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PixelMe Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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PixelMe Review

PixelMe is a toolkit for marketers. It shortens links with UTM tags and retargets pixels while keeping track of your ROI across all your channels. It not only shortens links, but tracks them through link analytics as well. This means you are able to see how your reach is extending and how your page is growing. You can start using PixelMe from only $24 a month.

PixelMe’s primary feature is its URL shortener. With this feature, you are able to shorten links with retargeting pixels from platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, etc. PixelMe also allows you to invite other people to collaborate with you and help you manage your links.

In case of broken links, PixelMe also provides you with an option to customize what your visitor would be seeing. Instead of the usual 404 error page, you can create a more appealing page that still fits your theme.

PixelMe is also able to track results from the campaigns you have launched. Through this feature, you get to understand your progress and your visitors’ behavior. Results collected can help your business grow.

Starter - $24 a month Growth - $65 a month Scale - $124 a month Enterprise - $249 a month
Up to 5,000 visitors a month Up to 20, 000 visitors a month Up to 50,000 visitors a month Up to 150,000 visitors a month
Platform Features
Bitly Bitly is a leading link managing tool that easily manages and shortens links. Paid plans start from $29 a month.
RocketLink RocketLink is a link retargeting platform with three price plans. It starts from $19 a month.
Sinply Sniply is a web-based URL shortening tool that adds your call-to-action on any page. Its basic plan is at $29 a month.
Nalanga This other URL shortening platform also provides you with data on your contacts' online behavior while adding pixels to retarget your contacts. You can subscribe to the Basic Plan at only $2.99 a month.
Rebrandly Rebrandly is a cloud-based URL shortening software that brands and/or rebrands your links. You can start sharing your links through Rebrandly starting from $29 a month.

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