Ninja Outreach Review: The Power of Influencer Marketing


One way to make your content marketing strategy a success is to know the right people. If you can get in with the big names in your industry, it makes life a lot easier. This is known as ‘influencer marketing’. In today’s Ninja Outreach review, we’ll take a look at one way to leverage this to bring your content strategy to the next level.

But first, how exactly does influencer marketing work? It’s pretty simple. High profile voices usually curate and share content which they think is valuable. Having these people share your posts is a great way to naturally grow your reach. If your stuff is really good, they might even link to it in their own content, which has the added benefit of growing your reputability.

You might also want to establish relationships with these influencers. This could open up any number of doors down the line. However, this relationship building is most often done with a view to gaining guest posting opportunities. This Ninja Outreach review will look into whether it can really make your influencer marketing such a breeze.

Ninja Outreach Review

What is Ninja Outreach

The idea behind Ninja Outreach is to let you carry out all of your influencer marketing in one location. That’s everything from finding the right people, getting their contact details and finally reaching out.

Here’s how it works. First you search for bloggers, influencers or other contacts based on some key terms. This might include industry or location. Then you can build up contact lists and sort them any way you like. Once you’ve done this, you can create a few template emails. You can even automate how and when these are sent out.

I mentioned at the outset of this Ninja Outreach review that this will make influencer marketing a breeze. Of course, automating tasks always makes life easier. However, as far as I can see the real value here is getting rid of the need to use multiple platforms. Being able to use a single system rather than a CRM, several spreadsheets and an email automator is the biggest selling point of Ninja Outreach for me.

Additional Features

Let’s start from the start. We mentioned already that Ninja Outreach helps you find just influencers in your industry. The options available for searching offer a lot of flexibility. You can filter results by what services they offer, or which contact details Ninja Outreach has on record.

Even better, you can set conditions for important metrics. This allows you to rule out any individuals who don’t meet a certain threshold of followers on different social networks. Alternatively, you can set ranges for the likes of monthly visitors or social shares per post. I found this level of flexibility to be really helpful. Especially in terms of time saved over manually sifting through results.


I also found the layout of the results to be very intuitive. Helpfully, the basic details and contact info, as well as stats surround socials, SEO and traffic are all visible in the results page. Not having to click though to drill down into specific results makes comparing influencers that bit easier.

Earlier in this Ninja Outreach review, I touched on the options available for sorting your contacts. This is straight forward enough, but there are a couple of points I’d like to draw your attention to. In essence, this lets you sort your contacts into different lists.

One important thing here is that you can export these directly as a .CSV file. This makes life a lot easier if you want to use the data in another program, such as a CRM or dedicated email automator. What’s even better though, is that you can create new lists simply by giving Ninja Outreach a slew of URLs. This is a massive help if there’s a large number of influencers you’d like to reach out to.

When you open up a specific list, you’re greeted with a UI very similar to the search results page from earlier. Additionally, you have the options to edit your individual prospects or email them. This consistent interface across Ninja Outreach is a big plus for ease of use.


I mentioned already in this Ninja Outreach review that you can create email templates. When you’re emailing a prospect, their details populate automatically. You then have the option to use one of your existing templates or to start from scratch. You can also automate this by setting a certain number of emails to be sent per day, and Ninja Outreach will send out a given template to contacts in your lists.

In terms of deployment, Ninja Outreach is available as either a standalone program or a web-app. This offers obvious flexibility, as each are more suited to different contexts. What I particularly liked is that there’s also a browser extension on offer. This means that if you come across an influencer you’d like to work with in your daily browsing, you can add them to one of your lists then and there.



Will there be any negatives in today’s Ninja Outreach review? Sort of. There are at least a few areas I think it could improve.

For example, it doesn’t offer a dedicated mail server. In fact, all of the emails are sent from your existing email address. This, in turn, means that there is very little scope to analyse the success of an email campaign. Additionally, there’s no help on offer for coming up with subject lines, or there are no proprietary templates. For this reason, I think some users would need to use Ninja Outreach in conjunction with a dedicated email automator.

Ninja Outreach could also be improved with more integration options. For example, a WordPress plugin would be very useful. This would allow you to use Ninja Outreach to automatically send templates to any influencers you link in your own content.

Ninja Outreach Review: Final Verdict

So, where do I stand on Ninja Outreach. Overall, I like it a lot. Sure, I found it lacking in some areas. However, the ability to manage all of your influencer marketing in one space trumps this. Indeed, the balance of power and ease of use seems pretty hard to beat. As such, I think it could be a real game changer for many content marketers. This is especially true for smaller companies or even solo bloggers.

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