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If you’re a blogger, you probably want to spend as much of your time writing as possible. This goes for hobbyists and professional content marketers alike. You’d rather be working on your next masterpiece than doing admin tasks, right? If so, this Blog2Social Review is for you.

Whatever you write about, it’s unlikely that you’re the only blogger on your subject area. This means that you’re always competing for readers. For smaller blogs, most of these readers are going to come from your social media presence.

So, every time you write a blog you’ll need to share it across all our your social platforms. Managing this social content can quickly become a task in itself. That’s time spent on Facebook and Twitter that could be spent creating new content. Enter Blog2Social.

What is Blog2Social?

Short answer – Blog2Social is a social media management plug-in for WordPress. It lets you schedule, share and customise your content for all of the major platforms. This is important, as all of the different platforms have different needs in terms of tone, form and formatting.

Blog2Social allows you to tailor your posts to these needs. For example, on Twitter and Instagram hashtags are a massive factor when it comes to reaching a new audience. On LinkedIn, this isn’t such a big deal compared to having a professional tone. Facebook is different again, rewarding sharable content above all else.

Blog2Social Description

Blog2Social gets rid of some of the guesswork in posting to different platforms. As well as scheduling, it also has a dedicated suite of analytics. This means you can keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can improve your approach for next time and get some more readers. In this Blog2Social review, we’ll be taking a look at what works and what doesn’t.

Blog2Social Features

Additional Features

Luckily, there are a couple of big platforms for us to benchmark Blog2Social against. Right off the bat, I was struck by the ease-of-use. One advantage Blog2Social has over the major players is that it’s a dedicated WordPress plug-in.

This means that it was meant to work with WordPress from the off, whereas some of its competitors are standalone web-apps. Some of these are then ported to work as plug-ins, with a variety of results. I’ve worked with a few combinations CMS platforms and social media automators in my time. After this, it just feels like such a luxury to create and distribute blog posts from a single browser tab.

A couple of other features really struck me as I researched this Blog2Social review. One of these was its Best Time Scheduler. Say you’re not sure what’s the best time to schedule a post for a certain platform. Best Time Scheduler will decide for you based on when posts perform best on particular social networks. That means your posts can get better engagements without you ever even thinking about it. More engagements equals more readers.

The Social Media Auto-Format feature really impressed me too. This automatically creates posts for each platform based on your blog post itself. It does this by creating excerpts of the appropriate length, but the really impressive part is that it auto-formats images to the correct size and creates hashtags based on the content of your post.

Quickly add new social networks.
Quickly add new social networks. Quickly Add New Social Networks.

This combines really nicely with the Social Media Auto-Poster. You can configure this either to distribute your blogs as soon as their published, or at pre-set times. That means that when you’re happy with your new blog, all you have to do is hit publish in WordPress and Blog2Social can take care of the rest.

There have been complaints before that Blog2Social is limited in terms of integration with other software. This seems to be improving though, and they’ve recently added support for the link shortener This is, of course, vital for the likes of Twitter and Facebook, where word count is a big factor. It also shows a willingness to listen to the users and make changes based on their feedback, which is really encouraging.

Blog2Social Review and Schedule Posts


Am I going to finish today’s Blog2Social review here and say it’s perfect? Sadly not. For example, the payment plan here is a freemium model. Now, that’s not a problem in itself, but I often find that in these kinds of arrangements the balance of features isn’t quite right.

Blog2Social falls foul of this problem too. The free version really only includes the manual scheduling and customisation features. That mean’s you’re still saving a bit of time over using the different platforms’ built in schedulers, but you still need to pay to get any of the really game changing features.

Some of the premium features I talked about earlier in the Blog2Social review have problems too. For example, Best Time Scheduler takes a bit of a broad approach. It only selects times based on the overall usage of each network. One improvement which would really take Blog2Social to the next level would be if you were able to figure out the best times based on specific industries or demographics.

Similarly, with the Auto-Format feature, I’d have loved to see some more customisation options. Maybe this sounds like a contradiction. Specifically, I think it’d be useful to be able to create your own posting templates These could have specific details like the topic of the post or product names populated as variables.

Blog2Social Review: Final verdict

So, Blog2Social has room to get better. But that’s not to say it isn’t already a fantastic platform. To reiterate, what really stands out is the fact that you can automate so much of the work of getting your blog in-front of people on social media. I think the real value of Blog2Social is that it frees up time so you can create better and more frequent blog posts.

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