6 Competition Software Platforms to Jump Start Your Business


Everyone loves competition. Well, let’s be honest; most people just like free stuff. You can use this to your advantage in business. Combine the Internet’s reach with good online competition software, and the result might be a couple of thousand new leads for your company.

There are plenty of case studies to prove the point. Take Dropbox, they used a gamified waiting list to generate huge interest in their product. Sumo meanwhile used competitions to rapidly grow their email list. To help you do the same we shortlisted the best contest software. You can find the results in the table below.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
Rafflecopter$13 a monthSimple and easy to use.No gamified competitions.
Vyper$49 a monthGreat range of competitions and nice templates.More expensive.
Viral Loops$49 a month Nice range of competitions.Limited contestants.
Maitre App$79 a monthClean UI and can run the competition on your site.It’s expensive.
Gleam$49 a month It’s cheap and you can purchase a lifetime package.It’s expensive.
Kick off Labs$29 a monthMore than just competition software.Intro plan has limited features.

Let’s get started with a closer look at the best online contest software!


Vyper is the best competition software for advanced marketers. The toolkit is made up of three main parts. There’s the contest software, gamified pop up and various ways to deliver content upgrades (you can even deliver your content through a membership area).

You can run two types of contests with Vyper. The first type of competition uses the gamified leaderboard. This is a classic competition where you perform tasks to get points. You can also run a contest where you pick a random winner. Contestants get points by taking certain actions. This can include things like following your social media profile. You can also deliver prizes when users hit certain point thresholds, which is pretty cool.

Vyper is easy to use and the templates look great. The user interface isn’t that friendly (especially if you’re a visual person). You also can’t host competitions on your site unless you are on the Agency plan. Overall the developers behind Vyper have created one of the best contest software platforms. The entry price costs $49 a month for the Pro package for up to 20,000 leads on the monthly subscription or $25 a month on the annual plan.


Rafflecopter was one of the first companies to develop social media contest software. As a user, you choose the prize you are giving away and select the action a user needs to take to get the chance to win the prize (this could be anything from leaving a comment on a blog post, answering a question, or following a social media account).

The competition templates are easy to personalize. You can add your own color scheme, text, and branding. Once it’s ready you can launch your competition on your own site or through Facebook. It’s super easy to do with zero room for confusion.

The main downside is that Rafflecopter doesn’t offer the same level of choice in competition types as some of the newer contest software. Still, it’s a lot cheaper. The premium plans for Rafflecopter start at $13 a month for unlimited competitions with unlimited entries. The agency pricing is just as competitive at $84 a month.

Viral Loops

Viral Loops is another software contest platform with easy to launch template-based campaigns. The eight campaigns are designed around successful referral marketing formulas. For example, there’s the Altruistic Referral that Airbnb used. This is where you get a discount coupon for purchasing a product or service and receive a discount when you refer a friend.

The idea is straightforward and the software is effective. To get started you just choose one of the campaigns from the main menu. On the loading page for the campaign, there’s normally a walkthrough demo video showing you what to do. It’s very intuitive, though the user interface could be improved.

Viral Loops is a nice growth hacking toolkit. You can host the software on your site pretty easily, though you will need to pay a lot of money to use the service if your competition goes viral. The entry plan costs $49 a month. For this, you get access to three live campaigns at a time with up to 500 participants.

Maitre App

Maitre App is a competition software that lets you run three types of contests. There are the sweepstakes where you have one prize for the winner, waiting list competitions suitable for an affiliate marketing product launch and crowdfunding campaigns and finally lead magnets for referral programs (similar to the Airbnb model).

The app has an easy to use interface. The competitions are easy to set up though. You can make small changes to the appearance of the design, like changing the color of buttons, but nothing major. On the plus side, you can easily integrate the competitions onto your website.

The Maitre App has a freemium entry plan, which you can use for up to 250 contestants. The premium plan starts at $79 a month for up to 5,000 subscribers. This makes Maitre App expensive compared to some of the other contest software on this list.


Gleam has created a pretty great growth hacking toolkit. You can use Gleam to run competitions, offer rewards to your customers, create lightboxes, and create visual galleries (this last part is only going to be relevant if you do Instagram marketing).

The competition software, like the rest of the app, is well designed. There are plenty of ready to launch template style competitions you can edit and run (there’s no leaderboard though). When your competition is ready to launch, you can run it through a blog post, a landing page, or host the competition on Facebook. These types of competitions, where you get people to a page, can work well with chatbot software.

Unfortunately, the user interface is built for people who like data. It’s all input fields and headings with no visual appeal. Still, it’s a cool bit of software, and we’re only covering one part of the toolkit. The pricing starts at $10 a month for the ability to just run competitions with little functionality. The real starting price is $49. For this price, you get access to the full toolkit.

Kick Off Labs

Kick Off Labs is part optin form creator part landing page creator with contest software functionality. When it comes to the competition software, you can use Kick Off Labs to run leaderboard contests, a pre-launch waiting list, and incentivized referral campaigns.

The software has a great user interface, which is important given how much you can do with it. On the first page, you choose if you’re creating a lightbox, a landing page, or editing a custom form. Assuming you’re running a competition, chances are you’ll use the landing page creator.

There are over 60 pre-made landing page templates to choose from. Choosing the optin page for your competition, the competition page, and the thank you page is very logical. You can edit the appearance of all the pages in the campaign from the WYSIWYG drag and drop interface. You can monitor everything through the in-built analytics and even improve the conversion rate with AB testing.

As I mentioned Kick Off Labs is more than just a contest software. With its page creator and lightboxes, it’s more like an alternative to Click Funnels. This is reflected in the pricing. The hobby plan costs $39 a month with very limited functionality, while access to the full toolkit costs $97 a month.

Final Thoughts

Online competitions are a proven way to grow your audience and extra sales for your online business. There are a lot of great online competition software platforms on the market. In terms of features, and functionality, Vyper is probably the best platform currently on the market.

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