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WPX Hosting Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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WPX Hosting Review

WPX offers super fast web hosting for Wordpress sites. The company is based in Europe with SSD servers on the continent. They offer outstanding 24x7 support, with staff on hand to help you with technical problems you may have. Additional extras include a free SSL certificate for each hosted site and free site migration. If you are running a site with 10,000+ visitors a month this service could be for you. Plans start from $25 a month.

WPX Hosting is best suited for people who run a Wordpress site with a lot of visitors and need fast hosting. The company has super-fast SSD servers to ensure that site speed is fast. This is backed up with their WPX Cloud, which is a Content Delivery Network that they built from the ground up. This can help speed up site speed by up to three times.

In addition to offering a very good technical service, WPX Hosting has a strong focus on customer support. Their technical help desk staff are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week and average a customer response time of fewer than 60 seconds. Support staff can help customers with technical problems, site configuration, and other basic modifications. The company also offers free backups, free site migration, and free SSL certificates.

Overall WPX hosting is one of the best Wordpress website hosting services. They have a great product and offer exceptional customer service.

Business Plan - $25 a month Professional Plan - $50 a month Elite Plan - $99 a month
Host up to 5 websites Host up to 15 Websites Host up to 35 Websites
10 GB Storage 20 GB Storage 40 GB Storage
100 GB bandwidth 200 GB bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth

WPX has three pricing plans. The Business Plan is suitable for sites with between 10,000-20,000 visitors a month. The Pro Plan is best for sites with 20,000+ visitors, or people running multiple web properties.

Platform Features
Flywheel Flywheel has plans starting from $23 a month. Premium plans are best suited to website developers and agencies offering a hosting service to clients.
Pressable Pressable offers a speedy hosting service for Wordpress sites. The packages start from $45 a month.
WP Engine WP Engine offers a specialised hosting service for Wordpress sites. Packages start from $35 a month.
MediaTemple MediaTemple offer fast website hosting for most CMS. Servers are based in the US, and packages start from $20 a month.
Kinsta Kinsta offers a hosting service for sites running on WordPress. Their packages start from $30 a month.

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Great hosting provider


What do you like best?
I've been using WPX hosting for almost three years now. I'm really happy with their service, especially their customer service, which is amazing (all questions and stuff answered in no time, and problems fixed quickly). The server speed is also fast and reliable, which is basically what you are paying for.
What do you dislike?
The servers are based in Europe. This is great if you are targeting a European market, but ideally you'd want the ability to choose servers in the US as well given that this is the biggest market for most English websites.