10 Competition Software Platforms to Grow Your Business


Here’s a list of the best competition software. To help you choose the most suitable tool, we’ve shortlisted our favorite for three groups: the best cheap tool for startups, the best all-in-one competition and lead generation tool, and the best overall online competition software for experienced marketers.

Our approach: here’s how we picked the best tools:

  • We used AI to analyze user reviews from sites like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius to pick out the pros and cons of each platform.
  • We used AI to compare software based on the pros and cons and the feature set.
  • To help you make the best choice, we added tables so you can easily compare every platform based on price, features, and user feedback.

Zoom in: here are our two recommendations for the best competition software.

SoftwareTarget AudiencePrice
VyperMarketers & Agencies: great for experienced marketers and agencies looking for outsized results.From $149/month
Gleam.ioPeople Needing an All-In-One Tool: Great if you need a growth tool that does more than let you run a competition.From $110/year
SweepWidgetSmall Businesses: affordable solution if you’re looking to run your first competition.From $29/month

Zoom out: now let’s do a deep dive into the 10 best online contest software.

1. Vyper

Vyper is a marketing tool that helps businesses and agencies run viral competitions and giveaways. It was founded by an expert in viral marketing. The tool has features like leaderboards, reward levels, and connections with email and social media to get more people involved. Vyper also provides detailed reports to see how well your contest is doing. It’s a top choice if you want to run a viral competition.

The founder, Jack, who runs Facebook ads for AppSumo, also has a couple of courses where he shares his approach. Highly recommended for anyone serious about competitions.

Vyper Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Enterprise Plan$149/month$75/month
Agency Plan$299/month$150/month

Vyper Features

Remove BrandingYesYes
Use Own Domain/SubdomainYesYes
Leads per MonthUp to 30kUp to 120k
Revenue Tracking per MonthUp to $30,000Up to $120,000
Sub-Accounts (Clients)Create 10 sub-accounts

Vyper Competitions

Campaign TypeDescription
Viral Contest / GiveawayRun viral contests or giveaways for social media and email growth. Includes refer-a-friend and social media actions, ideal for capturing leads and audience expansion.
Combo Reward / Referral ProgramAward points for in-store purchases and customer referrals, merging the best aspects of rewards and referral programs.
Reward / Loyalty ProgramImplement a loyalty program offering points for purchases, with points redeemable for rewards.
Referral / Ambassador ProgramEnable fans or customers to earn points by referring others, enhancing brand advocacy.
User Generated ContentCollect user-generated content to showcase the impact of your fans’ contributions on your brand.
Milestone ContestOffer rewards based on point milestones in this viral contest, motivating deeper engagement and rewarding customer loyalty.
Pre-Launch / WaitlistExcite potential customers with a pre-launch campaign, offering benefits for climbing the waitlist via points.
LeaderboardEncourage competition with a leaderboard, where climbing higher unlocks various rewards, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Vyper Pros and Cons

Campaign templates and analytics: Make planning easy and give clear results.Starting a campaign from scratch: Takes a lot of time if you’re new to it.
Security features and tracking: Help get the most from campaigns.You can’t make templates: Limits engagement and customization.
Social proof features: Increase trust in your campaigns.Issues with the UI: some customers think the UI should be improved.
Helps with getting more leads and keeping customers loyal: Good for building relationships.No mobile app: Managing campaigns on the go is not possible.
Easy for people to join and participate in campaigns: Enhances user experience.Setting up can be tricky: Such as with DNS setup.
Allows for custom actions: Helps tailor campaigns to specific goals.Can’t import your existing contacts: Misses out on deepening customer loyalty.
Good for growing your email list: Effective for marketing reach.Limited branding options: Can’t fully match campaigns to your brand style.

2. Gleam.io

Gleam.io is a user-friendly marketing tool that helps businesses run contests and giveaways, boosting their audience and engagement. It integrates smoothly with social media, making it perfect for viral campaigns. Its competition platform lets you design contests that engage and grow your follower base. Gleam.io is a great tool if you want an all-in-one growth toolkit.

Gleam.io Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Enterprise Plan$149/month$75/month
Agency Plan$299/month$150/month

Gleam Features

FeatureHobby Plan ($10/mo Annual Plan)Pro Plan ($49/mo)Business Plan ($149/mo)Premium Plan ($399/mo)
Unlimited CampaignsYesYesYesYes
WinnersUp to 25Up to 50Up to 250Up to 500
PrizesUp to 5Up to 10Up to 25Up to 50
Custom ActionsYesYesYesYes
Manual WinnersYesYesYes
Restrict Entries by LocationYesYesYes
BrandingAdd Your BrandingRemove ‘Powered by Gleam’Remove ‘Powered by Gleam’
Team Size1 member1 member3 members5 members
Advanced FeaturesBasic featuresPro Actions, Pixel TrackingCustom Fields, Custom CSSWebhooks, Custom SMTP
Refer a FriendYesYesYesYes
Run a GiveawayYesYesYesYes
Online SweepstakeYesYesYesYes
Product Launch/ Waiting ListYesYesYesYes
Survey ContestYesYesYesYes
Online Scavenger HuntYesYes

Gleam.io Competitions

Contest TypeDescription
Instant EntryRun simple campaigns where users sign in with their email for a chance to win, ideal for growing your email list.
Grow Your Email ListDrive email signups directly to your connected email provider.
Refer a FriendCreate viral giveaways where sharing increases the chance to win, encouraging viral spread.
Contest Entry Form TemplateEasily create entry forms for contests and giveaways, track entries, and pick winners.
Photo ContestEngage users to submit photos from social media, fostering high engagement.
Promote Your Online StoreGenerate leads and enhance your social presence to drive acquisition for your store.
Promote Your Shopify StoreBoost store visits, email list growth, social presence, and drive referrals.
YouTube GiveawayEnhance engagement and grow your YouTube presence and beyond.
Grow Your Twitch ChannelEngage and expand your Twitch audience and online presence.
Promote CrowdfundingIncrease visibility and backers for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.
Promote Your EventDrive actions that boost event promotion, online presence, and attendance.
Online SweepstakesGenerate leads, grow social following, and drive engagement.
Twitter GiveawayIncrease Twitter followers, post engagement, and social referrals.
Boost Instagram EngagementDrive Instagram visits, views, and referrals, growing your presence.
Build Pre Launch AwarenessPrepare your audience for launch with referrals, list-building, and awareness.
Question ContestEngage users with questions to deepen audience understanding.
Online Scavenger HuntEntice entrants with a secret code hunt, shared across various platforms.
Survey ContestIncrease survey participation with the incentive of winning a prize.
Book GiveawayConnect with Goodreads users by running giveaways that boost followers and sales.
Drive More SalesEncourage purchases by requiring a product buy-in for contest entry.
Facebook GiveawayGrow Facebook engagement, visits, and referrals with targeted giveaways.
Linktree GiveawayUtilize your Linktree for giveaways to boost leads, engagement, and actions.

Gleam Pros and Cons

User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and customize, making competition setup intuitive.Slow Support Team: Responses from support can be slow and often not helpful, directing users to self-help resources.
Increased Social Media Interaction: Enhances engagement and interaction across social media platforms.Limited Presentation Options: Creativity and visual appeal in giveaways may feel restricted.
Affordable Platform: Offers a cost-effective solution with key features for businesses of all sizes.Building Social Following Challenges: Difficult to effectively grow social media presence through giveaways.
Customizable Competitions: Flexible setup options for various types of contests and rewards.Limited Creativity in Giveaways: Users desire more creative control to make contests stand out.
Efficient Organization: Simplifies the process of running contests and tracking participation.Complex Social Media Integration: Some users find it hard to link contests seamlessly with social media.
Growth of Mailing Lists: Effective in gathering emails and SMS numbers for audience expansion.Navigation Difficulties: New users may find it challenging to utilize all the platform’s features effectively.
Brand Storytelling: Facilitates storytelling across online platforms, increasing brand awareness.Manual Setup Required: Some users note the effort required in manually setting up and running contests.

3. SweepWidget

SweepWidget is a comprehensive tool for running viral contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes to increase social media followers, user engagement, and brand visibility. It supports over 90 entry methods across 30+ social networks, along with features like API integrations, customizable forms, instant coupons, and leaderboards. Designed for businesses of all sizes, SweepWidget offers a simple interface for creating impactful promotional campaigns that drive audience growth and engagement.

SweepWidget Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Pro Plan – 1 Site$29/month$29/month
Business Plan – 2 Sites$59/month$590/month
Premium Plan – 3 Sites$119/month$1190/month
Enterprise Plan – 4 Sites$249/month$2490/month

SweepWidget Features

FeaturePro ($29/mo)Business ($59/mo)Premium ($119/mo)Enterprise ($249/mo)
Brand ManagementManage 1 brandManage 2 brandsManage 3 brandsManage 5 brands
Social Platforms20+IncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom StylingYesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Email Integrations20+IncludedIncludedIncluded
Friend ReferralsYesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom Form FieldsYesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Instant CouponsYesIncludedIncluded
Zapier IntegrationYesIncludedIncluded
Confirmation EmailYesIncludedIncluded
No SweepWidget BrandingYesIncluded
White LabelingYesIncluded
Custom CSSYesIncluded
Email VerificationYesIncluded
Geo-block EntriesYesIncluded
API AccessYes
Custom SMTPYes
Phone VerificationYes
Unlimited WinnersYes
Dedicated AgentYes

SweepWidget Competitions

Type of CompetitionDescription
Instant Coupons & RewardsOffer real-time rewards like coupons for achieving certain milestones to incentivize participation.
Viral Share / Refer-A-FriendEncourage organic growth by rewarding participants for referring friends and sharing the competition.
LeaderboardDrive excitement by rewarding top performers based on points, referrals, or actions within a leaderboard framework.

SweepWidget Pros and Cons

Efficient Organization: Simplifies the process of running contests and tracking participation.Limited Freemium Features: Essential functionalities are restricted in the free version.
Responsive Support: Provides prompt and helpful customer service.Language Support Challenges: Difficulties with non-English language support and customization.
Customization Flexibility: Offers a variety of options to tailor campaigns.Upgrade for Essentials: Key features require upgrading to paid plans.
Large-Scale Engagement: Effective in engaging large audiences and collecting data.Misleading Free Features: Confusion over what is included in the free plan.
Insightful Analytics: Delivers valuable data and metrics for campaign tracking.Feature Update Delays: Slow to introduce requested updates and features.
User-Friendly Interface: Easy setup and management of contests.Comparatively High Pricing: Seen as expensive next to competitors.
Continuous Improvement: Regularly updates based on user feedback.Video Upload Issues: Initial problems with uploading videos, though resolved by support.

4. Woorise

Woorise is a versatile lead generation and marketing platform. It supports creating interactive campaigns, including landing pages, forms, and quizzes. It also handles payments. The tool helps you get leads, grow subscriber lists, and increase social engagement. Features include a modern builder, 40+ fields, 100+ templates, conditional logic, and built-in analytics. It’s designed for effective audience engagement and data collection.

Woorise Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Basic Plan29/month23/month
Grow Plan49/month39/month
Pro Plan99/month$79/month

Woorise Features

FeatureBasic (29/mo)Grow (49/mo)Pro (99/mo)
Unlimited CampaignsYesYesYes
Entries per Month1,0002,00010,000
Surveys & QuizzesNoYesYes
Email NotificationsNoYesYes
Team UsersNo510
Accept File UploadsNoNoYes
Photo Voting ContestsNoNoYes
Custom DomainNoNoYes

Woorise Competitions

Woorise lets you run social media giveaways and viral competitions. Here’s an overview of the competition features.

Reward Users for Taking ActionsReward contestants with prizes or a greater chance of winning for taking actions like following you on social media.
Refer-a-Friend CampaignsReward users for referring friends, increasing sharing and participation through bonus entries tracked via a unique URL.
1-Click Pick WinnersRandomly select winners from entrants with a single click. You can filter winners based on specific actions or answers.
Instant Redeem RewardsDistribute prizes immediately to the winners of your competition.
Validate Promotional CodesReward users for entering a promotional code you’ve created during a competition.

Woorise Pros and Cons

Offers Great Value: Powerful features at a low cost.Needs “Pay As You Go”: Users want flexible payment options.
Easy to Use: Simplifies campaign creation and social media integration.Page Builder Can Improve: The Gutenberg UI/UX needs work.
Provides Excellent Support: The support team is responsive and helpful.Lacks RTL Support: No proper right-to-left language support, like Hebrew.
Supports Payments: Integrates with PayPal and 2Checkout for payments.Template Limitations: Some templates, like photo voting, don’t meet all needs.
Versatile for Many Activities: Works for everything from book clubs to giveaways.Template Limitations: Some templates, like for photo voting, don’t meet all needs.
Makes Campaign Setup Easy: Ready-made templates and a free plan make starting simple.Has a Learning Curve: Users need time to understand all features.
Integrates Well: Easily works with other apps, making entry simple for users.Wants More Features: Users look forward to more development and features.
There are some great Woorise alternatives if you need one.

5. Shortstack

ShortStack is a powerful online competition tool for growing your audience. You can use ShortStack to run social media contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and quizzes. The platform works for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Plans start with 10,000 entries and go up. You can add more team members for a fee. Pro and Enterprise plans offer extra features like custom domains and analytics. It’s good for all business sizes.

Shortstack Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Business Plan$99/month$79/month
Pro Plan$249/month$199/month
Enterprise PlanInquireInquire

Shortstack Features

Team Members1 Seat Included<br>(+$29/Additional Seat)5 Seats Included<br>(+$29/Additional Seat)Custom Seats<br>(+$29/Additional Seat)
White Label CampaignNoYesYes
Custom DomainsNoYesYes
Campaign Level AnalyticsNoYesYes
Entry Approval Via EmailNoYesYes

Shortstack Competitions

Competition TypeDescription
Social ContestsRun hashtag contests and comment to win contests on most social media platforms.
Video ContestsOffer various types of video contests, including submission-based contests and vote-based contests. Host these on platforms like TikTok.
Photo ContestsConduct different types of photo contests, from self-picked winners to polls for selecting the best photo. Compatible with Instagram.
Instant Win ContestsUse these for data gathering. Participants provide information and instantly find out if they have won a prize.
Giveaways/SweepstakesTraditional competitions where winners are randomly selected from all submissions.

Shortstack Pros and Cons

High Customizability: Users can highly customize their contest processes to fit their unique needs.Overwhelming Options: The abundance of design options can sometimes overwhelm users.
Excellent Support: The customer support team provides quick, friendly, and excellent assistance, enhancing the user experience.Clunky Interface: The interface for creating campaigns is clunky and not intuitive, posing challenges for users without prior design experience.
Versatile Entry Collection: The platform supports a wide variety of entry types, including photos, videos, and essays, making it highly adaptable.Navigation Challenges: Users without web design or coding background may find the platform hard to navigate.
Strong Customer Support: The customer support is fast, and they’re always ready to assist with any issues or questions.User Experience Could Be Simpler: The process of running a contest could be made simpler to enhance the user experience.
Simple Setup: Setting up, running, tracking, and exporting data from contests is straightforward and efficient.Pricing Concerns: Some users feel the pricing does not match the value received, especially in terms of responses to campaigns.
Easy Contest Launch: Launching contests is easy, especially with features like the instant win function, making it ideal for event engagement.Customization Limits: Customizing pages can sometimes be difficult, limiting how users can tailor their campaigns.
Efficient Account Management: The service provided by the application makes it easy for users to switch between accounts seamlessly.User-Friendly Issues: Despite its strengths, some users find the application not as intuitive as they would prefer.
Check out this list of Shortstack alternatives if you need a different solution.

6. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter simplifies online giveaways and contests. It lets anyone set up a giveaway quickly. Users can customize their campaigns. The platform integrates with social media for easy sharing. It tracks entries and picks winners automatically. Rafflecopter is user-friendly. It suits bloggers, small businesses, and large companies. The service is known for its ease of use and efficiency.

Rafflecopter Pricing

PlansMonthly Cost
Basic Plan$13/month
Grow Plan$43/month
Premium Plan$84/month

Rafflecopter Features

FeatureBasic ($13/mo)Grow ($43/mo)Premium ($84/mo)
Custom Entry Form DesignYesYesYes
Prize Image GalleryYesYesYes
Pinterest EntriesYesYesYes
Polls & SurveysYesYesYes
Priority SupportYesYesYes
Email List IntegrationYesYes
Unlimited Form ThemesYes
Viral Refer-a-Friend Entry OptionYes
Real-Time AnalyticsYes
Branding RemovedYes
White-label Your Entry FormYes
Need an alternative? Here’s our recommendation for alternatives to Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter Competitions

Rafflecopter is not designed for contests with a voting mechanism.

Competition TypeDescription
SweepstakesPerfect for prize giveaways where winners are chosen randomly. No skill is involved. Best for those looking to run promotions with a “no purchase necessary” rule.
GiveawaysDesigned for distributing prizes randomly without requiring participants to make a purchase. Ideal for engaging audiences on websites, blogs, or Facebook pages.

Rafflecopter Pros and Cons

Easy Setup: Users easily set up contests.No API: It lacks an API, limiting integration capabilities.
Variety of Entry Actions: Many engagement options increase participation.Outdated Knowledge Base: The help articles are not up to date.
Responsive Customer Service: Support responds quickly and helpfully.Outdated Email Providers: Email service integrations are outdated.
Affordable: The platform suits tight budgets.Functionality Issues: Some find it difficult to operate.
Flexible Entry Options: Customizable actions allow unique entries.Infrequent Use Concerns: Occasional users hesitate to pay.
Attractive Widget: The widget looks good and works well on websites.Technical Problems with Blogger: Embedding issues occur on Blogger.
Automated Winner Selection: It automates choosing winners.Limited Customization: Some find customization options lacking.
Check out our suggestions for the best Rafflecopter alternatives if you need one.

7. Viral Loops

Viral Loops simplifies the creation of referral programs, contests, and giveaways. It allows users to design campaigns that boost engagement and growth. The platform supports easy integration with popular tools and websites. Users customize campaigns to match their brand. Viral Loops tracks participant actions and rewards automatically. Overall, it’s a great tool that helps you grow your audience and customer base.

Viral Loops Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Start-Up Plan$49/month$35/month
Growing Plan$229/month$159/month
Power Plan$399/month$279/month
Enterprise PlanInquireInquire

Viral Loops Features

FeatureStart-up ($49/mo)Growing ($229/mo)Power ($399/mo)Enterprise
ParticipantsUp to 1,000Up to 10,000Up to 25,000Unlimited (∞)
Templates AvailableYesYesYesYes
Essential Integrations11All from Start-upAll from GrowingAll from Power
Reward Management SystemYesYesYesYes
Fraud DetectionYesYesYesYes
Import & Export ParticipantsYesYesYesYes
Custom Domain & CSSYesYesYes
HubSpot IntegrationYesYesYes
Conversion TrackingYesYesYes
Priority SupportYesYes
No Viral Loops BrandingYesYes
Full API AccessYesYes
Account ManagementYes
Concierge Company OnboardingYes
APIs Tailored to Your NeedsYes

Viral Loops Competitions

Referral Program TypeDescription
The Universal ReferralCustomize your campaign by combining elements from all Viral Loops templates. Reward both referrers and referred friends based on your campaign goals.
The Milestone ReferralReward users with increasingly better rewards as they hit milestones by inviting friends.
The Startup PrelaunchBuild an early adopter waiting list. People refer friends to climb to the top of the list.
The Newsletter ReferralEncourage newsletter readers to refer friends in exchange for rewards.
The Tempting GiveawayRun a giveaway where people can increase their winning chances by referring friends.
Viral Loops for ShopifyUse the Shopify App to reward customers for referring new customers.
Refer a FriendImplement a 2-sided referral program that rewards both the referring customers and their friends who become new customers.

Viral Loops Pros and Cons

Helpful Staff: Staff show a positive attitude and willingness to assist.Lack of Transparency: The company’s failure to deliver on promises damages trust.
Cost-Effective: Offers excellent cost/benefit for word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.Setup Difficulties: Tailoring features to specific needs can be challenging.
User-Friendly: Makes running giveaways and referral campaigns easy.Limited Customization: No option to create templates.
Great Support: The experience with software staff and resources like the Growth Hacking Academy is positive.Lack of Social Integration: No integration with other social networks and messengers.
Automates Winner Selection: Simplifies choosing winners in campaigns.Complex Landing Page Addition: Adding the software to a landing page can be difficult.
Effective for Building Lists: Efficiently increases leads and builds lists through referrals.Limited Social Media Building: Falls short in building social media followings compared to competitors.
Responsive Customer Support: Customer support is caring and responsive, making learning the platform easier.Unstable Features: Some features lack stability, and manual import is problematic.

8. Referral Hero

Referral Hero enables businesses to set up and run referral marketing campaigns so you can turn customers into brand advocates. It helps you grow email lists and increase customer engagement. You can easily create referral programs with customizable options. The platform integrates smoothly with various email services and CRMs. Referral Hero automates the tracking of referrals and rewards. You also get detailed analytics to monitor campaign performance.

Referral Hero Pricing

PlansMonthly Cost6 Month CostAnnual Cost
Basic Plan$100/month$90/month$75/month
Pro Plan$200/month$180/month$150/month
Premium Plan$400/month$360/month$300/month

Referral Hero Features

FeatureBasic ($100/mo)Pro ($200/mo)Premium ($400/mo)
SubscribersUp to 1,000Up to 20,000Unlimited
Plug and Play Campaign BuilderYesYesYes
Your BrandingYesYesYes
Reward Payouts1,000+1,000+1,000+
Campaign AnalyticsYesYesYes
Anti-Fraud AlgorithmYesYesYes
Email SupportYesYesPriority Support
Automation Emails/mo100K100K100K
Custom Email Sender DomainYesYes
Memorable Referral LinksYesYes
API AccessJavascriptJavascript & RESTJavascript & REST
Mobile SDK AccessAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS
Verification MethodsReCaptcha & SMSReCaptcha & SMS
Guided Onboarding & ImplementationWith annual planWith annual plan
Add Multiple Account UsersYes

Referral Hero Competitions

Type of ProgramDescription
Customizable Referral ProgramDesign a referral program that perfectly aligns with your brand, offering flexibility in how you engage participants.
Memorable Referral LinksProvide users with personalized referral links that incorporate their names, making sharing more personal and memorable.
Social SharingCustomize how and where users share their referral links across 10 different social media platforms.
LocalizationTranslate all text into any language to cater to a global audience, ensuring your program is accessible to everyone.
Automation EmailsUse behavior-triggered emails to communicate with participants, keeping them engaged throughout the campaign.
SegmentationAutomatically categorize users based on their actions and engagement, allowing for targeted messaging and incentives.
Smart LeaderboardMotivate participants by showing them their potential ranking if they invite just one more person.
Not right for you? Here is a list of alternatives to Referral Hero.

Referral Hero Pros and Cons

Responsive Customer Service: Quickly solves problems and offers help.Steep Learning Curve: Setting up can be difficult for some.
Customizable Interface: Easily matches your website without branding.Limited Admin Access: Lacks multi-admin capabilities at the Pro level.
Cost-Effective Features: Offers valuable tools at a reasonable price.Backend UX Needs Improvement: The backend could be more user-friendly.
Simple Setup and Installation: Sets up easily with tools like Google Tag Manager.Winner Attribution Limitations: Hard to link prizes with customer purchases.
Clean Website Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your site.Integration Challenges: Difficult to blend into existing webpage designs.
Comprehensive Support: Provides great documentation and support.Limited Bulk Actions: Can only delete high-risk subscribers individually or all at once.
Visibility on Referrals: Tracks and displays referral success clearly.Needs More Options: Requires additional functionality without needing to code.

9. Kick Off Labs

Kick Off Labs lets you launch viral contests, giveaways, and referral campaigns quickly. You boost your email list and engage your audience. You can create custom landing pages and forms to fit your brand. It integrates with your email and CRM tools, automating referral tracking and rewards. Get detailed analytics to see how your campaign performs.

Kick Off Labs Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Hobby Plan$19/month$9/month
Premium Plan$69/month$34/month
Business Plan$145/month$72/month
Enterprise Plan$289/month$144/month

Kick Off Labs Features

FeatureHobby ($19/mo)Premium ($69/mo)Business ($149/mo)Enterprise ($289/mo)
Leads per Month2502,50010,00025,000
Total LeadsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom Domains1135
Autoresponder EmailsYesYesYesYes
Advanced Fraud PreventionYesYesYesYes
Branding Free Landing PagesYesYesYes
Reward Level EmailsYesYesYes
A/B TestingYesYesYes
Tracking Pixels/ScriptsYesYesYes
Team Members35
No KickoffLabs BrandingYesYes
SMS ContestsOptionalIncluded ($50 value)
Custom Email Templates and DomainsYesYes
Advanced ReportingYesYes
1:1 Onboarding / Setup MeetingYesYes
Priority SupportYes
Free Design TweaksYes

Kick Off Labs Competitions

Competition/Referral ProgramDescription
Referral RewardsAutomatically reward leads for successfully referring friends to sign up.
Viral CampaignsRun campaigns that incentivize leads to share with friends for rewards.

Kick Off Labs Pros and Cons

Excellent for Prototyping: Quickly creates landing pages for market research.High Learning Curve: Setup can be challenging for less tech-savvy users.
Efficient Lead Collection: Collects important leads with customizable contact forms.Integration Difficulties: Troublesome to integrate with platforms like Leadpages.
Effective Referral Campaigns: Boosts contacts through referral campaigns.Expensive for Infrequent Use: Monthly fees add up for quarterly campaigns.
Attractive Landing Page Themes: Offers interesting and nice themes.Limited Shopify Integration: Difficult to use as a Shopify thank you page.
Affordable Monthly Price: Provides good value for the features offered.Desire for More Features: Users wish for more functions and an Italian tutorial guide.
Quick Customer Support: Assistance is prompt and helpful.Occasional Slow Page Loading: Rare but happens.
Viral Campaign Potential: Turns campaigns into viral machines with reward systems.Needs Multi-Admin Access: Lacks this feature at the Pro level.

10. EasyPromos

Easypromos lets you easily create and run online contests, sweepstakes, and quizzes to engage your audience. Customize promotions to fit your brand, and use tools like photo contests and instant win games to capture attention. It includes fraud prevention and auto-winner selection for smooth operation. With Easypromos, boosting engagement and gathering insights is simple.

Easy Promos Pricing

PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Basic Plan$29/month$290/month
Basic Pro Plan$49/month$490/month
Premium Plan$199/month$1990/month
White Label Plan$399/month$3990/month
Corporate PlanInquireInquire

Easy Promos Features

FeatureBasic ($29/mo)Basic Pro ($49/mo)Premium ($199/mo)White Label ($399/mo)Corporate (Inquire)
Apps Included58394444
Instagram GiveawaysYesYesYesYesYes
Facebook GiveawaysYesYesYesYesYes
Twitter GiveawaysYesYesYesYes
Comment LimitUp to 5000 commentsNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
Multi-Network GiveawaysYesYesYesYes
Photo/Video ContestsYesYesYes
Custom Games/Prize WheelsYesYesYes
Discount/Coupon ManagementYesYesYes
Multi-Stage PromotionsYesYes
CSS Customization/Own DomainYesYes
Easypromos BrandingNo Easypromos brandingNo Easypromos branding
Management Panel for CorporationsYes
Multiple Agents and RolesYes
Auto Login API AccessYes
Exclusive Customer SupportYes
Tailor-Made Legal ContractsYes

Easy Promos Competitions

Competition/Promotion TypeDescription
Instagram GiveawaysHost giveaways on Instagram to engage followers and attract new ones.
Facebook GiveawaysRun giveaways on Facebook to increase page engagement and reach.
Twitter GiveawaysOrganize giveaways on Twitter to boost interactions and gain followers.
Multi-Network GiveawaysConduct giveaways across multiple social networks for broader reach.
Photo and Video ContestsEngage users by inviting them to submit photos or videos for a contest.
Customized Games and Prize WheelsCreate engaging games or prize wheels for users to win discounts or prizes.
Discount and Coupon ManagementOffer discounts or coupons to participants to drive sales and loyalty.
Multi-Stage PromotionsRun promotions with multiple stages or rounds to keep users engaged longer.

Easy Promos Pros and Cons

Offers Various Applications: From Facebook giveaways to loyalty rewards, running promotions is easy.Multi-Network Sweeps Are Expensive: Integrating several social networks costs more.
Provides Deep Metrics: You can easily analyze promotion metrics.Verification Options Are Limited: Users can’t verify via both Facebook and email.
Customer Support Responds Fast: The team quickly offers tailored solutions.Answers Questions Immediately: The support team readily suggests the best options for results.
Answers Questions Immediately: Support team readily suggests the best options for results.Integration Can Be Difficult: Linking with platforms like Leadpages may take hours.
Gives a Fairness Certificate: This assures entrants that giveaways are legitimate.Monthly Fees Add Up: For infrequent campaigns, the cost is high.
Easy to Use: The platform and its support make operation straightforward.Was Once More Intuitive: It became less intuitive before recent improvements.
Support Is Continuous and Helpful: The team constantly improves the tool based on feedback.Costs Can Be Prohibitive: Without Easypromos branding, the price is significantly high for some.

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