11 Best Email Verification Services


If you’re running a business, you’re probably already running email marketing campaigns. Email marketing, after all, is critical to the success of your business. It can help you promote your products, increase brand awareness, and nurture relationships. Ultimately, with email marketing, you can turn prospects into paying customers.

For your email marketing campaigns to be effective, though, you need a clean email list. If the email addresses on your list are non-existent or fake, your emails will bounce, and your reputation score can be affected. If your reputation score becomes too low, many of your emails might not reach your intended recipients even if they gave you the right contact details. 

In other words, without a clean email list, you might end up losing a lot of potential customers.

So, how do you get that clean email list? Enter email verification tools. Here’s an overview of the ten best email verification services in the market:

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
Voila Norbert$0.003/email up to 50,000 emails Pay-as-you-go low rates Rare lagging issues
Mailfloss$17 a monthSet-it and forget-it application Can’t validate Yahoo mail addresses 
Hunter Verifier$49/month includes 500 email lookups and 1,000 verificationsA free account features 25 email lookups and 50 verifications per month.A verifier doesn’t provide verification statuses for webmails
ZeroBounce$0.008/email beyond 2,000 emails up to 5,000 emails100 free monthly validations after signing up Low verification accuracy rate compared to other email validation tools
NeverBounce$10 a month up to 1,000 emailsFast turnaroundExpensive rates with big email lists
Email Checker$15 for 1,000 creditsWith free versionFree version has limited features
MailerCheck$20 for 2,500 credits a monthRecommendation reports on segmentation and taggingNo free version
EmailListVerify$139 a month for 5000 emails a dayPowerfulCan’t catch all bad emails
Clearout$21 for 3,000 creditsHigh accuracy rateLimited integrations with email list providers
DeBounce$10 for 5,000 verifications
One-time fee

Long validation process
DataValidation$0.007 for up to 10,000 email addressesWell-designed interfaceGives comprehensive reports only after payment
EXPERTEFreefree 25 email address limit per querydifficult to find the tool from the home page

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is one of the best email verification services in the market. Why wouldn’t it be when it allows you to verify up to 50,000 emails at only $0.003 per email? That’s already one of the lowest email verification prices you’ll find out there. The best part is, the price goes down even more, at $0.001 per email, after you verify 50,000 emails. In other words, the more you verify, the less you pay!

Even at such low prices, you get quality service with Voila Norbert. The email verification service removes all duplicate emails on your list so you don’t email people twice and end up annoying them. It also conducts syntax validation so only the email addresses with valid email formats get through. Voila Norbert can verify domains, too, and remove email addresses that consist of invalid, inactive and parked domains. As for Voila Norbert’s deliverability rate? It’s easily one of the highest in the industry, at a whopping 98%.

Don’t worry. Voila Norbert is not at all hard to use. You have two options: Export your file as .CSV from Google Sheets or Excel, or copy-paste the email address on the copy-paste section on the website. Either way, you don’t need experience in using an email tool to get the hang of it. 

Is there something bad about the tool? In general, users are very happy with Voila Norbert. Although there are some reports about lagging issues, these are very rare. Users love Voila Norbert—and for good reason.


If you’re looking for a set-it and forget-it email verification service, Mailfloss is the one for you. You just need 60 seconds. Connect your email service provider with Mailfloss and set your preferences. From that point on, the tool automatically validates all the email addresses on your list. 

If you’re the hands-on type, you can still have your email addresses verified manually. You’d need to avail of prepaid credits for one-time bulk verifications, though. Don’t worry. You won’t run out of credits. With Mailfloss, you can purchase credits covering up to 2.5 million email addresses. That’s quite a high ceiling you can take advantage of.

Although Mailfloss has exciting features it ranks low in overall email list verification accuracy. For instance, it has no capacity to validate Yahoo mail accounts. The Mailfloss team, however, is working to improve this.

Mailfloss can also integrate with popular applications such as Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Zapier, and HubSpot. 

Mailfloss offers three paid plans. The Launch Lite plan costs $17 a month. The plan allows you to scan 10,000 emails in a month, and allows for the automatic daily cleanup. The Launch Business plan costs $49 a month while the Launch Pro plan costs $200 a month. The plans allow you to scan 25,000 emails and 125,000 emails a month, respectively.

Hunter Verifier

Hunter has been on the market for a few years, and they always add new features to their arsenal. Their Email Verifier offers an accurate email address verification that will increase deliverability and reduce bounce rates of email campaigns. They offer an excellent selection of subscriptions, including a free subscription that features 25 email lookups and 50 verifications, which will come in handy for small businesses. The starter package starts at $49/month and includes 500 email lookups and 1,000 verifications, while the Enterprise package will set you for $399/month, allowing you to find 30,000 and verify 60,000 emails per month. 

Hunter Verifier is pretty straightforward to use – you type the email address you want to verify, and you’ll get a verification result in seconds. The verification process starts with the email format check, followed by MX record check, connecting to SMTP server and testing whether email bounces or not. It is a must-have tool of every email campaign since it ensures high deliverability rates, up to 98%. 

Hunter is much more than a verification tool as it offers a variety of features such as bulk finders and verifications, free tools for cold outreach, and Chrome extension. Overall, Hunter is an excellent tool for everyone who wants to excel in cold outreach. 


ZeroBounce is an intuitive email verification service that also implements a pay-as-you-go system. That’s great for first-time users who don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money just to avail of the service. If they’re not satisfied with the service from the get-go, they can just stop using it.

ZeroBounce can remove bounces, spam complaints, spam traps and bots from your email list.  The email verification service boasts of 98% accurate results, but the List Cleaning Advice, which conducted an experiment, pegged its accuracy at only 89%. This is relatively lower than the accuracy rates of other email validation tools in the market.

ZeroBounce’s rates are also relatively higher. The good thing is, you can get 100 free credits every month after you sign up so ZeroBounce only starts charging you $0.008/email at the 2000th email you want validated. The more email addresses you validate, the lower the rates you have to pay. After the 3 millionth email, though, you’d be charged different rates as you’d automatically be considered an Enterprise plan holder.

If you have questions, you can easily reach its customer service, which operates 24/7.


NeverBounce is known for its fast turnaround. Depending on the email addresses on your mailing list, it can process 10,000 emails between two and ten minutes. That’s one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. 

If you’re a first-time user, you can avail of NeverBounce’s 1,000 free credits for email validation after signing up. The rates, however, can be higher than the industry average once you start paying for validation of email addresses on a big mailing list. You pay $0.008 per email up to 10,000 emails once NeverBounce starts charging you. That rate is valid up to the 10,000th email. From then on up to the 100,000th email, NeverBounce will charge you $0.005 per email.

The email validation service also offers monthly subscription plans, at $10 a month for up to 1,000 emails.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy with NeverBounce. Although your data gets archived on your dashboard for your convenience, you can still opt to delete it permanently any time. NeverBounce can also integrate with over 80 applications, including HubSpot and Salesforce.

Email Checker

If you’re not ready to shell out money just yet, try Email Checker’s free version. It’s pretty easy to use. Just enter the email address you want to validate on the website and hit the check button. Once you hit the button, the tool does several things: It checks if the email address format is correct, it checks if the email domain is valid, then it checks if the mailbox really exists for that user or email address. That’s a lot it can do considering it’s completely free.

Don’t expect a high accuracy rate in some cases, though. Email Checker itself admits that some mail servers “do not cooperate” because they simply don’t like verification checks on their mailboxes. 

If you get tired manually copying email addresses one-by-one on the free version site, you can avail of the services of the bulk email checker. Just pay $15 and you get 1,000 credits. For 2500 credits, just pay $27. One email verification costs only one credit.   


MailerCheck offers the same services as a typical email validation tool. It instantly verifies email addresses as they are collected. It also gives you insights about the overall health of your email list. The result? You improve your email deliverability.

MailerCheck, however, takes it a step further by giving you recommendations on segmentation and tagging. These are particularly useful when you’re running email marketing campaigns. The more personalized your emails are, after all, the higher your chances of converting your subscribers into paying customers.

You can integrate MailerCheck with other known applications, too. Some of its integrations include MailerLite, MailChimp, Active Campaign, and Zapier. 

This email validation service offers a pay-as-you-go system, at $0.01 for 1000 to 5000 emails. The price becomes lower the more emails you validate. For 1,000 credits, you’d have to pay $1000. 

MailerCheck also offers monthly subscription plans. Just pay $20 to get 2500 credits a month, $36 to get 5000 credits a month, and so on. The tool, however, doesn’t come with a free version. That can be risky for first-time users, who will have to shell out money just to try out the service.


EmailListVerify is a powerful email verification tool. It doesn’t just check your email list for spelling mistakes or syntax errors. The tool can validate the domain and STP, clean spam traps, and identify temporary emails so your future emails will reach the target.

It can also spot domains that return valid for all emails, check for possible hard bounces, and run advanced checks for MX records. It can remove duplicate emails from your mailing list, too. Don’t expect 100% accuracy, though. Some users have complained that the tool can’t filter out all the bad email addresses, and they end up with some email bounces anyway.

Despite everything that it can do, EmailListVerify is still affordable. Under its pay-as-you-go scheme, you only have to pay $4 to validate a maximum of 1,000 emails. The more emails you verify, the lower the rates. Its paid monthly plan, on the other hand, starts at $139 for 5,000 emails a day.


Clearout has one of the highest verification accuracy rates in the industry. At a 98% accuracy rate,  you’re almost 100% sure not a single email from you will bounce. Ultimately, you can maintain your good sender reputation.

The tool is easy to use, too. Just copy paste the email addresses you want validated on the dashboard. If you think that’s a waste of time, you can just upload your entire email database with a single click. The bulk email verification feature can support batch files in CSV or XLSX format. 

The problem with Clearout is it integrates with only a limited number of email service providers. If you’re an unsupported provider, you’d need to manually export your email list and import them to Clearout. That can take up a lot of that time you could have used creating your email content instead.

With Clearout, you have two payment options: the pay-as-you-go option, starting at $21 for 3,000 credits or the monthly subscription, which starts at $46.4 a month for 10,000 credits.

Clearout has a 60-day money back guarantee.


Debounce is a very easy-to-use tool for validating email addresses. In three simple steps, you’ll have a clean list. Just upload your email list in TXT or CSV format, wait for the tool to do its job, then download the final clean list. 

Some users, however, complain Debounce takes too long in validating email addresses. While some email verification services take only minutes, Debounce takes hours. The good thing, though, is you can expect your final email list to be really cleansed. 

Debounce removes all syntax, spam traps, bounce, catch-all, and disposable emails. The email addresses containing inactive, invalid and parked domains are also removed. It marks the email addresses into different categories by risk level, too.

For all it does, DeBounce is very affordable. Pay a one-time fee of $10 for 5,000 verifications, $15 for 10,000 verifications, and so on. For $1500, you get five million verifications.


DataValidation is trusted by companies–big and small. Its well-designed interface allows for a good user experience. First-time users won’t have a difficult time figuring the tool out because it’s pretty straightforward. 

Just upload or import lists directly from your email service provider and you’re good to go! After the analysis, you’ll get a free quality report. You can only get the more comprehensive deliverability report, however, after you’ve chosen a pay-as-you-go pricing plan based on the number of email addresses you have on your mailing list. For up to 10,000 emails, for instance, the rate is $0.007 per email. The more emails you validate, the lower the rate becomes.

With DataValidation, you’ll get the percentage of engaged, deliverable, and undeliverable email addresses and quality score showing the addresses’ health rates.


EXPERTE’s free email verification tool allows anyone to check up to 25 email addresses simultaneously to make sure that they are accurate. It works by checking four areas, namely syntax, the mail server, the connection, and finally if a catch-all is present.

Syntax is checked according to RFC 5322 and RFC5321, while for the mail server, the MX records of the domain are assessed. During the third step, the tool attempts to establish a connection to the mail server via SMTP, but doesn’t send an actual email. In the final phase, if the mail server can be connected to, the tool determines whether it accepts connections for any email. Only if this isn’t the case, is it possible to say whether the email address is valid.

The best part of the tool is that apart from the 25 email address limit per query, you can make as much use of it as you like, at absolutely no cost. This means no daily, monthly, or credit limits. Of course, the tool can return “unknown” results on occasion depending on the efficacy of catch-alls it encounters.

Best Email Verification Service

Now it’s time to announce the best email verification service from the list. 

Voila Norbert is easily the best tool out of the ten. It’s easy to use and pretty straightforward. All you need to do is copy paste your email addresses on the site. Either that or just export your file as .CSV from Google Sheets or Excel.

Besides, the quality of service you get from Voila Norbert for just $0.003 per email up to 50,000 emails is just absurd. Voila Norbert has a 98% deliverability rate, one of the highest if not the highest in the industry. Then there’s its powerful Verify API that is built to integrate into your workflow or site. 

With Voila Norbert, you get all you need in an email verification service without breaking the bank.

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