Click Animate Review: Liven Up Your Website with Funky Animations


Click Animate is an online app that makes up for the shortcomings of online page builders and content management systems. Platforms like WordPress, ClickFunnels and even Shopify either don’t have animations or only have a few animations.

In this Click Animate review we’ll break down the product with a hammer and look at some of the key things you’re going to want to know about if you’re thinking of buying the software. This covers obvious things like cost through to the functionality and user interface.

Click Animate Overview

Click Animate is a premium browser extension. The way it works is pretty simple. Once you’ve made a purchase you enter the members area and download the browser extension. Everything is controlled from the app. So as long as you have it installed on your browser you can animate a website.

To add animations to your website you need to insert some html in the header. It’s the same kind of thing you do when you install Google analytics on your site. If you’ve never done this before it’s really simple. Plus on WordPress, and I’m sure a lot of other platforms, there are plugins you can install so you don’t even have to edit the header directly.

The code in the header gives Click Animate control over page animations on your website. Basically you edit your page as you would do normally. When you want to animate an object you open the app, select the object you want to animate and the animation and save. I’d do this after you’ve finished doing everything else on your page and before you press publish.

When you open it the Click Animate user interface is nicely laid out. The menu takes up about one-third of your screen. It’s easy to use and you can move it around your screen. Pretty simple and efficient, which is what you want from a simple bit of software.

What Kind of Animations Can You Add

The 50 different animation types are split into five broad categories. You have the animations that appear as you load the page or scroll down the page. This covers things like slide, fade in etc. This category has the highest number of animation types.

Next up you have the hover animations. For example when you hover your mouse above a buy button. Then you have the looping actions, so a spinning logo or similar and finally the Special FX. I’ll break it down into bullet points. Maybe that will be clearer.

  • Add animations on page load (you can control when the animations appear).
  • Looping animations to objects on your sales page.
  • Hover animations over objects like a buy button (this includes things like zooming, good for product photos).
  • Add effects like typewriter to your sales page.
  • Create special effects like an animated gradient background to your sales page.

As you can see the app has a really wide range of animations. You can easily add these animations to your page by selecting the object or text that you want to animate and the action. It’s simple and creates a nice effect on a static page.

What Are the Problems

If you want to add animations to your sales page then Click Animate is a great solution. The user interface is well designed. As long as you understand how to add html code into the header of your site you can animate objects and text in just a few clicks.

The only downside is your expectations. Don’t expect Click Animate to magically increase your conversion rate or sales. Animations on your page are very unlikely to do that for you. What it will do is make your page more interactive.

Used sparingly animations grab the attention of your reader. You can use them to direct people to different parts of your page. Animations also make your site look more modern. Plus, if you happen to be an amateur web developer you can make a standard WordPress site stand out in just a few clicks.


Click Animate has been developed over a few years, initially as a plugin and now as an online app for web browsers. At the moment is costs $17 for a license for up to 10 websites. The unlimited license basically costs $22, though this will change at the end of the promotion period.

Like many products released in the Internet Marketing niche, Click Animate does have an upsell. It costs $67 and gives you more animations and additional features. Personally I wouldn’t purchase the upsell. The core product is more than enough.

Click Animate Review: Final Verdict

I like Click Animate. It’s a nice product that gives you that extra bit of functionality that many content management systems and page builders lack. As long as your expectations about the product are realistic you’ll be really happy with the platform. If you’re interested in Click Animate click the link below.

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