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Viddyoze Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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Viddyoze Review

Viddyoze is an online cloud-based video editing platform you can use to create professional animated videos. A lot of the software is template based. You upload your graphics and export finished 3D logos, outros, in context videos and more, in just a few clicks. You can also use Viddyoze to add lower-third overlays and other graphics to your regular video. Viddyoze is a market leader in its space. Access to Viddyoze for 5 video animations a month starts from $47.

Viddyoze is an online template style video creation platform. The software has a library of ready-made animated video templates for 3D logos, video outros, in context animations for videos, and more. To create an animation you simply upload your graphics to the template and render and export the video.

The platform was launched in 2015 and has been continuously updated. At the moment there are 100,000+ monthly active users. It’s easy to understand why. Viddyoze has an easy to navigate interface. It’s newbie friendly, and you can get up and running, creating your own custom videos within five minutes of signing up to the platform.

Where Viddyoze really stands out is the customer support. Users regularly compliment the platform for the fast response time to queries and the knowledgeable support staff. This is rare in an industry that often offers limited or slow customer support.

One Time Purchase - From $65 for 5 animations Monthly Package - From $47 for 5 animations
Personal license for videos Includes commercial license
Access the entire library of animations Access the entire library of animations
No online storage 500 MB of online storage

Viddyoze has to price plans. If you occasionally create video animations we recommend the one-time purchase plan. The monthly package is suited to marketers and agencies with a large client base who regularly create video graphics.

Platform Features
RenderForest Renderforest is one of the largest online video logo making platforms with thousands of templates to choose from. Plans start from $14 a month.
Video Bolt Video Bolt is an easy to use cloud-based software platform for creating animated videos. Plans start from $5.99 a month.
Very Logo Very Logo is a basic online logo maker. It has a limited library of templates.
MotionDen MotionDen is an online video editing platform you can use to create regular videos, as well as animated logos. Plans start from $39 a month.
Moovly Moovly is an online video editing platform designed to help you make animated videos. Plans start from $49 a month.

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Continues to raise the bar!


What do you like best?
It is refreshing to find a company that focuses on the customer experience, beyond just looking at them as a pay cheque. The team at Viddyoze have developed a great product, and continually update it with more features and templates.

If you want to create video animations quickly and easily then Viddyoze is a no brainer.
What do you dislike?
Sometimes rendering videos can take a long time. If it wasn't for this I'd give Viddyoze 5 stars

Highly recommend template club

Austin James

What do you like best?
I have been with the Viddyoze template club for almost 2 years. I use Viddyoze to promote my business through video ads on social media. I have zero video editing experience or skills, but I wanted to be able to create content quickly.

Viddyoze template club has been great. I have been able to create videos fast, and generate engagements on Facebook easily. It has made a big difference to my business vs using photos. Sometimes it takes me just a couple of minutes to create a video. Plus template club delivers new video designs each month.

The facebook group has responsive and helpful. I want to thank the support team for doing such a great job.
What do you dislike?
Couldn't want more.

Great product and a 5 star support team


What do you like best?
I have found Viddyoze to be amazing. if you want a saas system that you don't nee d to be an expert to use, Viddyoze is it. Great product that is simple to use. At the agency I work for we use it alongside tools like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. Can't lose!

Top rate provider of video animation services. The customer service is also top notch.
What do you dislike?