a website, but expect questions when you try and transfer a list from another email marketing service provider.

The nice thing is that Sendlane will manually check the source of your list if you’re transferring from another email mail marketing service provider. This is something that companies like GetResponse won’t do. As a result Sendlane accounts a good IP reputation meaning more of your emails get through to your customers.

Speaking about the support, Sendlane are generally amazing. They respond quickly to your enquiries and try their best to help you. They also have some very experienced people on their staff. If you have minor issues you will get your issue resolved quickly.

The other thing that makes Sendlane stand out, at least for some marketers, is that they have an integration with JV Zoo. This makes them quite niche. Only six email marketing service providers have a direct integration with JV Zoo.

What Are the Problems

Sendlane is a really good email marketing service provider, but they do have some what I call niggling issues. The kind of problems I’ve experienced with Sendlane include scheduling email campaigns only to find that the emails weren’t sent and problems editing and saving templates.

Sendlane also offers some additional functionality that goes beyond the core remit of sending emails to customers. This includes very basic optin form designs and a simple landing page creator. Overall these are minor issues. They would not be a problem if Sendlane hadn’t

Sendlane Pricing

Sendlane have recently implemented a significant price increase that have turned them from a competitive email marketing services provider to an expensive one. Or should I say boutique, that’s how small firms tend to justify high costs…

Here’s the current pricing model they’re using.

Number of LeadsPrice
Up to 1,000$25 a month
Up to 2,500$49 a month
Up to 5,000$89 a month
Up to 10,000$139 a month
Up to 25,000$219 a month

As I mentioned, expensive…

Final Verdict

As I mentioned I actually like Sendlane. It’s a good email marketing service with a nice development plan and fast and generally knowledgeable customer support. My biggest problem is the pricing. Sendlane have decided to go niche and create a service for email marketers and I assume ecommerce stores.

This is great in theory. Unfortunately they don’t currently offer as much value for money as most of these competitors. It’s almost like you’re paying for Sendlane on the promise of future improvements to the software. My verdict, Sendlane is not worth your money at the moment. This might change as they roll out new features, but until that point they are an expensive solution in a crowded marketplace. You can find try Sendlane by clicking the link below.

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