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UpViral Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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UpViral Review

UpViral is an end to end software platform for running online competitions. You can use it to run giveaways and sweepstakes. Features include the ability to create your own landing pages, thank you pages, and email drip campaigns. The competitions are easy to share. This helps increase the chance of your competition going viral. It is popular with e-commerce store owners and marketers looking to generate lots of leads quickly.

Upviral allows you to run giveaways, and sweepstake competitions. The software helps you manage each part of a competition from getting a person to optin to your email list, through to promoting your competition to their friends. Software features include the ability to create landing and thank you pages for your competition. You can also send timed email prompts and set up email drip campaigns.

The Pro UpViral plan has additional functionality that advanced marketers will find useful. This includes split-testing capabilities, so you can split test your landing pages (for opt-in), thank-you pages (for sharability), and even emails (for click/open rates). You also get the option of one-click email signup and one-click social share.

Regardless of your niche, competitions are a proven way to grow a targeted list of buyers. Thanks to its easy to navigate interface, and the logical way you can set up a competition, UpViral makes referral marketing easy.

Standard Plan - $35 Month Pro Plan - $49 Month
Unlimited Giveaways, and Contests Up to 3 Users
Unlimited subscribers Remove "Powered By"
Email Automation and Notifications A/B Split-Testing
Advanced Fraud Detection Autoresponder Tagging

Upviral has two pricing plans. The Standard Plan costs $35 a month, with no limitation on the number of subscribers to your competition, and all features. The Pro Plan is more suited to small teams and agencies. It is cheaper than many of its competitors with less restrictions.

Platform Features
Vyper Vyper enables you to run viral contests to grow your social following and email list alongside online reward programs. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Viral Loops Use Viral Loops to competitions, referral campaigns, loyalty programs, and more. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Gleam With Gleam you can run competitions, loyalty reward programs, and grow your email list. Full package costs $97 a month.
KickOffLabs KickOffLabs allows you to run competitions and loyalty reward programs. Pricing starts from $29 a month.
RaffleCopter Rafflecopter was one of the first online competition platforms. Pricing starts from $13 a month with limited features.

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Glitchy, Unreliable, Support Is Horrible


What do you like best?
The best part about Upviral is I canceled it.
What do you dislike?
The inconsistency in the program. First, let's start at the setup the URL they tell you to use form Click Funnels are wrong. That should have boon the first red flag. Them not knowing how to set up their own software. The widget is useless you need to hard code the HTML. The support was always days behind, that doesn't help especially when your campaign is live and people are getting upset that the reward links aren't always being sent. Keep an eye on your autoresponder too. Not all the contacts are being sent through. Remember we are investing money, time and effort in generating each contact, we want them all. The risk here is to your reputation. No one needs software to help them ruin their reputation. If you go with Upvirtal to know their set up instructions are wrong, their product sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and keep a tight accounting on your lead count and your autoresponder.

Impressive. Recommended

Rico Gonzalez

What do you like best?
I found UpVIral easy to use. The interface is logically laid out. You have everything that you need to run an online competition. Basically, for what they do it's a great platform.
What do you dislike?
I think there is still room to improve the software. I hope they continue to make updates.

Helps me grow my business

Alex Smith

What do you like best?
I've struggled to grow my business, but UpViral has helped. Viral contests have helped me to grow business, get more traffic to my site and increase my revenue. Good platform that works. Support was also fast at responding to my questions.
What do you dislike?
There are some bugs that need to be resolved.

Another great tool by Wilco


What do you like best?
I've bought all of the tools from Wilco during the launch period, and I've never been disappointed. UpViral is another product that knocks it out of the park.

The software is like a dozen other online promotion platforms on the market. The idea is pretty simple, run a promo, get people to join the competition and share the code with friends to increase the chance of wwinning. THat's it.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter that UpViral is another competition tool. What matters is does it work... In my experience it does :-)

I've used UpViral to run competitions on my own site and for clients. The platform is simple to use, the templates look attractive, and the competitions generate more leads than a regular optin form.
What do you dislike?
No complaints. I'm a happy customer

Easy to use, but could be improved

Jim Carlson

What do you like best?
Used UpViral to manage a couple of promos. Overall I found setting up contests to be generally pretty straight forward.

The social share integrations are handy, and there are 50+ email integrations so it should work with your email marketing system. Fraud detection system was really useful.

What do you dislike?
I found UpViral to be buggy at times. You don't have much flexibility when it comes to editing the optin forms and the social share widgets are slow to load. While it does work, there's definitely room for improvement.

One of my favorite promo platforms


What do you like best?
UpViral is a really easy tool to use for managing contests and giveaways. We use it for running promos to our existing audience, and to grow our audience. It's helped us increase our social media following and our email list, which has boosted our profits.
What do you dislike?
Obviously UpViral is a SaaS platform. It's cheaper than most of the other competition software options. Our main problem is that we don't run competitions every month so don't always get our moneys worth.