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Ninja Outreach Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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Ninja Outreach Review

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing tool that finds the right people by reaching out. If you need an influencer for your business, Ninja Outreach searches for you. All you have to do is type in keywords such as industry or location, and the tool filters out people and show you only the influencers you are looking for. This tool simplifies influencer marketing and you no longer have to jump from one platform to another. You can subscribe to the Ninja Outreach Flex plan starting from $49 a month.

Ninja Outreach is an excellent outreach tool. It gives you options when finding for the right people. For example, if you only need influencers from a certain area or if you only need influencers from a specific niche, Ninja Outreach can filter the results for you. You also have the option of ruling out influencers below a certain following count. Filtering results like this allows you to reach out to the best influencers that fit your terms.

Another feature Ninja Outreach has is its email automation. You no longer have to manually send out messages to your business leads and wait for the perfect hour to do so because Ninja Outreach could them for you. You are also able to create professional email templates. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you need to send an email.

With Ninja Outreach’s built-in CRM, you can organize your projects easily. You can also add team member so you can collaborate with ease. This speeds up operations while making work more convenient for you and your business.

Flex - $49 a month (expandable)
1000 contacts
Unlimited Searches
Export Data
Platform Features
BuzzStream BuzzStream is a blogger outreach tool. You can get the product for as low as $24 a month.
PitchBox This tool is more geared towards marketing agencies and larger brands. Its paid plans start from $195 a month.
BuzzSumo BuzzSumo is great for traffic that runs between 1,000-10,000. paid plans start from $79 a month.
GroupHigh This blogger outreach tool to find any blogger contact information. The Standard Plan is priced at $99 a month.
Klear Klear is influencer marketing software that finds influencers of any category. It costs $249 a month.

If you want to know more about these platforms, you can check out another review we posted. In here, we compared the best outreach tools for you and your business.

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Beware of NINJA OUTREACH! Shadow fraud

Stanislav Gresko

What do you like best?
In search of a platform for finding influencers for Instagram, I came across the NinjaOutreach website.
I connected a 7 day free trial period to get acquainted with this tool. Several times after starting the search for influencers, a window appeared with a proposal to upgrade the account to the Pro version. I accidentally clicked the Upgrade button and they immediately connected a $ 299 / month subscription to me and the amount for a month of use was withdrawn from my account.
After this incident, I decided to make a refund, but in their Terms & Condition it is stated that they CANNOT MAKE A REFUND and that I take full responsibility for connecting the PRO VERSION and IF I FORGET TO UNSUBSCRIBE DURING the 7 day trial period!

I wrote to the support chat but was not answered on the same day. I had to block the card and issue a chargeback at the branch of my bank, because I did not know how much more money could be withdrawn from me.
What do you dislike?
On Monday, support answered me. The response said that I am not eligible for Refund.

I wrote a complaint with the BBB and FTC because I believe action Ninjaoutreach illegal sites.

I am very sorry that the situation happened to me as with most people who lost their money because of pressing one button. Ninjaoutreach's actions seem illegal and dishonest because it defies common sense.

Stay away from this site and do not enter your card details or you may lose your money and will be unable to do anything! My Christmas turned out to be very unpleasant because of this situation.


Attila Nagy

What do you like best?
I just started a trial period at NinjaOutreach. After successful registration, I wanted to check out their paid packages and clicked a button wich refered to pro version, but I have been CHARGED FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR of $1428 RIGHT AFTER ONE CLICK , WITHOUT ASKING MY CONSENT.

I am a businessman as well and I can say that the way *Ninjaoutreach is doing* to their new clients *UNETHICAL, MISLEADING, DECEIVING business* and after the *FRAUD* has been done they are hiding in the back, hoping to *GET AWAY WITH THEFT*.

What do you dislike?
BEWARE: Do you want to be a client of *Ninjaoutreach*, who is *USING SHADY WAY TO LURE OUT MONEY* and completely disregarding ethical business methods, and protecting themselves with a well written *NO REFUND POLICY*?
There are fair service providers out there in the market, you BETTER AVOID NinjaOutreach!
I have read the Terms and Conditions of *NinjaOutreach*, but it *is UNPRECEDENTED and DECEIVING* to *charge a client* with ONE SINGLE CLICK* on a tab, which was supposed to be giving information about your service packages.

Therefore you *BETTER NOT RISK REGISTERING* for a trial, because after one accidental misclick, you will be charged with the full subscription and YOU CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST IT*. Even if you are on trial period, it will be canceled and your account will be reclassified to paid version.

There is no phone number or email listed on their website so the chat function was my only option. Don't be mislead by their contact form, because it just channels your message to their chat.
*IF YOU ARE A VICTIM of NinjaOutreach*, contact me, because I am lodging a formal complaint with BBB, FTC since they refuse to give me a refund after luring out my money.
Also we will file a report to the FBI here

I WILL TELL ABOUT THE SHADY BUSINESS Ninjaoutreach IS DOING in every possible forum!


Samantha Mobarek

What do you like best?
Nothing, they should be shut down for their unethical business practices.
What do you dislike?
I trialed the platform last year and contacted them before the trial’s end to cancel my subscription. They still charged my credit card $1188, and I saw the charge this past month when they went to charge the card again for a service I never used.

I contacted NinjaOutreach - they confirmed I had cancelled the subscription during the trial, and said, “I know it’s easy to assume the worst thing, but looks like there was a billing error.” Interesting they thought I would assume the worst - is it because they did it on purpose?

They proceeded to say they could refund me, but only if I first submitted 5 star reviews BEFORE refunding, the illegal action of a BRIBE. I wonder - are any of these good reviews real?? Look at how many “billing errors” happened to others!

Then they changed their mind and said they couldn’t refund me on something they confirmed was THEIR error because I didn’t contact them “during the billing period,” creating an arbitrary statute of limitations on a transaction I never authorized. Never have I seen a company do this before. They are operating under major unethical business practices - billing people “accidentally,” attempting to bribe for refunds, stealing people’s money.

If you’re looking for a service like this, there are plenty of competitors that aren’t acting fraudulently.

I’m so disgusted - I’m not only reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, I’m going to make it my goal to save folks like me from scam artists like NinjaOutreach. Save yourself and STAY AWAY.