25 of the Best LimeWire Alternatives in 2024


With over a hundred million monthly users, LimeWire was a popular Peer-to-Peer file-sharing platform back in the day.

LimeWire was an online file-sharing program used to share and download audio and video files. It used the BitTorrent protocol and the Gnutella network like all similar file-sharing platforms. It was shut down in 2010 amid legal action initiated by the music and movie industries. 

There are plenty of great peer-to-peer file-sharing alternatives to LimeWire on the market. Here are the 25 best LimeWire alternatives:

1. uTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing LimeWire alternative out there. It has downloadable software that is lightweight, which makes for faster downloads. Users can download and share files around 2MB in size without affecting a computer’s performance.

Like LimeWire, The uTorrent software works with the BitTorrent protocol. It also has advanced settings like remote management, scripting, and automation, among others.

Unlike LimeWire, where you can download music and videos, you can only download torrent files with the uTorrent software.

It works on a variety of OS, including Linux, Windows, and iOS, and it offers an Android app for mobile users.

2. Transmission

Many platforms use Transmission as their BitTorrent client since it consumes minimal CPU resources, much like LimeWire.

Compared to other LimeWire alternatives, the Transmission software has a smaller memory footprint. It includes many essential torrenting features like magnet links, encryption, DHT, and tracker editing, to name a few. You can control the software remotely with a web of terminal clients.

The software works on Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac PCs.

3. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is an open-source peer-to-peer file-sharing platform. It runs on all major operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, and BSD. 

It is a LimeWire alternative that supports all major BitTorrent extensions and even a torrent-creating tool. 

qBitTorrent’s interface is user-friendly and similar to that of LimeWire. It has a powerful search engine that allows users to locate downloadable torrent files quickly and easily. You can use it to download music, music videos, and other types of content.

Active users can perform simultaneous searches on multiple torrent sites and filter results based on categories. You can also control the qBitTorrent client remotely with its web user interface.  

4. Deluge

Deluge is a cross-platform BitTorrent client available on Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs. It is free to use and supports full encryption and plugin systems. The LimeWire alternative allows users to extend its functionality since it features various plugins designed by users.

The Deluge software has all the primary features you’ll need in a BitTorrent client. It supports peer file exchange, supports proxies, DHT, and so on. It can be used as either a client-server or standalone software. 

Moreover, you can use Deluge on the web if you don’t want to install it on your computer. You can also run the software on a headless machine. 

5. Soulseek

Soulseek was developed for free file trading. As one of the best LimeWire alternatives on the market, it is safe to use since it is free of spyware and ads. 

Thanks to its featured rooms, search correlation system, and powerful search engine, you can quickly and easily search for files. It also lets you discover files or other users who share similar interests. 

The software was primarily created to help musical artists share their work and reach a wider audience. This was a helpful LimeWire feature, in particular. 

Both LimeWire and Soulseek prohibit copyright infringement or the sharing of copyrighted material. Your account will be canceled if you are caught doing this.

It supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, AVG, and Xfinity.

6. Tixati

Even though Tixati is relatively a new LimeWire alternative, it has already gained much love from many torrent users. This is no surprise since the software is clean and simple to use. 

With Tixati, you’re safe from ads and spyware. 

Tixati allows users to access the platform through their website or download the native software that is supported on Windows and Linux computers. It doesn’t need .NET or Java to perform, which makes it easier to install. 

It has an ultra-fast algorithm that lets users download files faster. Users can also manage their bandwidth with Tixati as well. It supports PEX, DHT, and magnet links.

Moreover, Tixati incorporates advanced BitTorrenting features such as the event scheduler, IP filtering, and RSS. Users can also secure their files by utilizing the RC4 connection encryption. 

7. eMule

eMule is not only a good LimeWire alternative. It was originally developed as a replacement for the eDonkey2000 software. This open-source P2P file-sharing application is available on GitHub as a project. 

The app is free, but it can only be used on Windows. Nonetheless, it is a well-loved LimeWire alternative as it features a fast file search functionality. You’ll need to spend time studying the app, though. 

Another reason why eMule is a popular alternative is it scans every file for errors before making it accessible to download. If a file is corrupted, it has an Intelligent Corruption Control function to repair it. The Intelligent Corruption Control function ensures that your downloaded files are safe and won’t corrupt your PC, which was a major setback with LimeWire. 

8. LuckyWire

LuckyWire is yet another one of the LimeWire alternatives out there. 

Its software was designed after LimeWire, which gives them similar appearances and functionalities. A similar UI is why many former LimeWire users have switched to LuckyWire. 

Like LimeWire, you simply type in the file you’re looking for in LuckyWire’s search bar and use the appropriate search filters. These search filters are based on different criteria, which makes them easier to filter. 

Even though the software is only available for Windows computers, it works fast to search results and download. Just be careful of the file properties you’re downloading, though, as LuckyWire can give fake results.

Moreover, it has a built-in player for audio files, so you can preview it first before downloading. 

9. rTorrent

Another good LimeWire alternative is rTorrent. 

The BitTorrent client uses a libtorrent library. It is relatively fast since its client and library uses C++ programming. It has the majority of the features of GUI BitTorrent clients. You can use the software with Mac, BSD, and Linux PCs.

The rTorrent software provides a lean BitTorrent solution that most trackers support. It also supports DHT, PEX, and magnet links, like a lot of LimeWire alternatives. 

Users can configure the software with various web clients to create libtorrent interfaces using its remote control API functionality. That allows you to change the appearance of the platform.

10. FrostWire

FrostWire not only functions as a BitTorrent client, but it is also a media player and cloud downloader. It allows users to search and play media files online and initially download them on their devices. 

It is probably one of the most modern LimeWire alternatives on the list. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Kindle Fire systems. 

Frostwire was patterned after LimeWire. That is why it should have been its ideal alternative. However, many users have complained about corrupted files. 

That said, Frostwire is still an excellent place to download files; you just need to be careful. You can locate files quickly using the software’s built-in file search and connected to BitTorrent search engines. The software also supports playlists and has a built-in internet radio. 

11. Shareaza

Described as a sophisticated file-sharing software, Shareaza lets users download almost any type of file, just like LimeWire. 

The software incorporates functionalities of different P2P networks such as EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent, and Gnutella2 (G2).

The software’s interface is quite intuitive and similar to that of LimeWire. 

It offers an interesting collection feature that enables users to download all the music files in an album, design album covers, and create descriptions all in one package. 

The software is available in 30 different languages. You can also chat with other Shareaza users within the software in case you need help.

 12. KTorrent

The KTorrent software was specifically developed for Linux and BSD systems. It’s not a LimeWire alternative for Windows and other operating systems.

With KTorrent, you can simultaneously download files, which you can’t do on other platforms. Other than that, it also allows you to queue torrent files to download them one after the other. 

The software supports UDP trackers, private trackers, and private torrents. It also has a built-in player that previews audio and video files before downloading.

You can ensure your safety by connecting to KTorrent via proxy. You can use trackerless torrents as well. 

KTorrent has all the basic features you’ll need, but you can extend its functionality by installing plugins. 

13. WireShare

WireShare is another alternative that directly replicates LimeWire. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. 

Using WireShare doesn’t require any installation. You can just download and run it to make use of its functions. Despite its simplicity, it’s relatively safe to use as there is no spyware, adware, or ads in the software. 

With WireShare, you can sort media files by title, artist, genre, and meta information. Using it doesn’t consume that much bandwidth, thanks to its Ultrapeer technology.

WireShare also has a Swarm feature where you can quickly download files from multiple hosts. It allows users to interact with each other through its integrated chat system. Just like LimeWire, you can share files privately in these chats. 

14. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 is a great LimeWire alternative for free music download. Even though it’s not a BitTorrent client, you can still download new music from the internet. 

Using BeeMP3, you can locate and download any audio MP3 file all over the internet just by simply searching it. 

BeeMP3’s database has more than 800,000 audio files that you can play online or download on your device. Thousands are also being added every day. This is made possible by BeeMP3’s bot, which frequently crawls the web to discover newly released songs.

However, you can’t install BeeMP3 in any operating system as it is only available as a web application. 

15. GigaTribe

GigaTribe is a popular LimeWire alternative with over a million users. It is free file-sharing software that allows users to share large media files like images, audio, videos, and documents from their computers. 

All the files shared by users are made downloadable in the software. However, it only supports Windows and Mac PCs. 

To share and download files on GigaTribe you will need to build your contact network first. This is similar to having friends and followers on social media. The more contacts you have, the more files you can download. More people will be able to download the files you share as well. 

The good thing about GigaTribe is that it has data loss protection that lets you continue your download or upload from where it was interrupted. 

16. MuWire

If you want to stay anonymous online, then, MuWire is the best choice. Inspired by LimeWire, the software uses I2P to ensure all users’ identity is private. 

With MuWire, you can share and download any file type. It’s available on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs, as well as mobile devices. 

Muwire values anonymity. All you need to use is a nickname. When searching for files, you can use hash and keywords. 

You can chat with other users on the MuWire software and make comments, file collections, certificates, and feeds, among others. 

17. GTK-Gnutella

GTK-Gnutella supports P2P and Gnutella networks like that of LimeWire. This allows users to upload and download any file type. 

You can install the software on Mac, Windows, and other operating systems that support GTK+. 

GTK-Gnutella is still undergoing development, but it’s a reliable P2P file-sharing software. The software automatically finds peers in as little as two minutes. You can run the software as a leaf node to ensure that it only consumes minimal bandwidth. 

GTK-Gnutella also supports ultrapeers, UDP, and TCP. You can use the same ports for TCP and UDP.

18. Acqlite

The Acqlite software was designed based on LimeWire, Cabos, and Acquisition. It is a Gnutella file-sharing software that has a user-friendly interface. However, it only supports Mac devices. 

It can be integrated with iTunes and iPods, making it one of the best LimeWire alternatives for Mac users. There are also multiple filtering options available when searching for files. 

Like MuWire, users can hide their identity since it supports DHT and I2P. It supports TLS encryption, UPnP, and firewall-to-firewall transfers as well.

Like most LimeWire alternatives, you can interact with other users through Acqlite. It’s great for sharing and getting information as it supports multiple languages.

19. BitTornado

BitTornado is another notable LimeWire alternative. It was originally made for Windows PCs, but you can use source packages to install it on other Operating Systems like OSX, Linux, and BSD.

BitTornado supports encryption to make sure that files are secure. Users are also advised to run the software using memtest to prevent corrupted torrent files. 

However, the software can’t be used behind a firewall as it might not work entirely or run very slowly. You’ll get notified with a yellow light if you’re behind a firewall. 

If you want to speed up seeding or download time, you can turn on its super-speed function. Be careful not to misuse or exploit this super-speed function, though, as it could affect the software’s efficiency.

20. Transdroid

If you’re looking for a good LimeWire alternative that lets you download torrent files from Android devices, Transdroid is probably the best choice. 

Transdroid is a torrent manager that can be used as a remote client for various BitTorrent platforms. These platforms include Transmission, Deluge, µTorrent, rTorrent, Deluge, and more.

You can view and manage torrents from the abovementioned platforms with Transdroid. You can add, delete, label, and transfer torrents, edit seeds, and download torrents from Transdroid as well.

Its Android app comes with a home screen widget, making it more convenient to keep track of your torrents. 

21. Vuze

Vuze is another LimeWire alternative that is made available on Android devices. It was developed to help users control their torrents with ease. 

The app has some advanced features unavailable on other mobile torrent managers.

Vuze has a desktop application that you can install on Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs. The mobile app allows you to remote control your desktop app. Both apps support magnet links and let you play media files as you download them.

Users can also burn media files directly to DVD using the desktop app. 

22. Miro

Miro is a free and open-source platform with lots of useful functionalities. The platform is great for accessing video content. It’s favored by many cloud services, music stores, and device makers. However, unlike LimeWire, it’s only available on Mac OX. 

With Miro, you can download files from BitTorrent platforms and other third-party platforms like iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Google Store, and the like.

Since the software supports a wide range of audio and video file formats, you won’t need a third-party media player anymore. You can also convert video into different formats and resolutions through Miro. 

23. Tribler

Speaking of downloading videos, Triber is also one of the best LimeWire alternatives for video files. It’s actually like an onion browser since it uses Tor-inspired onion routing to ensure the user’s privacy. Nonetheless, users should still take extra precautions and not rely on their anonymity. 

The software can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs.

With Tribler, you no longer need BitTorrent websites to look for files. You can simply search and, on the search results, click the video you want to download. These videos can be played directly on the software even as you download them. 

24. BitComet

BitComet is different from other LimeWire alternatives. It is a C++ BitTorrent download client that works as both an HTTP and FTP download client. It supports Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems. 

One unique component of the BitComet software is its intelligent disk caching that caches data. The disk caching prevents your hard drive from getting damaged due to constant read and write. 

The BitComet software supports Magnet Link, HTTP Seeding, DHT network, UDP tracker Protocol v2, and other BitTorrent protocols. With its long-term seeding technology, it can find more seeds and ensure all torrents are downloaded successfully. You can preview these media files before downloading, too. 

25. Rocket Torrents

While Tribler and BitComet are ideal for video downloads, Rocket Torrents, on the other hand, is best for online music downloads. The software is very lightweight compared to other LimeWire alternatives, which means it won’t consume that many resources from your PC. 

The software is mainly for Windows and supports up to nine different languages. It’s free, but you can avail of its premium version to get its extended features.

With Rocket Torrents, you don’t always have to search for media files. It has a Top Torrents feature that sorts all torrents around the globe by the number of downloads it gets. The software also lets you sort the search results based on categories.

Bottom Line

LimeWire drastically changed the internet’s file-sharing game but was eventually shut down after a copyright infringement lawsuit. Since then, many different software programs have emerged to dominate the scene. 

Among these are 25 platforms mentioned in this list. However, if you’re going to use any of these, make sure you only share files you own.

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