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When we’re thinking of making a purchase, we want to know what our peers are buying. Everybody knows that if a restaurant has a line halfway down the street, the food must be great. This same principle applies when people shop online. Today we’re looking at one way to leverage this effect in our Fomo review.

This type of marketing is often referred to as ‘Social Proof’. It’s a powerful tool too. With traditional advertising, or even more modern techniques like content marketing, potential customers will always take what you say with a pinch of salt. People trust their peers much more than they do companies.

This is trickier online though. There’s no line of people down the street. Normally, potential customers have a lot of very similar websites to choose from. This is why a number of companies created social proof notification software to reassure visitors that other people, just like them, trust and use the site. This is where Fomo comes in.

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What is Fomo?

F.O.M.O stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. But, you knew that already. What we’re talking about in this Fomo review is a tool to let you boast about your customer interactions on your website. That’s purchases, sign-ups, page views, whatever you like. Every time someone does anything on your website, you can tell the world with an automated message.

So a visitor to your website can see all of the other people buying your product, or subscribing to you blog. This gives the same effect as a busy shop floor. People are more likely to pull the trigger on a new purchase if they can see that others are doing the same.

But Fomo isn’t about tricking people into buying your products. It helps to customer too. In many industries, new customers may be overwhelmed by the choice available to them. If they can see what the most popular products are, it helps them to make an informed decision on what’s right for them.

Additional Features

So we said earlier in this Fomo review that you can create automated messages to announce when someone makes a purchase. But how does it work? The first thing to say is that it’s not rocket science to install. It’s built using Ruby, we’re talking about copying and pasting one line of code. There’s plenty of video guides to get you up and running too.

Fomo Review Editor

There’s no need to be a coding whizz to actually use Fomo either. They provide a fairly intuitive platform to customise your messages. You just have to input the copy and select a few options to do with visuals and timing.Fomo’s Social Proof messages themselves come in two main flavours. First, there’s Hover trigger, where a message will pop-up when the user points their mouse at a certain element on your page. Then there’s Fomo Feed, which statically displays the text of your message without giving a live notification.


Users with a little more HTML and CSS skills can go even further beyond this. For example the Fomo Feed could be displayed as a static bar at the top of the page using some basic HTML. A small amount of CSS savvy also allows some more flexibility when it comes to the appearance of their pop-ups. This is great for making your messages more consistent with the rest of your brand.

Of all the features I tried while researching this Fomo review, Fomo Broadcast impressed me the most. This extends your social proof even further, by posting to your social media profiles when someone makes a purchase. Crucially, you can set your own conditions for posting, so you won’t accidentally spam all of your Facebook followers every time someone makes a purchase.

Fomo is also pretty ‘smart’. By this I mean, it’s constantly evaluating its own effectiveness. The system then gives you pointers on how to increase your engagements. These usually surround some of the variables of your messaging. For example, it might calculate that decreasing your display time by X number of seconds will increase your click-through rate by Y percent. This is really encouraging to see, especially with a new tool, as it takes a lot of the guess work out of getting great results.


On to the part of our Fomo review where I say what I didn’t like. I think the built in editor could definitely offer a little bit more flexibility. Fomo is aimed at marketers without coding abilities, but to make the absolute most of the platform you still need some basic CSS and HTML. I think adding some more options to the editor would be really helpful to get around this. For example, the top bar configuration I mentioned earlier could easily be added as a template.

One of the big strengths of Fomo is the range of integration options. In some ways, they might even be a little over-reliant on this though. For example, to track click-through or conversion rates you need to integrate with Google Analytics. Of course, it’s great to have this option. However, it’d be even better to have to option to use some form of built-in analytics too.

Fomo Review Integrations

Fomo Review: Final Verdict

All in all, I think that Use Fomo is a clever tool. It can be difficult to gain a competitive edge in the world of eCommerce, and I can easily see Fomo being just what sets many businesses apart. It’s not just for eCommerce either. It would be just as suitable for showing new blog subscribers or mailing list sign-ups. In that context, Fomo would lend you more authority in your field and help you stand out against the competition. Two final critical things I’d also like to point out are their 24/7 help centre and the fact that Fomo is fully GDPR compliant.

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