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Fomo Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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Fomo Review

Fomo is a social proof tool that notifies you and your visitors about the current activities on the site. By showing customer-behavior to your new visitors through pop-up notifications, you could expect an increase in social proof. This urges your visitors to take action as well, just like the other customers who have gone before them. A higher social proof entails an increase in conversion. To set-up your own Fomo account, you could subscribe to its paid plans starting from $39 a month.

Fomo comes with a customizable design. It has pre-made templates that you can use directly on your site, or customize for a more personalized look. With its custom CSS, you can add and take away elements as you wish.

This social proof tool keeps track of your live visitors. You can also add location to your notification pop-ups. By enabling geo-location and linking your customers’ activities to their area, you attract visitors from around the world. You can also keep track of the total click-through conversions so you don’t have to crunch the numbers yourself.

Fomo makes sure your apps are all integrated. It has over 80 integrations including Shopify, Teachable, Yotpo, Mailchimp, etc. This saves you time and effort because Fomo allows you to manage them all in a single place.

Essential - $39 a month Plus - $79 a month Advanced - $199 a month
50,000 notifications a month 250 notifications a month 3,000,000 notifications a month
Unlimited website domains Essential features Plus features
Custom page rules Phone support Managed A/B testing
Live Chat Support   Free optimizations
Roundup notifications   API support
API access    
Active visitors counter    
$25 free ad credits    
1-click machine learning    
Platform Features
Proof Proof is a software that helps increase conversions through social proof. Its paid plans start from $24 a month.
Nudgify This easy-to-use social proof app can be used for only $5 a month.
Proof Factor Proof Factor is a social proof plugin that notifies your visitors of your customer behaviors. Its paid plans start from $29 a month.
BoostPlugin This social proof plugin captures all types of engagement in your site and shows them through pop-up notifications for your visitors to see. You can purchase the plugin one-time for only $80.
Proven Proven is a WordPress plugin that leverages social proof to increase your conversions. You can purchase the license for as low as $39.

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