9 Best Property Management Apps For Landlords


Managing multiple properties is a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, there’s the money. Earning an almost passive income from owning homes is awesome. On the flip side, there’s the hassle and headaches of property management.

As a property manager or landlord, you want to use tools that make collecting and tracking data easy. A good property management app makes bookkeeping for housing and commercial properties simple. You get digital records of your activities to share with the taxman and keep track of your cash.

Of course, you need to pick the right tool.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the best property management apps. You’ll learn what to look for from a property management app and discover a list of the best property management apps for iPhones and Android.

TLDR – Best Property Management App

Sometimes, you just want a quick answer. If it feels like one of those days, that’s fine. Here are the two best free and paid property management apps:

  • Stessa – Best premium app (just expensive)
  • Buildium – Best free app

What Should You Look For From a Property Management App?

You probably want a property management app to track and record your transactions like bills, disbursements, reconciliation, and reporting. Here are some other things to consider.

Affordable & Easy to Use

You want something that stores information in the cloud and works across various devices. That means you can log into the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop. The app should be able to handle multiple users as well.

Most property management apps are cloud-based and handle multiple users.

Finally, it should be affordable. Many of the apps on this list have a sliding price plan. The more properties you’re managing, the more you pay for the app. That’s pretty fair.

Nice Layout & Good Integrations

The app needs to have a nice layout. A good property management app should present all the information you need to access through an intuitive dashboard.

Given that it’s for mobile, it needs to be user-friendly too. Everything should be nicely spaced out, with clear input fields. You might want integrations with other tools you use around the office.

Secures Your Data

Finally, your property management software needs to be secure. You’ll be saving a lot of important information on the app, like bills and disbursements. You don’t want to worry about that data getting hacked and sold on the dark web.

You want things like biometric logins and safety features that notify you of suspicious logins, for example. Have a quick Google about the company before you select an app as well. You don’t want to go with a company that’s got a history of being hacked.

Overview of the Best Property Management App

That covers some of the features you might be looking for from a property app. You can find out a bit more about each of the apps below.

1. Stessa

Stessa was created by real estate investors who understand the needs of the industry. It is the best free app for property managers or investors.

You can manage your properties’ performance and financial records from the app. The app allows you to track income, expenses, and other information. You can access your financial and accounting records in the document storage database. Finally, you can easily export the accounts for tax submissions.

Some of the nifty features include real-time receipt scanning with automatic real estate categorization, and the ability to track receipts, invoices, and expenses. Finally, there’s rental reporting and a mortgage portal for researching different financing options.  The mortgage portal is where the app owners make cash.


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Real-time reporting of income
  • Automated bookkeeping and accounting process
  • Provides  tax-ready reports


  • No tenant management and online rent collection feature
  • No disclosed integration with other apps/software


The app is free.

2. Buildium  

Buildium is a full-service property management app. The app caters to the needs of property managers and community association managers. 

It has features like budget tracking, vendor and rent payments, in-app calculators, an e-filing tool perfect for tax preparation, and more. The app uses industry-leading security measures to combat cyberattacks. 

Property managers can track financial reports and manage maintenance requests through their mobile devices. There’s also a handy applicant screening feature for landlords to help you find better tenants for your rental property.

Real estate investors with large portfolios will find this app most useful. It is more expensive compared to other apps. 


  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Full-service app with numerous features
  • Has tools for easy tax prep
  • Has owner portal for added access and maintenance
  • Communication with homeowners, non-owner residents, and board members
  • Easy to use interface complete with an onboarding feature for teams
  • Can support integration with other apps/software


  • Only an annual Premium Plan


The software has three paid plans. All plans include accounting, maintenance, tasks, violations, resident and board member communication, and online portal features. The Essential Plan is $50 a month, the Growth Plan is $160 a month, and the Premium Plan is $460 a month.

You can also ask for a custom plan if you have a portfolio of over 5,000 units. 

3. Appfolio Property Manager

Appfolio is an intuitive and user-friendly property management app that helps owners and property managers oversee their properties. It’s an excellent app for managing multifamily apartment complexes, standalone homes, and even community associations. 

Appfolio has various features that streamline the management of properties. The app has a self-service owner and renter portals. You can manage online applications, and there is a screening function. You can also handle lease, online payments, maintenance requests, mobile inspections, bulk text messaging, and accounting and reporting through the app.

The app can also help you manage listings and cash flow engagement. You can also track insurance for landlords. It also has training resources to guide you through the software. 


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Provides AI-driven insights
  • Full-service app with numerous features
  • User-friendly digital platform
  • Can support integration with other apps/software
  • Different pricing plans for various properties


  • Minimum portfolio size of 50 units
  • Customers have experienced slow customer support


Appfolio charges per unit and has a minimum monthly fee of $280 for the core plans. It has multiple pricing plans for different kinds of properties; residential properties, community associations, and commercial properties.

The plans for residential properties cost $1.40 per month for the Core Plan and $3 per month for the Plus Plan. For community associations, the cost is $0.80 per month. The price for commercial properties is $1.50 and $3 per month for the Core and Plus plans respectively.

4. Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is a property management software for landlords. Through the dashboard, you get an overview of cash flows and expenses for each rental property. The application keeps track of rent payments and expenses. It also generates business reports. 

Landlord Studio has cloud-based storage for your critical real estate documents. The tenant screening feature allows you to review potential tenants. The app lets you import bank transactions and digitize receipts through your mobile device. 


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Useful features for rental property owners
  • Has tenant screening feature
  • Customizable reporting
  • Supports secure online payments and auto payments straight from your credit card or bank account


  • Additional $1.25 to 2.25 fee for rent collection feature


Landlord Studio has three plans you can pay monthly. The Start Plan begins at $5.99 per month. The Growth plan starts at $9.99 per month, and the Scale Plan starts at $19.999 per month.

Review the pricing plans closely. The more units you have, the more you have to pay.

5. Yardi

Another cloud-based property management software is Yardi, designed for small and large portfolio real estate owners. They have Yardi Voyager and Yardi Breeze. Both Voyager and Breeze are powerful apps that include accounting, operations, and ancillary services for housing and commercial portfolios.

Yardi Voyager is a comprehensive system dedicated to real estate operators. It has an integrated database capable of adding integrated services, managing maintenance requests, and exporting reports. 

Yardi Breeze, on the other hand, is easy to use. You can use it for residential, commercial, affordable housing, manufactured housing, self-storage, and association properties, among others.


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Yardi Voyager acts as a property management and accounting platform
  • Customizable software for any real estate property
  • Simple and intuitive platform (Yardi Breeze)
  • Fast and detailed reporting tools


  • The Yardi Voyager can be complicated to use, according to reviews


There are custom prices for Yardi Voyager, depending on the needs and scope of the business. Yardi Breeze, on the other hand, has different monthly pricing for different properties: 


Breeze: $1 per unit

Breeze Premier: $2 per unit


Breeze: $2 per unit

Breeze Premier: custom price

Affordable Housing

Breeze Premier: $4 per unit

Self Storage and Associations

Breeze Premier: $1 per unit


Breeze Premier: $2 per unit


Breeze Premier: $3 per unit

6. Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow rental manager is another great property management software for those with rentals as a business. Apart from property management, it focuses on leasing vacancies to quality tenants. 

Zillow will post your property across platforms like Trulia and HotPads to help you find tenants. Once you find a tenant, the app will screen them and collect rent payments. 

The listings will automatically post your pricing and property photos and will notify you of any business inquiries. The property management software also has rental application tracking and submission, income and credit verification tools, and online rental collection.


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Useful features for rental property owners
  • Seamless online rent collection
  • Has tenant screening feature
  • Has online lease builder with e-signing for tenants


  • Limited to rental property
  • No additional accounting, reporting, and maintenance features


The first online listing you post is free, but additional active listings are $9.99/week and are backed by Zillow’s Lead Guarantee.

7. ResNexus

ResNexus is a cloud-based property management app that focuses on increasing reservations and revenue in your rental property. It is a full-service software that also serves as a booking engine where guests can make direct bookings.

The app’s features include guest management, credit card processing, dynamic pricing, automatic yield management, business reporting, and more.

As a rental management app, ResNexus has a reservation grid that highlights activity for the next three months of your business. It lets users connect directly to property marketing channels like Booking.com, Expedia, and Airbnb. The app has an automated email marketing feature which is useful for managing your rental properties. 

ResNexus has a user-friendly interface and integrations with restaurant and retail POS. It has built-in support for Google Analytics and allows users to export data into Quickbooks Online. They provide a property management solution for campgrounds, bed and breakfast, lodging, hotels, and vacation rentals. 


  • Accessible on all devices
  • Reservation features
  • Automatic email marketing feature
  • It can be integrated with other apps/software
  • Has ADA compliant website
  • User-friendly digital platform


  • Does not have a mobile app


ResNexus doesn’t display their prices on their website, but they have monthly subscriptions, varying with rooms, units, and subscribers. They have three plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premier. 

8. Landlordy

Landlordly is one of the most used property management apps. It is designed for mobile users and integrates with your iPhone/iPad camera, email, and messaging. It’s perfect for both landlords and property managers.

Landlordly supports full and partial rent payment tracking. Its features and tools include an expense log, receipt scanner and PDF storage, a photo library, and safety and maintenance checklists. It also allows users to send email/text receipts for payments, rental invoices, or balance reports to tenants or your accountant. 


  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Useful features for rental property owners
  • It can be integrated with your smartphone’s camera, email, and messages
  • Supports online rent payment
  • Streamlines communication with tenants
  • Has free version
  • Instant financial reporting


  • Limited to smartphone usage


The Landlordly app’s free version is limited to a single rental property and single-tenant lease. They have premium features for three packages. The Mini Plan is $14.99 a month for up to two rental units. The Plus Plan is $49.99 a month for up to ten rental units. The Pro Plan is $99.99 for unlimited properties/units. 

9. RentDrop

RentDrop is your one-stop-shop for managing properties. With customized payment options, property dashboards, and lease management tools, it is the perfect platform to help landlords and property managers. 


  • The property dashboard allows you to manage multiple properties
  • The payments are deposited directly into your bank account
  • You can automate rent payments and late fee


  • Does not have a mobile app yet 


The platform and its services are free. 


The right tools will help you manage your properties. More than anything, property management apps help you focus on providing excellent services to your clients and tenants. These apps need to fit the type of property you cater to and the essential tools you need to manage them. 

Since you’re handling crucial real estate documents, your property management software must be secure. It should be accessible anytime and anywhere so you can accomplish tasks, collect a payment, and solve maintenance requests efficiently. Of course, the app will need to be cost-efficient and fit into your budget. 

This guide discussed the nine best apps for property managers. I hope this comprehensive review will help you select the best solution based on your needs.

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