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Viral Loops Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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Viral Loops Reviews

You can use Viral Loops to run online competitions, product launches, and reward campaigns. The platform has user-friendly templates that you can easily edit to run your own campaign. These templates are based around successful campaigns run by companies like Mailchimp, Airbnb, and Dropbox. Viral Loops has third party software integrations with platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, Slack, and more. The platform is popular with marketers and startups.

Viral Loops allows you to run product launch campaigns, viral giveaways, and referral programs. The software is packaged with preset customisable templates for specific types of campaigns. Each template comes with a “Viral Boost” feature, which allows participants to invite their friends to your campaigns. You can customise the templates through the landing page editor. To help you make the most of the platform Viral Loops has a range of third-party integrations.

The user interface is nicely laid out. Having ready-made campaigns to run with is really handy. Moreover, individual templates are simple to edit. You can track your live campaigns through the analytics dashboard. This information will help you identify, and focus marketing efforts on your best-performing channels.

Overall Viral Loops is an easy to use platform. It's a great tool for marketers looking to use proven techniques to grow their audience and email list.

Start-up Plan - $49 a month Growing Plan - $99 a month Power Plan - $208 a month
Access and run up to 4 different types of campaigns Access and run up to 9 different types of campaigns Access and run up to 9 different types of campaigns
Up to 1,000 participants Up to 3,000 participants + $20/month for every 2,000 additional participants 25,000 participants + custom price for additional participants
Landing pages, custom widget design, and GDPR tools Custom domain and styling, embedable and floating widgets Option to remove Viral Loops branding
Online tools integration Online tools integration + API Online tools integration + API

Viral Loops has three tiered plans with three prices per plan depending on how long you sign up for (rolling monthly plan, pay every six months, or the annual plan). The Growing Plan and Power Plan are designed for businesses, and agencies with experience running referral marketing campaigns.

Platform Features
Vyper Vyper enables you to run viral contests to grow your social following and email list alongside online reward programs. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Rafflecopter Rafflecopter was one of the first online competition platforms. Pricing starts from $13 a month with limited features.
Gleam With Gleam you can run competitions, loyalty reward programs, and grow your email list. Full package costs $97 a month.
KickOffLabs KickOffLabs allows you to run competitions and loyalty reward programs. Pricing starts from $29 a month.
UpViral UpViral is an end to end software platform for running online competitions. Pricing starts from $35 a month.

For an overview of the different platforms, check out our article on the best competition software.

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Worst app I've ever used.

Siobhan Roso

What do you like best?
Honestly, I have nothing positive to say about this app or experience using it.
What do you dislike?
The majority of the 10+ months I've been paying for the subscription I was trying to set it up. It took 162 emails back and forth to get this set up on my page, even with a web developer. It was the messiest installation I've ever seen with clueless customer service. They constantly send you links to articles they've written (to help their SEO, not their customer) even when you've read these articles and they do not answer your questions. They were also incredibly rude and continued to tell me that any help was outside of the scope of my payment plan, but I could upgrade to get better customer support.

After my campaign was finally up and running, their fraud detection flagged every single referral, even when it was painfully obvious there was zero risk. I had to manually go through each one and determine the risk myself.

Then they did an "upgrade" and all of my customization that I spent months on didn't work anymore and my page was live and looked horrible, without any warning or notice.

To top it off, you can not cancel your subscription yourself online. You have to email them and they refuse to cancel it until the end of the payment period and won't confirm your cancelation.

I went with them because it was the cheapest option, but alas, you do get what you pay for.

Great customer service and great tool


What do you like best?
This is a true plug and play solution. There's basically no learning curve, yet it offer all of the flexibility and features that you'd need to run a competition or giveaway. What's more their customer service is exceptional.
What do you dislike?
It's a bit expensive, but no more so than most of the other competition platforms on the market. Maybe they could add more templates.