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There are a lot of 80/20 rules around the internet. I’m sure there’s one about the amount of content from other people that you should share in relation to your own. The problem with sharing other people’s content is that you’re missing out on those clicks, and in many cases potential sales, from engaged users.

PixelMe was developed to solve this problem. The software allows you to attach retargeting pixels to any link you share online. In this PixelMe review I’ll cover how the software works, what are the problems, the price point and whether it’s worth your money.

PixelMe Overview

As I mentioned PixelMe lets you add retargeting pixels to any link you share through online. The software works with 10 different platforms. This includes all of the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google as well as more unusual options like Quora and Pinterest.

Retargeting pixels are useful if you want to, you guessed it, retarget people for future advertising. You can use the data you collect to advertise to people directly or to create lookalike audiences. Of course it’s only useful if you have an advertising budget, more about that in a bit.

Getting Started

The user flow and the interface for PixelMe is super simple (which is great). The first time you log into your account you are led by the hand through the process of setting up your first campaign. It’s easy to do and there are useful help guides with quick links to solve any problems you might have.

Once you’ve created your first campaign you arrive at the main dashboard. It’s slimmed down and contains just the information you need. You can check the analytics of your campaign, create new PixelMe links and bulk import all of the urls you want to share.

There’s also a settings tab, where you can create custom links for your campaign linked to a sub-domain on your site (The default links look something like pxlme.me/random-gibberish). Plus there’s an integration with Buffer, which is to be expected as the team have links to the platform.

Although this is it for the moment, there are plans to develop the platform and the developers are really open about them. You can find information about the development roadmap on Trello, where they have a public board. The company is also growing with more than $5,000 in monthly recurring revenue, meaning they can pay their developers to make these updates.

What Are the Problems

PixelMe is a nice platform. It does what it was created to do well. Yet it isn’t suitable for everyone. You need hundreds or preferrably thousands of clicks from people to make a good list for retargeting or creating lookalike audiences.

Most people, including myself don’t have this kind of engaged audience. This makes the product quite niche, unless of course you think outside of the box. For example you could attach retargeting pixels to links you share to relevant content in forums like Quora or Reddit.

If I have to pick a problem with the platform though it would be the link shortener. I’m not a fan of shortened links. It’s not just me, rebrandly found that generic shortened links have a 39% lower click through rate relative to branded links. That’s a big number and it’s something to think about if you’re planning to use the platform.


PixelMe have a tiered pricing plan. The entry plan costs $22 a month when you sign up for the whole year or $29 a month otherwise. For this you can create an unlimited number of links with pixel tracking with an unlimited number of team members for up 5,000 clicks a month.

There is also a Pro, $79 a month, and Business Plan, $149 a month. The only difference between the plans are the number of clicks you get. The Pro Plan gives you up to 20,000 clicks a month while the Business Plan gives you 150,000 clicks a month.

Pixel Me Review: Final Verdict

While I do like the platform I don’t think it’s suitable for most people. The entry price is high. I think most marketers would get just as good a result, if not sometimes better, by spending the money advertising directly on Facebook. Certainly the results would be quicker.

That said, PixelMe is a really good platform that will benefit marketers who have got an engaged social media audience or following on sites like Quora. If this sounds like you then click the link below and give it a test run (you’ll know if this is the right product for you by the end of the seven-day trial).

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