The 10 Best Hunter Alternatives for Finding An Email Address


Hunter is a powerful email finder and lead generation software. Marketers, recruiters, PR agencies, and other professionals use this tool to find and verify professional email addresses. The additional outreach capability makes it really easy to run cold email campaigns.

Unfortunately, a few things are not so great about this software. For starters, Hunter is one of the more expensive email finders on the market. Therefore, this tool might be unideal if you have a stretched budget.

Second, while Hunter integrates with apps like Zappier, Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, and Salesforce, it lacks a social media research capability. That essentially means you cannot find people’s email addresses from platforms like LinkedIn.

It is, therefore, totally understandable if you want to invest in a different email finder and lead generation tool. The good news is there are great Hunter alternatives that are just as effective at finding email addresses, yet they’re more affordable and come with some extra perks. яндекс

Here is a quick rundown comparing my top ten picks:

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
FindEmails$29/moSupports LinkedIn prospectingNo free trial$33/moPacks a free sales CRMNot as thorough as
Anymail Finder$49/moYou only pay for verified email addressesNot the cheapest Hunter alternative
Voila Norbert$49/moGreat email verification processNo free trial
Skrapp$49/moFeatures a great email enrichment productNumber of users is limited
NinjaOutreach$155/moDoubles up as a tool for finding influencersVery expensive
GetProspect$49/moMassive in-house lead databaseNot as thorough as
FindThatLead$49/moSupports local prospectingA bit complex to use
Lusha$74/moScrapps both email addresses and phone numbersExpensive
Overloop$24/moAll-in-one sales automation and CRM platformGets expensive as you add more users

Let’s now dive deep and take a closer look at these Hunter alternatives:

1. FindEmails

FindEmails is the best Hunter alternative available on the market at the moment. The tool provides an email finder and verification software at a more affordable price than Hunter. Not only that, but it also combines email finding and verification into one process. Hunter, on the other, treats the two as separate procedures.

You can use FindEmails through a web extension or directly from their website. It offers several methods of finding email addresses. For example, you could search per role and company or adjust your search to find specific people working in a given firm.

The tool uses advanced mailserver tests to validate email addresses. That’s critical since it gives you verified emails boosting your email deliverability and Sender Score. With 98% accuracy, this tool will strengthen your mailing list and outreach campaigns at large.

Business owners looking to build healthy mailing lists fast will love the fact that FindEmails lets you buy targeted lists from other members. These lists contain verified data handpicked to ensure the addresses belong to people that qualify as leads for your business. You can also use this feature to sell your own lead list and make an extra buck.


  • Affordable
  • It supports LinkedIn prospecting
  • It lets you verify your email list in bulk
  • Offers a two-in-one email finder and verifier procedure


  • No free trial
  • Limited integration options with third-party platforms


FindEmails offers three pricing options. You have the $29 per month Basic plan, $49 per month Better plan, and $99 per month best plan.

Although it doesn’t have a free trial (which Hunter does), FindEmails’ low-tier plan is more competitive than Hunter’s. It’s cheaper than Hunter by about $20, and you get 500 more search credits per month.

2. is used by content marketers, sales teams, account executives, recruitment agencies, PR companies, and even job seekers. The platform claims to have generated more than 260 million leads for over 680,000 users. is not entirely perfect, but it outshines Hunter in several departments. First, it has a LinkedIn integration which Hunter doesn’t. Second, it has slightly more affordable packages. is also the Hunter alternative you want to go for if you want a robust all-in-one outreach platform for prospecting and lead generation. Besides finding and verifying email addresses, this tool also lets you set up and A/B test email drip campaigns. 

Moreover, it has a sales CRM and integrates with more than 300 platforms, including Zappier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. has also partnered with Zebra Digital to provide managed services. The two companies will do all the heavy lifting to conduct prospecting and outreach on your behalf. It’s a more expensive package, but it’s ideal if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

When it comes to finding email addresses, lets you search by domain, company, people’s names, and through Boolean search. However, I must point out that Hunter is better at scraping for data than 


  • 50 free search credits per month
  • It comes with a free sales CRM
  • Affordable
  • Great for large-scale searches


  • It might not be as thorough as Hunter in email scraping

Pricing has five paid plans which start at $33 per month, stretching to $615 per month for the premium package. The basic plan comes with 1,000 credits, 5,000 unique recipients, CRM functionality, and supports unlimited users.

Meanwhile, the premium package offers 100,000 search credits, 100,000 unique recipients, CRM functionality, and supports unlimited users as well.

Managed services start at $699 per month.

3. Anymail Finder

One of the best things about Anymail Finder is that it allows users to only pay for email addresses with the highest probability of deliverability. Therefore, consider Anymail Finder if you are looking for a Hunter alternative that makes sure every dollar spent counts for something.

Another thing with Anymail Finder is you do not need an email verifier. All email addresses produced by this tool are already verified.

Anymail Finder lets you search for emails by domain, role/job title, or a professional’s name. You should be able to conveniently conduct a bulk or single search depending on the search criteria you pick. 

You can use the tool from their website or install a browser extension. They also have an API function that allows you to integrate the email finder with some of your outreach tools.

One notable drawback with Anymail Finder is the price tag. The cheapest plan will set you back $49, higher than most other email finders featured on this list. But that’s the same price as Hunter’s basic plan.

The good news here is you’re only paying for verified email addresses with 97% accuracy. Also, you will get access to unlimited unverified email addresses just in case you want to take your chances with those as well.


  • You only pay for verified email addresses
  • It comes with a free trial
  • It gives you access to unverified email addresses


  • Not the cheapest option


Anymail Finder packages start at $49 for 1,000 verified emails. That’s 500 more than you would get with Hunter at the same price. There’s also a $99 plan giving you 5,000 verified emails and a $149 plan for 10,000 verified emails.

4. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert helps you find leads, verify emails, and enrich your contacts. Content marketers use this tool extensively to find link-building and guest posting opportunities. Sales teams, recruitment agencies, PR companies, and business development managers also find this tool very resourceful, thanks to the impressive 98% deliverability rate.

One of Voila Norbert’s standout features is the robust email verification tool. The 8-step verification process does the following:

  • Identifies and removes duplicate emails – This helps prevent spam triggers.
  • Domain verification – It ensures the domains in the email addresses are valid and active.
  • Syntax validation – It eliminates invalid email addresses.
  • Gibberish check – It makes sure no fake emails make their way into your list.
  • Catch-all email check – Scans email domains against catch-all domain databases to ensure your emails reach real and intended recipients.
  • MX record test – It checks if an address can accept an email.
  • Freemail check – It confirms if an email uses freemail domains like Yahoo and Gmail.
  • SMTP authentication test – It pings the email address and confirms whether it can receive an email.

The rigorous procedure helps reduce bounce rate, increase email deliverability, and boost your overall Sender Score. 

Your cold outreach campaigns will also benefit hugely from Voila Norbet’s Enrichment feature. This feature enriches your mailing list with valuable information. For example, it can give you data like current job title, location, company, and social media profiles linked to a particular email address. Use this information to understand your prospects better and run a more personalized campaign.


  • High deliverability rate
  • Excellent email verification process
  • Free API
  • You get 50 free credits upon signing up


  • Like Hunter, the cheapest plan costs $49, which might be too expensive for some people. However, you’ll get 500 more credits than Hunter for that price.
  • No free plan


Voila Norbert does not have a free plan. However, you will get 50 free search credits once you sign up. Otherwise, the platform offers the following packages:

  • Valet at $49/mo – up to 1,000 leads
  • Butler at $99/mo – up to 5,000 leads
  • Advisor at $249/mo – up to 15,000 leads
  • Counselor at $499/mo – up to 50,000 leads

Email verification and enrichment services are sold separately. Also, you get to choose the number of emails you want to verify or enrich and get a custom price.

5. Skrapp

Skrapp markets itself as a B2B email finder. It helps professionals find verified email addresses of prospects in the hard-to-navigate B2B industry. You can use the tool through an extension or from the official website.

Skrapp has both an email finder and enrichment product. The email finder helps you find email addresses through Sales Navigator and LinkedIn searches and profiles. You can also conduct a domain search for email addresses.

Skrapp has a bulk email finder feature that lets you upload a TXT or CSV file containing websites, names of professionals, or company names. The tool will use this data to find verified email addresses for those entries.

The enrichment product gets you additional data about an existing email list. It essentially helps you understand the personalities behind each email address.

Using email finders is a pretty straightforward process. Still, Skrapp provides plenty of learning materials, including video tutorials and API documentation to help you get started.


  • Supports LinkedIn and Sales Navigator integration
  • It tracks all the emails you search for since creating your account


  • It does not support unlimited users, which can be limiting if you have a large prospecting team.


Skrapp has monthly and annual plans. But, of course, you have to sign up for the annual plans to save some cash. The starter plan, for example, costs $49/mo with the monthly billing option and $39/mo under the annual plan. This plan gets you 1,000 emails every month, but it supports only two users.

The premium plan costs $239/mo, giving you 50,000 emails and up to 15 users.

6. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is not your run-of-the-mill email finder. In addition to helping you find prospects’ email addresses, this platform can also give you addresses of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube influencers. 

Therefore, NinjaOutreach doesn’t just support lead generation efforts through prospecting. It can also help you find potential brand partners that can scale your revenue and overall brand awareness through influencer marketing.

The email finder allows you to search for addresses by name and company. You can also import URLs, and the software will crawl those websites to produce real email addresses. 

The link-building feature is another reason you may want to check out this Hunter alternative. That’s particularly true if you’re looking for an email finder to boost your guest posting or content marketing campaigns. 

The software makes link-building campaigns feel effortless. It lets you search backlink opportunities from NinjaOutreach’s blogs and websites databases. Additionally, it gives you pre-made outreach templates that you can use to contact the website owners. You can also write your own outreach email. From there, you can schedule the email campaigns and track results from the inbuilt CRM.


  • It’s a diverse tool that can boost your influencer marketing efforts
  • It comes with a decent CRM and link building software


  • Very expensive
  • It scraps for data from in-house databases only


NinjaOutreach has only two plans: the Flex plan, which costs $155 per month, and the Pro plan costing $259 per month. 

They also have a monthly billing option, but it’s even more expensive. The Flex plan costs $389, while the Pro package is $649. For that price, you get 10,000 and 15,000 emails per month, respectively. 

7. GetProspect

Consider GetProspect if you’re looking for a Hunter alternative that focuses on LinkedIn prospecting. 

GetProspect offers email finder, email verifier, and lead enrichment services. It has a Chrome extension allowing you to find email addresses from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and other parts of the web more conveniently.

You can also import a CSV file containing the names of companies and professionals of interest. The tool will scan the web for email addresses and additional profile information. 

GetPropsect has bulk email finder and bulk email verifier capabilities as well. It also allows you to export all your data in CSV or XLSX files.


  • They have a massive in-house lead database
  • Free email verification
  • They have a free plan


  • Email address validation is not as thorough as Hunter’s


GetProspect has a free plan giving you 100 emails per month. Paid plans start at $49/mo for 1,000 emails, $99/mo for 5,000 emails, $199/mo for 20,000 emails, and $399/mo for 50,000 emails.

8. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is a B2B sales prospecting tool. The software helps you find email addresses, verify them, and run your email campaigns from one place.

You can search for email addresses by name and domain or company name. You can also get email addresses by searching with social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

One interesting thing about FindThatLead is it can help build a prospect list for local businesses. Simply enter your location, then use relevant keywords to find potential prospects within your area.

FindThatLead integrates with Pipedrive, Zappier, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


  • It can boost hyperlocal marketing campaigns
  • They have a free forever plan


  • It has a bit of a learning curve
  • Finding and verifying emails are two separate entities


FindThatlead prices start at $49 per month for 5,000 credits. The premium package costs $399 per month, and it offers 30,000 monthly credits supporting up to six users, ten campaign accounts, and four ultimate accounts.

9. Lusha

Lusha is a CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned email finder. Besides email addresses, the software can get you contact numbers and company details of potential prospects.

Lusha has a Chrome extension that you can use to extract contact details from platforms like LinkedIn directly. You can also use the software to build your prospect list and export all that data through CSV files within seconds. 

Lusha has usage analytics and team management dashboards where you can monitor the performance of your prospecting staff. You can use the team management dashboard to manage and allocate credits to your team. 

Workflow automation is pretty simple with Lusha, thanks to its seamless integration with apps like Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, and SalesLoft. 


  • It gets you both email addresses and phone numbers
  • It’s CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned


  • Very expensive


Lusha has a pretty basic free plan offering only five credits per month. You have to upgrade to the more costly packages to access more credits and features. The Professional plan costs $74 per month, while the Premium package is $149 per month. Contact the team if you want a custom plan with more credits.

10. Overloop

Overloop is a powerful CRM and sales automation platform. Like Hunter, it will help you find verified email addresses of potential prospects. However, unlike Hunter, which doesn’t do much beyond that, Overloop will help you run cold email campaigns and automate some critical workflows.

It also offers live chat widgets and web forms for lead capturing. The software is available on mobile applications, too, allowing you to manage your campaigns from anywhere.

Overloop is an excellent Hunter alternative if you want an email finder that can also help you build relationships with prospects. However, be prepared to pay a premium price, especially if you want to unlock all features.


  • It’s an all-in-one sales automation and CRM platform.


  • It supports only one user. Depending on your plan, you must pay $9/mo, $39/mo, or $49/mo for every additional user.


Overloop has a 14-day free trial which comes with 25 email finder credits. The basic Lite plan costs $24/mo, and the most expensive Advanced package costs $107/mo billed annually.

What’s the best Hunter Alternative for you?

The best Hunter alternative will ultimately depend on what you don’t like about Hunter. For example, if it’s the high price tag you hate, I would recommend FindEmails to you. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an email finder that can do more than just scrapping for email addresses, consider to get a CRM solution, NinjaOutreach, to access influencers or Overloop for automated workflows and cold email campaigns management. In other words, think about the extra perks you need, then find the appropriate solution from this guide. 

That’s it. Happy prospecting!

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