12 Best Sales Funnel Software Solutions on the Market


There are a lot of sales funnel software solutions on the market. They range from comprehensive sale funnel platforms to the best landing page builders that can be integrated into your existing CRM or automation software. Many sales funnel solutions give you a peek into how and which of your leads go through each step and help you identify areas for improvement in your process. 

If you have your own CRM, you might just need a solution with limited capabilities and full integration into your existing software. On the other hand, if you might prefer a standalone solution. To help you choose the best platform, we created a shortlist of the best sales funnel software on the market.

We’ll cover each of the solutions in more depth later on. First though, here’s a table with a snapshot of the different options.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
ClickFunnels$97per month.Easily build out your sales funnel.Fairly expensive.
Systeme.io$27 per monthAll the features you needThe cost of the software is linked to the size of your email list.
GetResponse$15 per month.Complete marketing solution.The cost of the software is linked to the size of your email list.
Kartra$99 per month.Checklist allows you to build your funnel step by step.Short list of APIs.
Keap$79 per month.Visual campaign builder that can mimic your sales process.You need to upgrade to a higher price plan to unlock certain features.
Thrive Themes$30 per monthAllows you to customize WordPress to support your funnel.No email marketing and automation features; no built-in CRM.
Wishpond$49 per monthUnlimited landing pages, marketing automation, A/B testing.No visual funnel builder.
Leadpages$25 per month.Fantastic value for money.Some features missing at the lowest price tier.
Instapage$149 per month.Has all of the features you need.Expensive.
Landingi$11 per month.Integrates with common marketing tools.Limit on the number of pages at lower price points.
PlusThis$39 per month.More than 50 tools, including webinar management, SMS marketing, Facebook triggersCould be overwhelming for first-time users.
Kajabi$119 per month.Code-free landing page and email templates.Quite expensive.

With that out of the way, let’s take a deep dive into the best sales funnel software solutions. We’ll start with Click Funnels.

Click Funnels

While Click Funnels’ own advertising might seem a bit over-the-top for more serious marketers, it doesn’t mean the product won’t stand on its own. Click Funnels says its solution was created for small businesses that have limited resources and cannot afford a full-time CRM developer. 

One of the software’s biggest selling points is its landing page editor, which is among the easiest among the landing page editors included in this list. You can also edit pop-ups within the landing page editor, giving you complete control over your CTAs.

The funnel-building feature is easy to use and guides you through the steps according to what you want your funnel to do: generate leads, generate sales, or run a webinar. The templates for each one might feel like you’re hard-selling something, but you can easily customize them by dragging and dropping elements. 

Click Funnels is very easy to use and offers a reasonable amount of customizability, but the $97 monthly price tag might be an issue for small businesses, especially since it does not include email marketing. If you do intend to build a large contacts database, though, Click Funnels offers an unlimited number of contacts with the starter plan, which keeps it useful as your business grows.


Systeme.io is hyped as a “Click Funnels” killer, and for a fraction of the price, it claims to offer many of the features found in more expensive sales funnel solutions. These include a drag and drop page builder, sales reporting, and email autoresponders, all integrated into an easy to use interface.

In addition to the features above, Systeme.io offers a way for online course creators to upload their content to the platform and create a sales funnel for students. It also has a fairly good degree of customization compared to other training-oriented CRMs.

For a reasonable price, Systeme.io offers a lot of functionality that could replace some of your existing solutions. However, it doesn’t support third-party APIs, which could be an issue if you’re trying to transfer data or connect to other sales and marketing platforms.


GetResponse is arguably the most feature-rich software on this list. Now that they’ve added Autofunnel to their email marketing solution, you can now set up social media campaigns, webinars, email automation, and landing pages. If you have an existing ecommerce platform, you can integrate GetResponse into it or use GetResponse to sell products.

The Autofunnel feature is, in my opinion, the game-changer here. It is very easy to set up and you can create a visual representation of your sales funnel and leads. Speaking of visual appeal, their newsletter and landing page templates can be used off the bat with just minimal changes. 

If you’re looking for a complete, all-in-one solution for a reasonable price (starting at $49 per month), including support for webinars, GetResponse might just be what the doctor ordered. However, if you have a large number of contacts, it could be very expensive as GetResponse charges according to the contact size.


Kartra is a powerful solution that includes a website and landing page builder, opt-in forms, video hosting, ticketing, chatbot builder, checkout forms, a CRM, and an email marketing automation platform.

The developers of Karta make it really easy to set it up. The checklist in the dashboard feels like they’re walking you through each step of the process and you have complete control over all components of your funnel. The individual features, like the email marketing and automation software, are as good as or even better than standalone solutions that cost more. 

If videos form an integral part of your campaigns, Kartra’s video hosting platform should be very useful. You can add call-to-action buttons and opt-in forms, and you can even see which leads are watching individual videos, giving you a lot of actionable insight for video-based marketing campaigns.

While Kartra boasts an impressive list of features, it’s quite challenging to integrate it with other applications as the API list is quite underwhelming. So if you’re already using other tools and are not planning to migrate your data to Kartra entirely, you might be better off looking for something that has more integrations, especially if you consider the price tag ($79 per month).


Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap offers a full-solution funnel platform. It lets you track and nurture new leads.  It has a built-in CRM, landing page builder, and marketing automation features.

The campaign builder, in particular, is the most intriguing feature in Keap. It allows you to literally map out your sales process on a map, with arrows directing contacts to steps based on criteria you set yourself. 

The CRM has a fairly good degree of customizability, and you can integrate it with Magento, WordPress, and Shopify. It was designed with eCommerce users in mind, so users who don’t run eCommerce businesses might consider other options. 

At $149 per month, Keap isn’t exactly the cheapest option in the list, but it does include support for appointments, segmentation, invoicing and payments, and a business phone. The InfusionSoft plan ($199) includes the features listed above plus affiliate tracking, checkout pages, reporting, and lead scoring.

Thrive Themes

Thrive has created a range of tools. The toolkit’s centerpiece is Thrive Themes, but they also have developed an online quiz maker software and some other tools.

If your sales platform is built on WordPress, Thrive Themes could help you get the most out of it. With the Membership plan ($30 per month), you’ll have access to opt-in forms and landing pages, A/B testing, widgets, a testimonials plugin, a headline optimizer, a quiz builder, countdown campaigns, and an intuitive drag and drop editor for WordPress pages.

Considering everything that’s in the plan, Thrive Themes offers value for your money. The only notable features that are missing are email marketing and automation, which shouldn’t really be a dealbreaker if you already have a MailChimp account, and a built-in CRM.


Wishpond is a sales funnel software that covers practically the entire sales cycle, from online advertising to lead management to marketing automation and cart abandonment management. It does so with the help of a virtual “Marketing Executive” feature that guides you through every step of the process.

The landing page and email templates that come with Wishpond are useful and easy to customize. There are also specialized templates and sales funnels for purposes such as giveaways and sweepstakes. Combined with its A/B test capabilities, Wishpond can help you do CRO on each element of your campaigns, including popups and newsletters.

While the Marketing Executive guides you through each step of the process, the lack of a visual funnel builder could make it tough to see how everything works. If you know exactly how your funnel should look, you should be fine with this omission. But if you really need a visual representation of your funnel, there are other options in this list that have this feature.

The “Starting Out” plan (starting at $49 per month), is pretty affordable for a sales funnel software solution. The entry package provides you with: unlimited landing pages, social media contests, marketing automation, and a limit of 1,000 leads. If you need A/B testing, API access, and support for custom CSS and JavaScript, the “Everything You Need” plan ($99/month) should be enough for most purposes.


Leadpages is a good option for businesses that are just starting to build their contacts. You can use their simple drag and drop editor to create responsive websites, pop-ups, and landing pages. It’s so easy to use that anyone on your team can build a web page even without any sort of experience.

Its biggest selling point, though, is the ability to collect unlimited leads. Unlike other funnel solutions that charge you according to the number of leads you add, you can keep using Leadpages without upgrading to a new plan as you grow your business. 

At plans starting at $25 a month, Leadpages is something you should consider if you’re just starting out. It does lack email marketing features but you can integrate it with around 40 other platforms.


Instapage claims it could help you get 400% more conversions for the same ad spend, thanks to its sophisticated, 89 conversion-optimized landing page templates, and advanced A/B testing capabilities.

As a specialized landing page builder, Instapage also gives you insight into visitor behavior with its heatmaps and conversion analytics features, helping you improve your pages’ performance even further. 

However, Instapage is not a complete sales funnel software. You can build high-converting landing pages with it, but you will need to do a lot of integrations to incorporate it with the rest of your funnel. It’s also a bit pricey at $129, so if all you need are pretty landing pages, there are cheaper alternatives, like Landingi.


You can’t have a high-converting sales funnel without good landing pages, and Landingi lets you build them quite quickly. Landingi has an extensive selection of landing page templates that are easy to edit, and you can also set up simple autoresponders.

What Landingi is not, though, is a complete funnel platform. While you can create unlimited landing pages, funnel visitors into your lead inbox, and create custom domains, you’ll need to do some integration with your existing email marketing solution as Landingi doesn’t have either. You’ll also have to get a higher plan for features such as Zapier and CRM integrations and A/B testing.


If you’re looking for a marketing automation tool that fits into your budget, PlusThis is a good option. At prices starting at $39 per month, this automation platform includes more than 50 tools, including easy opt-in/out, Facebook triggers, scarcity triggers, online meeting and webinar management, SMS marketing, and appointment scheduling.

PlusThis lets you get the most out of your existing CRM and automation tools, such as ActiveCampaign, Drip, HubSpot, Ontraport, and Keap. It particularly integrates well with the latter. In fact, PlusThis covers practically everything that Keap isn’t able to cover.

Using PlusThis could be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what to use it for. But once you start discovering how the various tools complement each other and your CRM, you can use it to start streamlining your business operations seamlessly. The monthly charge of $79 includes 25 tool configurations, chain and scheduling tools, and 50,000 tool transactions.


Kajabi’s suite of marketing and funnel features help you drum up interest in your business and turn it into sales. These features include community-building, lead tracking, marketing automation, and code-free landing page and email templates.

Kajabi has a suite of other features built specifically for ecommerce and online teaching businesses, such as a built-in shopping cart and customizable checkouts. Compared to some of its competitors, it is less complicated to use and understand. 

While Kajabi is somewhat expensive at $119 per month, its list of features makes it a good choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use. It’s worth a look if you are building entire sales funnels from the ground up.

While there is a wide range of sales funnel software solutions, including those that aren’t included in this list, the ones I’ve discussed are among the top of their respective classes. The best funnel solution for you, of course, will depend on your business’s unique needs.

What’s the best sales funnel software for you?

For instance, if you’re running an eLearning business, a solution like Kajabi might be the best for you. If you already have an existing CRM or marketing automation solution, a toolkit like PlusThis will help you make the most out of it. If you need landing pages that convert heavily, LeadPages or Landingi will help you build them.

Process visibility-wise, Click Funnels is better at showing how different steps in the funnel result in conversions, although it does have its own limitations, like the visitor count. Overall, though, GetResponse has more useful features and can be set up very quickly to support your marketing campaigns. At just $49 per month, it’s also one of the cheapest options on this list. 

In the end, your choice will depend on what you think your business needs and your overall marketing strategy. I hope you find my suggestions here helpful as you make your decision.

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