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Vyper Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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Vyper Review

Vyper is a cloud-based software platform designed to help you engage and grow an online audience. You can use the platform to run online competitions, sweepstakes, giveaways, create optin forms, and run reward programs. The competitions are a great way to grow your email list and social following. Meanwhile, the referral programs help you make more money from your existing audience. Plans start from $49 a month on the monthly plan.

Vyper allows you to run three types of competitions, alongside features for creating optin forms, and reward programs. Competitions are designed to be easy to share either through social media referrals, or email. The optin forms are created to help convert traffic on your site. Used together these two tools will help you grow an audience.

The rewards program, on the other hand, was designed to help you turn your audience into loyal customers by rewarding them when they buy a product or share a contest. If you are running an e-commerce store then this feature is especially useful for increasing site revenue.

Vyper was designed to help e-commerce store owners and marketers rapidly grow an audience in competitive niches. If you plan to run competitions to grow your audience this platform is for you.

Pro Plan - $49 a month Enterprise Plan - $149 a month Agencies / Big Brands Plan - $299 a month
Up to 10,000 participants per month Up to 30,000 participants per month Up to 120,000 participants per month
Contains Vyper branding Removes Vyper branding Multiple users to your account
Track up to $5,000 revenue generated by Vyper Track up to $15,000 revenue generated by Vyper Track up to $60,000 revenue generated by Vyper

Vyper has three pricing plans. The Pro Plan is tailored for new businesses. The Enterprise and Agency plans are more suited to marketers with a large audience, and experience running online competitions.

Platform Features
Viral Loops Use Viral Loops to competitions, referral campaigns, loyalty programs, and more. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Rafflecopter Rafflecopter was one of the first online competition platforms. Pricing starts from $13 a month with limited features.
Gleam With Gleam you can run competitions, loyalty reward programs, and grow your email list. Full package costs $97 a month.
KickOffLabs KickOffLabs allows you to run competitions and loyalty reward programs. Pricing starts from $29 a month.
UpViral UpViral is an end to end software platform for running online competitions. Pricing starts from $35 a month.

We've written about the best competition software before. For an overview of the different platforms, check out our list article on the best competition software.

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Repeated Fraudulent Billing


What do you like best?
The features of the software were fine-especially the follow-up tools.
What do you dislike?
When I was done using the software, I switched to a different credit card (not my business debit) and canceled my account, I was charged again on the original card. They refunded me. I deleted my account. Then, the following month, I was charged AGAIN on the card that I had deleted. They continued holding old card information in a billing system somewhere and continued charging after cancelation. Terrible billing system hygiene. Beware.

Awesome. Competitions provide a GReat ROI for clients

Fiona March

What do you like best?
I'm a manager in an online marketing firm, and we are always trying to find ways to add more value to clients. Vyper helps us deliver on this. Every competition we have run has generated cost effective leads for the companies that we work with.

I'm really happy with Vyper. It's a good tool that delivers on its USP. I wish more tools did the same.
What do you dislike?
The Pro Plan is expensive. I wish it was cheaper.

Best giveaway software on the market

Levin Cooper

What do you like best?
I was using UpViral before, but I wasn't happy with the platform. Vyper is very easy to use in comparison and has a lot more functionality. Everything about the software has been well thought through.

I like the fact that you can create so many different types of competitions, and set your own outcomes from the competitions. For example, you can grow your social media profiles, get social shares on your content and more.

I ran one competition and it generated 2,563 leads for my businss. Basically Vyper has already paid for itself many times over.
What do you dislike?
It doesn't track social shares. It just tracks up to pressing the share link. The same thing happens with social follows, so it's possible for entrants to game the system. That's my only complaint so far.

Best competition software

Anna Lophes

What do you like best?
I've been using Vyper since they first launched. I was lucky to secure lifetime access to the platform for up to 10,000 leads. It's one of those tools that keeps on getting better. They have a really good range of competitions.

Then there is the new landing page builder has been a godsend. I'm a very visual designer, and the new layout makes it easy for me to create attractive designs.

Finally, the team behind the platform have been really helpful and supportive. Five star product and five star service.
What do you dislike?
I don't have anything bad to say about Vyper

Why make it hard for customers to delete their online account?


What do you like best?
What do you dislike?
The company has it strategically setup to keep your profile active and can not remove it unless you dial a toll free number and cannot reach the party to cancel. Really frustrating. I do not want tour emails, marketing material or any news. Just let us leave without a hassle and you won’t receive negative reviews.

Bigger email list & more social follower


What do you like best?
Use Vyper 2-3 time a year run online competitions for my audience. It is simple to use. Had my first competition up and running 45 minutes after signing up to the platform. The competition was a success and I ended up with more social media followers than before.

Will keep on using it if it keeps getting me great results.
What do you dislike?
Nothing really.


I can't justify paying a recurring fee to have Vyper on standby, because I wouldn't use it all the time. This is probably an issue a lot of people in my position. I guess the recurring plan works better for agencies.