3 Video Optin Form Creators to Convert Your Viewers


Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience (just think about all of those famous cats on the Internet). Regardless of the topic you’re covering there are a few proven ways to grow your audience.

For example you can engage your audience with interactive video software, let them join polls or choose the direction of your story. Yet before they can do any of these things you need to get them to watch your video. This is where video optin forms come into play.

What is a Video Optin Form?

Video optin forms work like regular optin forms. You integrate them onto your video. With most software the optin form will either appear as the video is running or freeze the video until the person watching it enters their email address.

It’s pretty simple. Once you’ve got a persons email address though you can email them when your next video is released or send them to your blog, a sales page or anything else that you happen to be promoting.

To help you grow your email list we shortlisted the best video optin software available. It’s going to be a short list, because we covered a lot of the multi-functional options in the post about best interactive video software. You can find a summary of the findings in the table below.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
ConvertPlayer€8 a monthOnly online video optin form software.None.
Leadeo$25 lifetimeWorks fine.Unlikely to be updated.
Wistia$99 a monthGreat video player.Expensive

The table should give you a pretty good overview of the pricing. As you probably noticed two out of the three products listed have recurring monthly fees, so if you decide to try one of these platforms you’ll get money coming out of your bank every month. That’s just the way it is and they’re both good platforms so it’s worth it.

If you’d like to pick up some useful software tools to grow your business without those annoying fees head over to our homepage. We run lifetime offers on useful software for online entrepreneurs, which help our audience and save them money. With that said we’ll start with our favorite video optin software.


ConvertPlayer is the only standalone video optin software on the market. It was developed by one of the founders of LeadPages. The software lets you do three things. You can add optin forms to your videos, sell products or send people to custom urls through text overlays and grow your social media profiles.

The user interface is logically laid out and easy to use. You choose the action you want to take, the design of the template and then edit the appearance and how and where it will appear. Inserting the template over the video is just a case of copying and pasting some html.

ConvertPlayer has three price plans. The Basic Plan starts at €8 a month. For this price you get the core features, but the player comes with Convert Player branding and you can’t access the affiliate program. The Pro Plan costs €15 a month and the Agency Plan costs €25 and come with a few more features and no branding.


Leadeo is a premium WordPress plugin that gives enables you to create custom video optin forms. The plugin has the same core functionality as Convert Player. You can use the plugin to create video optin forms, calls to action and get social media shares.

Shindiri Studio developed the plugin. Personally I don’t like the user interface. It’s text heavy and functional, which might work if you’re not a visual learner. While the plugin is cheap, costing just $25 for a regular license, it hasn’t generated many sales. I’d be surprised if they plan to roll out many, well any, future updates.


Wistia is one of the three main video players. It’s popular with video marketers and content creators, though you won’t get the kind of on site engagement you’d find with Youtube. If you use Wistia you can create video optin forms for your content.

The Wistia optin forms feature is called Wistia Turnstile. Like Convert Player it’s easy to use. It’s integrated with most of the main email management providers like Mailchimp and Aweber. The user interface is logical and nicely laid out and the optin forms look attractive.

You can only use Turnstile for Wistia on the Pro Package. This costs $99 per month, which makes it a very expensive option if you’re just looking for a video optin form. If you’re heavily investing in video it’s probably a good deal, but otherwise don’t bother.

A Few Thoughts

We test all of the software that we review. It makes our list posts more in depth and hopefully helps you to make the right choice. Of course it means our articles take a bit longer to write, but that’s not really an issue on a post with just three items ;-).

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