The 5 Best Alternatives To Yesware


Yesware has been around for many years and has been at the forefront of sales email productivity tools for a lot of that time. 

That said, it’s far from the only email sales tool out there, and there are a lot of great alternatives.

Maybe you need something more suited to your budget, or perhaps the features that Yesware has aren’t quite right for your team. To help you, we’ve shortlisted five of the best Yesware alternatives in the market.

Here’s an executive summary.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
Right Inbox$7.95 a monthGreat features and affordableNo major problems
Mailshake$59 a monthPowerful mail merge featureExpensive
Mixmax$9 a monthFeatures to engage prospectsEssential features only in higher-priced plans
Saleshandy$9 a monthFree email trackingOnly basic features
Gmelius$9 a monthKanban boardsSteep learning curve

Ready? Let’s review them one by one:

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is one of the best Yesware alternatives you will find in the market. It comes packed with useful sales features. For a very affordable price, you can already send an unlimited number of email templates. That saves you a ton of time because all you have to do is save the templates that work for you and your sales team, and add them to your emails at the click of a button.

If you’re running an email campaign, you can send an unlimited number of email sequences too. You don’t need to worry about email tracking either. Right Inbox enables you to view who opened your emails and when, so you’ll know when the right time is to follow up.

Speaking of follow ups, Right Inbox also offers a sequences feature to automate those. The good news is, you have time zone support for email scheduling, too, which means you as well as reminders to make sure that you never forget to close a deal again. In addition, this Yesware alternative allows you to add private notes right inside Gmail so you can remember important details about your contacts.

If you have multiple signatures that you use when emailing, you can manage them with Right Inbox’s signatures feature, which allows you to create multiple email signatures and quickly switch between them directly from your email message.

If there’s a “con” to this tool, according to some users, it’s that some features are overkill. Right Inbox is user-friendly, too. Even if it’s your first time to use it, no onboarding time is needed.

Key Features

  • Time zone support for email scheduling
  • Save option for emails that are effective
  • Email sequences for non-responders
  • Syncing of key email threads with CRM tool


  • Some features are overkill


In terms of pricing, Right Inbox keeps it simple. It has a free tier that includes Send Later, Reminders, Private Notes, Signatures, and Templates. After that, the paid plan is $5.95/month billed yearly or $7.95/month billed monthly. Download for free in the chrome store today


Mailshake has been popular with sales professionals and PR professionals for some time now. It’s easy to see why – it has some very useful features. 

Mailshake’s biggest plus is its powerful mail merge feature to help you scale your cold outreach without over-complicating the process with too many features. Email follow ups are easy since they can be automated. Mailshake also includes an integrated phone dialer, which allows you to start a call with a prospect from within the browser.

You can leverage Mailshake to engage with your prospects across various social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This Yesware alternative also integrates with numerous sales and marketing tools to help you further streamline your sales process.

Some users complain there’s a little bit of a steep learning curve with this tool. Mailshake’s customer support, however, is great so if you have questions, you can easily reach them and they are more than happy to help. Mailshake also sends very valuable tips to your email. So if you have questions, you might just find the answer in your inbox.

Key Features

  • Easy email personalization
  • Powerful mail merge feature
  • Email automation for follow ups
  • Cold email templates
  • Live campaign management


  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive


Mailshake doesn’t offer a free version or a free trial, but its pricing is straightforward and includes two tiers: Email Outreach and Sales Engagement. The former is $59/month/user, while the latter is $99/month/user. Mailshake also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the tool.


This Yesware alternative is used by SaaS business owners and sales teams for a reason: It is jampacked with features.

Email tracking with Mixmax is easy because once you send an email, it gives you reports on email open rates and clicks. It also gives you data on the specific clients who opened your emails, and the number of people who downloaded a tracked attachment. With Mixmax powerful email tracking features, you can ensure your email campaigns are effective. You can schedule your email follow ups too, which means you don’t need to be online to send an email.

In terms of integration, Mixmax does that well with tools such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Slack. It also integrates with Google directory contacts. That means you can easily create emails that are geared towards the needs of the email recipients. You can engage prospects with Mixmax as well. This Yesware alternative allows you to create polls and surveys. You can get link previews and team chat functionality.

While Mixmax offers a lot of features, the sheer volume can make onboarding challenging, and the learning curve quite steep.

Key Features

  • Email tracking and analytics
  • Email personalization
  • Engagement features
  • Email scheduling
  • Option to save custom templates


  • Essential features available only in higher-priced plans
  • Steep learning curve


In terms of pricing, Mixmax has a pricing tier system that is geared towards several different users. There is a free plan, and its starter plan comes in at $9/month/user. Then, there are also SMB and Growth tiers, at $24/month/user and $49/month/user, respectively.


Saleshandy has all of the features that you would associate with this kind of sales tool. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles – just what you need to make more sales.

Its email tracking features let you know who opens your emails and help you make more informed decisions when you’re running an email campaign. It also includes unlimited notifications, which means that you get notified when a recipient opens the email. That can help you schedule your follow ups more effectively. The Yesware alternative also has templates for supercharging your productivity and landing more sales.

Saleshandy has a great support team so if you have questions about the tool, you can easily get in touch with them. They even give you a full demo so you can find what you’re looking for.

While not having an all-singing, all-dancing set of features can be positive, it can also be a drawback if you need a sales tool that does more than the basics for this price point.

Key Features

  • Free email tracking
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Email scheduling
  • Customized mail merging


  • Basic


Saleshandy’s pricing structure is similar to Mixmax’s. It offers a free plan that has unlimited email tracking and then moves to a regular account, which comes in at $9/month/user. The top two tiers are Plus and Enterprise, which are priced at $22/month/user and $49/month/user, respectively.


Gmelius takes a different approach than some of the other tools mentioned on this list. While it has most of the standard features, it also has a few unique ones.

For starters, this Yesware alternative includes shared inboxes, which allows your sales team to share contact details across inboxes, right inside Gmail. Gmelius’ more unique feature is its Kanban boards, which were popularized by Trello and which enable you to move your emails through a pipeline style process right inside Gmail.

One of Gmelius’ best features can also be seen as a downside. Because the tool is more innovative, it means there is a steep learning curve, and your team might need to get their heads around slightly different ways of working.

Key Features

  • Shared inbox
  • Kanban boards
  • Workflow automation
  • Email templates
  • Email tracking


  • Steep learning curve


Gmelius has a four-tier pricing structure, which includes a free version. The Plus and Growth tiers come in at $9/month/user $19/month/user, respectively. There is also an Enterprise tier, but if you’re interested in that service, you’ll need to contact the Gmelius team to get a quote.

The Best Yesware Alternative

There are a lot of great alternatives to Yesware. If you’re looking for something affordable with equal functionality, I recommend Right Inbox.

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