4 Pinterest Schedulers to Set Your Analytics Alight


Blogger crack, more commonly known as Pinterest. The site can send hundreds or even thousands of people to your blog every day. Once you see those analytics stats you’ll get hooked and you’re not the exception. Long story short, you should be using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site…

Yet managing your Pinterest account is more demanding than looking after a teething toddler. You need to spend almost every hour of the day playing with it (Pinterest, not the baby). To help you avoid a mental breakdown we shortlisted the 5 best Pinterest schedulers. There’s a summary of our findings in the table below.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
Tailwind$15 a monthSome smart additional features.Cluttered UI.
Viraltag$29 a monthManage multiple social media accounts.It’s expensive.
Buffer$15 a monthManage multiple social media accounts.Just 100 pins a month.
Sendible$29 a monthMonitor blogs, do SMS marketing and more.It’s expensive.

Each of the tools on this list was reviewed (yeah, we actually visited the sites, created an account and tested them). This means that the article took longer to write. Hopefully it will give you a few good insights so you can choose the most suitable Pinterest automation tool for your needs.

Part of the reason that we write these articles is research. We arrange and run lifetime deals for our customers. You know, the kind that avoids those pesky monthly fees. If you’re interested in getting hold of special offers to help you grow your business then head on over to this page. And now, we’ll start with a review of my favourite Pinterest scheduler.


Like chopsticks Tailwind is multi functional. The software lets you manage both your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Unfortunately, just like chopsticks, there’s a learning curve. Once you’ve overcome the very cluttered user interface though you’ll find Tailwind easy to use and a great timesaver.

Two features worth highlighting are the Pinterest Board List and the Smart Pins. The Pinterest Boards feature enables you to pin the same image across multiple boards in the same group, a big timesaver when scheduling pins. The Smart Pins feature automatically schedules your content so you get the most engagement (a pretty smart feature).

Overall Tailwind is a good tool and competitively priced compared to other Pinterest schedulers. It has some pretty funky pricing jumping from $15 a month for the Blogger Plan straight to $800 a month for the Professional Plan. If you do sign up choose the annual plan which allows you to schedule unlimited pins (otherwise you’re limited to 400 a month).


Viraltag is a social media management tool. You can use it to manage your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Viraltag comes with all of the core features you’d expect from your Pinterest automation tool. Some funky extras include the ability to schedule pins to drop at set intervals (such as every 5 minutes until the world ends).

Pricing for Viraltag starts at $29 a month for the Individual account. With this you can manage up to 10 social media profiles. If you have a blog you can write a review of Viraltag and get six month access to the software for free. After that it’s an affordable $10 a month (I’d only do this if you plan to sign up to their affiliate program).


When it comes to Pinterest automation software Buffer is like your old uncle with two left feet. Unfortunately on this list he’s up against a couple of smooth Hispanic Tango dancers and it just doesn’t stack up. For starters as a Pinterest scheduling tool Buffer doesn’t compete on price. You’re limited to just 100 scheduled pins a month, which is what you get on the free account with Boardbooster.

On top of the limitations on scheduling pins, 100 is terrible btw, there’s the functionality. It’s difficult to schedule your best performing pins, you can’t loop content, you can’t… Well you get the idea. Unless you’re already signed up to Buffer I’d recommend using one of the other Pinterest schedulers on this list.


Sendible is a business management tool. You can monitor blogs, do email marketing, sms marketing and obviously manage your social media. If you’re just looking to automate your Pinterest account then using Sendible is overkill (kind of like dropping a bomb to kill an ant).

In terms of pricing, the lite plan is $39 a month, and functionality Sendible is targeted at small businesses and agencies rather than bloggers. Unless you’re running multiple accounts for clients I’d avoid this option and use something more moderately priced with more Pinterest functionality like Boardbooster.

A Few Thoughts

There are a lot of great Pinterest schedulers on the market. Boardbooster is the most popular with bloggers. It’s cheap to start with and you can scale. If you’re just starting out with Pinterest this is the platform I’d recommend. If you’re already established and want to grow your audience then Viraltag would be my recommendation.

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