2019 Dashlane Review: Final Verdict


In recent years, there’s been a massive increase in awareness around cybersecurity. Rightly so. Businesses who don’t take security serious run a lot of risks. This can include anything from gaining a bad reputation to incurring fines from data regulators. Today we’ll look at one way to bolster your security in our Dashlane review.

But maybe you think you’re already all covered. There are still plenty of companies out there who think cybersecurity means buying an off the shelf firewall and forgetting about it. But with changes in regulations, technology and even working culture, this just isn’t enough anymore.

Your employee’s behaviour makes a difference too. A few simple bad habits can cause major problems. Say a member of staff uses one easy to guess password across all of their accounts. If that password fell into the wrong hands, you could be in real trouble. That’s where Dashlane comes.

Dashlane Review

What is Dashlane?

Short answer; it’s a password manager. We’ll see a little later in this Dashlane review that that’s not the whole truth though. But first, why would you use a password manager? Well, there’s the scenario above for a start. It’s also just much safer to use strong, computer generated passwords.

It really boils down to two factors. Obviously, the first is security. The other is convenience. A good password manager can help you overcome common security malpractices. For example, if several of your employees use a single account for a software package, they can safely communicate the login details to each other. That way you avoid the obvious risks of emailing your passwords.

Convenience is just as important. It’s basically make or break in terms of whether you can actually get any security benefits. This is because of employee buy-in. If the platform doesn’t make your staff’s lives easier, they’re less likely to bother using it. So, let’s take a look in a little more detail.


Additional Features

There are a lot of other password managers out there. I said already in this Dashlane review that there’s more on offer here though. In fact, it offers a large suite of different security tools. Everything is managed from a central ‘Identity Dashboard’.

This dashboard gives you an up to date overview of your current security situation. It displays metrics surrounding your passwords, including which are safe and which have been compromised. Most impressively, you even receive tips and notifications on how to improve your cybersecurity.


One area where you might receive an alert is Dashlane’s ‘Dark Web Monitoring’ feature. This scans the internet for any of your data which might have been leaked. If it finds your information anywhere it shouldn’t be, you get a notification. That way you can change your passwords before it’s too late.

What impressed me most in this Dashlane review is the ease-of-use. It was clearly designed with the tech-averse in mind. This is really crucial, as the easier it is to use, the more likely your employees are to actually use it.

Dashlane is currently available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux. It also automatically syncs any changes across all your devices, so it’s really a breeze to get up and running. I was very impressed by how little configurations was required.


There are some really exciting features for sharing too. In fact, you can provide other users with your credentials without ever actually revealing your password to them. On that note, Dashlane themselves don’t actually have access to your details. It’s hard to be more secure than that.

In terms’s of business specific features, there’s a lot on offer too. The big one to note is the central ‘Admin Console’. This means that employees can configure their own Identity Dashboard, while their team leader can have oversight. You can also use this to manage permissions and add new users.

There’s one final feature I’d like to mention. One which makes Dashlane stand head and shoulders above its competitors. That’s its built-in VPN. This allows you to use an encrypted connection if you’re using public WiFi. This is vital if you have remote employees, or even if you want to do a little work in a coffee shop. To get this feature in a password manager is unprecedented.


So, do I have complaints in this Dashlane review? Not as such, but I can point to a couple of drawbacks. There isn’t currently support for Apple’s TouchID, or any Windows biometric features. This is an area of improvement which could really bring Dashlane to the next level.

I mentioned that there is cross-platform support. Dashlane also offers extensions for most browsers. However, all of the features aren’t accessible here. This means that you need to use the desktop version to set up certain features. This is slightly annoying, and slows down the set-up process somewhat.

I also would have liked to see some kind of automatic password change function. Many businesses require their employees to change passwords at fixed intervals, and this seems like it would be an easy task to automate.

Dashlane Review: Final Verdict

Despite these gripes, Dashlane is a very attractive prospect. In terms of the features on offer, it’s class-leading. If you need to plug holes in your security strategy, it could be just the thing. This is equally true of both individuals and organisations. Additionally, for businesses on-boarding would be completely painless. This is hugely important, as it means your employees will actually follow your security protocols.

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