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KickoffLabs Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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KickoffLabs Review

KickoffLabs is a software platform for running referral marketing campaigns. You can use it to run a product launch, run giveaways, and sweepstakes. You can customise a campaign with your own optin forms, landing pages, thank you pages, and email drip campaigns. The contests are designed to reward referrals, which can help your campaign go viral. It is popular with businesses and marketers looking to score leads quickly.

KickoffLabs is a software platform designed to help you run online competitions, giveaways, and product launches. Contestants earn points by referring friends, and acquaintances allowing them to climb the leaderboard. The software boasts over 60 pre-made landing page templates that you can edit to create custom optin forms, landing pages, thank-you pages, and more, to support your competition.

You can also run campaigns through triggered pop-ups, slide-in bars in your website, or simply build a custom HTML form with the software’s user-friendly AnyForm Script. In addition to this, customers that sign up to a competition can receive an automated email sequence that can increase engagement and sharing.

KickoffLabs is a powerful tool for online marketers and e-commerce store owners. The support material will help beginners run their first competition, while the additional features are useful for experienced marketers.

Hobby Plan - $29 Month Premium Plan - $75 Month Business Plan - $149 Month Enterprise Plan - $299 Month
1 campaign with up to 2,000 visitors a month 5 campaigns with up to 10,000 visitors a month 10 campaigns with up to 50,000 visitors a month 20 campaigns with up to 150,000 visitors a month
Unlimited subscribers SMS contests, lead notifications, and A/B testing Advanced fraud prevention, and unique coupon code delivery Free design tweaks and 1:1 onboarding meetings
Kickoff Labs branding No branding 10 team members 20 team members
Autoresponder emails Reward level emails, and influencer emails Custom email domains, custom email templates SMS contests included

KickoffLabs has four pricing tiers, with three pricing plans per tier; this comes in monthly, half-year, and yearly tiers. The Hobby Plan is the cheapest and most suited to startups and newly established businesses. The Premium and Enterprise Plans are most suited to businesses and agencies with experience running referral campaigns.

Platform Features
Vyper Vyper enables you to run viral contests to grow your social following and email list alongside online reward programs. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Viral Loops Use Viral Loops to competitions, referral campaigns, loyalty programs, and more. Pricing starts from $49 a month.
Gleam With Gleam you can run competitions, loyalty reward programs, and grow your email list. Full package costs $97 a month.
Rafflecopter Rafflecopter was one of the first online competition platforms. Pricing starts from $13 a month with limited features.
UpViral UpViral is an end to end software platform for running online competitions. Pricing starts from $35 a month.

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Danica Watson

What do you like best?
Kickoff Labs can help turn your competitions and giveaways viral thanks to its reward system. It's easy to use and the company has great customer support. We've easily added 15,000+ people to our email list over the course of the year thanks to Kickoff Labs.
What do you dislike?
The integrations with third party platforms often leave you scratching your head and asking for help from support. It's also an expensive platform, but it's been a lot cheaper than a PPC campaign for the number of leads we've generated.