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ClickFunnels Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features


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ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use landing page builder. Even without knowledge in coding, ClickFunnels lets you create professional pages at a fraction of the time. It has an array of templates to choose from. It also incorporates funnels so you don’t have to create them separately. This means you save time and simplify the experience for your customers. Paid plans start at $97 a month.

ClickFunnels comes with a wide range of templates to choose from. You can choose and customize each template through its drag-and drop feature. This allows you to personalize your pages even though you didn’t have to start from scratch.

ClickFunnels also organizes the page building for you. Whenever you click “Build A New Funnel,” ClickFunnels asks for your main goal. You could either Generate Leads, Generate Sales, or Run a Webinar Event. This action allows you to choose the purpose for your funnel so ClickFunnels could start working on your page. Whichever goal you choose, ClickFunnels would set you up with all the pages you would need for your specific funnel.

You can also add extra pages to your Funnel. These could be One-Click Upsells, Membership Areas, Order Forms, or Affiliate Centers.

ClickFunnels - $97 a month Etison Suite - $297 a month
20 Funnels Unlimited Funnels
100 Landing Pages Unlimited Landing Pages
20,000 visits Unlimited visits
A/B Split Tests
Email Integration
Free 14-day Trial
Platform Features
Unbounce Unbounce is a landing page builder that could be accessed when you subscribe to their paid plans starting from $159 a month.
Landing Lion This marketing tool has a drag and drop feature that makes building landing pages easier. You can access it for free but for more features, you can start with its launching plan at $29 a month.
HubSpot This tool lets you create stunning and professional landing pages. Its paid plans start from $50 a month.
Act-On Act-On is a marketing automation platform that simplifies the execution of your campaigns. Its Pro Plan is priced at $900 a month.
Leadpages This landing page builder has three paid plans. Its standard plan is $25 a month.

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Best all in one marketing solution

Jake Cain

What do you like best?
A lot of the cheaper tools don't have all of the features you need, so you're forced to sign up to multiple platforms. With Clickfunnels you get all the features you need.

The online support is amazing. All of the documentation that you need is available. Integrations are easy to manage. Everything is just set out with a lot of thought and consideration about the experience.
What do you dislike?
Some things could be improved. You will run into bugs now and again. It's also expensive and will be out of the budget for a lot of people.

Amazing tool for online entrepreneurs and marketers!

John Smeth

What do you like best?
I dived into Clickfunnels after a friend suggested the tool to me (and I'm grateful that he did). It's easy to use, has a flexibility of features, and there's a great team behind the product.
What do you dislike?
There isn't anything bad I can say about it. High quality lead generation tool. Simply aweome!

Great Sales Funnel Tool That Anyone Can Use

Willian Brown

What do you like best?
I started with no knowledge of the tool. The training got me up to speed in no time. It's great to have access to an unending amount of templates, and use a tool that is so easy to work with, and provides so much data.

Clickfunnels has been very useful for me and the team I work with. I even got a personal account for myself after a few weeks of using the company account.
What do you dislike?
If you have a background in web development you might feel restricted by some limited functionality. I also have the odd problems and glitches, but nothing that's a serious problem.

Worth Every Penny (but it is expensive)

Dane Murphy

What do you like best?
Funnels are around to help turn a hesitant warm lead into a burning hot prospect. Clickfunnels helps turn up that heat. They have a great training and on boarding system, and it is absolutely newbie friendly.

You can create funnels in no time by editing the pre-made templates. AND editing the templates is a breeze thanks to the drag and drop interface.
What do you dislike?
The biggest negative is definitely the cost. This is not a suitable tool for someone who is just starting out on a limited budget. While I feel it's worth the ROI, because we can see the value it generates for the company, it is not going to be for everyone.

Best funnel builder on the market

Alex Walker

What do you like best?
Clickfunnels helps the agency that I work for easily design landing pages and funnels for clients. We use it everyday at work and it's AWESOME. It is so easy to use, and the designs and features it comes with help generate those important conversions.

I really like the fact that Clickfunnels also hosts live events. It gives the tool a sense of community. You learn so much, and get to meet some great people.
What do you dislike?
I don't like the fact that my funnels are all on the Clickfunnels servers. If we ever stopped using Clickfunnels, for example because the pricing suddenly changed, then we'd lose a lot of work.

I'm not saying it's likely to happen.

Marketing funnels at scale

Emily Hutt

What do you like best?
Clickfunnels helps you build marketing funnels at scale and with ease. It's so easy to get started. The features like the A/B testing of landing pages, and autoresponder, timers, etc. are so useful.

You can create a range of offers with Clickfunnels. You can create bump offers, one time offers, upsells, and a bunch more besides. If you are looking to generate leads or make sales through landing pages or funnels you won't find a better platform.
What do you dislike?
There is a lot to learn with the tool. It's worth joining the One Funnel Away Course, which gives you a good grounding in how Clickfunnels works. I've also been disappointed with the customer support. There's a long wait with the live chat.

Overall, it is a great software platform.

Unbeatable marketing and sales software

Ravi Kumar

What do you like best?
I have tried a lot of different marketing automation tools. Clickfunnels is my favoutite platform. It's easy to setup and manage funnels, both for yourself and clients. It has comprehensive reporting and analytics built into the tool.

The major benefit I've found is the speed of execution. Everything is clearly laid out. You could easily run an entire business using just this tool. Great for both selling products and services or lead generation.

As an experienced user, I've been impressed by the level of value it delivers. I can see this being just as useful for a newbie as it would be for someone with an advanced understanding of digital marketing and funnel creation.
What do you dislike?
The price is high compared to newer software platforms on the market. Customization can be restrictive, and you need an understanding of CSS for advanced edits.