Lifetime.Hosting Review: Is It Right For You?


If you’ve spent any time in business, you’ll be familiar with the maxim ‘buy right, buy once’. You’ll probably know that this applies to technology too. Maybe you’re about to start a new digital business or even just redevelop your website. Either way, you’ll want to pay close attention to this Lifetime.Hosting Review.

But first, let’s go back to basics. You might be thinking – hosting is hosting, right? You wouldn’t be the only one either. Plenty of small businesses don’t bother to take the time to research the different hosting options. The problem is that the wrong decision could affect your website’s speed, security and longevity. Worse still, it could even waste you a lot of money.

Unsurprisingly, different hosting options are more suitable for certain businesses than others. With that established, let’s move on to the Lifetime.Hosting review.

Lifetime.Hosting Review

What is Lifetime.Hosting?

Lifetime.Hosting is a fairly descriptive name. You pay a one-off fee, and in return they will host your website forever. This is unlike many other hosting services, which charge a monthly subscription fee for upkeep.

At the start of this Lifetime.Hosting review, I mentioned the ‘buy right, buy once’ principle. This is where Lifetime.Hosting has the potential to save you money in the long run. One problem with many of the large hosting services is where your money actually goes. Too often, a massive chunk of your monthly subscription is going towards paying affiliate marketers a commission.

Worse still, many companies draw users in with cheap rates, only to increase the price at renewal time.

This isn’t the case with Lifetime.Hosting. As a shared hosting sevice, Lifetime.Hosting also provide domain registration, priority backups and SSL certificates. These obviously incur extra costs, but the model is the same. All of these services require one-off payments for a lifetime of use.

Lifetime Hosting Pricing plans

Additional Features

Let’s get technical. Lifetime.Hosting are quick to point out that they aren’t an ‘unlimited hosting’ service. They say there’s no such thing. If a hosting service claims to be unlimited, there’s normally one of two catches.

The first is that the other customers on your shared server will use more than their fair amount of CPU, slowing down your site. The other is that the provider will set a range of conditions in terms of RAM, CPU usage, SQL databases and inodes. These services are really unlimited in name only. Transparency and fairness are key.

Time to inject some numbers into this Lifetime.Hosting review. All of their infrastructure is in-house, so you aren’t paying for a middleman service. Their servers use 100% Raid drives. As a minimum, these are spec’d with 8-core Dual Xeon L5630 processors and 96GB of DDR3 Ram. It’s all connected via a 1GB/s Network.

The bottom line here is that newer, better infrastructure means a faster website and less server downtime.

On the software front, Lifetime.Hosting are running LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server. Encouragingly, this is a platform with a good reputation for performance and reliability. This is coupled with CloudLinux. To me, this is a crucial feature of any shared hosting platform. Basically, CloudLinux prevents any of the websites on the server from using too many resources.

Another factor when looking at your hosting options has to be customer service. This is an area where many of the larger providers tend to fall down. This usually involves the nightmares of chat bots and automated phone lines. Lifetime.Hosting offer three different customer service channels. These are e-mail, live chat and a dedicated ticketing system. Crucially, they claim to resolve 85% of issues on first contact. They’re live 24/7 too.

Lifetime.Hosting Features

Problems with Lifetime.Hosting

I mentioned earlier in this Lifetime.Hosting review that different options suit different uses. Let’s take a look at some potential drawbacks.

Most of these rest on the fact the service is based on a shared hosting model. Like many shared services, Lifetime.Hosting’s websites are managed with a platform called cPanel. This means that its easy to perform basic tasks like add email address or monitor visitor stats. The problem is that it limits the scope for custom features. This is fine for basic websites, but it could easily cause issues for anything more complicated.

Shared hosting can cause problems with security and SEO too. It’s all to do with bad neighbours. If you’re sharing a server with a user with poor security habits, your own security is more easily compromised. This is obviously a big problem if you’re working with sensitive data.

Similarly, if you find yourself sharing a server with a known spammer, your SEO will suffer. Google has been known to penalise servers which produce spam, removing them from search results. If your business model relies on search engine discovery, shared hosting may not be your best option.

Keep in mind that Lifetime.Hosting isn’t necessarily a lifetime hosting solution. This service is great for new websites and sites, I’d estimate, with less than 5,000 visitors a month. If your website becomes popular and starts receiving lots of traffic you will need to switch hosting (I currently pay $50 a month for hosting on a site I manage that receives 60,000 visitors a month and that’s fine, because the site makes a few thousand dollars a month).

Lifetime.Hosting Review: Final Verdict

So, the big question – is Lifetime.Hosting right for you? I think it’s a great option in a couple of scenarios. It’s definitely a suitable and cost effective platform for the likes of private blog networks. This also strikes me as a great option for websites with small audience, like blogs on niche subjects. For this use, I’d recommend coupling Lifetime.Hosting with a Content Delivery Network such as Cloudflare. This way, you can get around many of the customisation issues and ensure quick load times.

However, due to Lifetime.Hosting’s limitations, if you’re expecting any more than around 7,000 views per month you should look into a dedicated server.

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