3 Webinar Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Webinars are one of the best ways to engage, and sell to an online audience. They are used by professional marketers like Neil Patel, and Alex Becker, through to small online businesses to generate an income. In this post I’ll break down how to create a webinar and the essential webinar tools that you can use to increase your conversion rate on an existing webinar platform.

This guide is aimed at people with experience running webinars. It covers three webinar tools you can use to boost your conversion rate, and generate extra sales.

By utilising these tools, and segmenting your email list, you can double your webinar conversion rate. For example, by using these three tools Neil Patel doubles his webinar conversion rate, selling a premium course at $997, from 1.8% to 3.6%.

There are three tools on this list.

  1. Boost your open rates with PicSnippet
  2. Generate additional leads with TurboDial
  3. Retarget attendees with Connectio

Let’s get started with PicSnippet.


Personalisation is becoming an increasingly common part of marketing sales funnels. PicSnippets helps you do just that. The way the software platform works is pretty simple.

You upload your own image, or choose a stock image from their library. You can then add custom text, personalised for each visitor individually, to your emails. Here’s an example so you can see what I mean.

It’s pretty simple, but highly effective.

PicSnippets is a great addition to your marketing toolkit, and is an effective webinar tool. You can use it for your email marketing campaigns to add that extra level of personalisation to any message.

It’s used by marketers like Frank Kern, and Neil Patel to boost conversion rates.

You can use PicSnippets on your webinar registration page, as a follow up when a person does not attend the webinar, to welcome new customer, etc.


TurboDial is a premium integration for InfusionSoft. The platform was designed to automate the process of reaching out to people by phone or text message. Essentially it enables you to add an additional marketing channel to your webinar sequence.

Assuming you’re using InfusionSoft, the best way to use TurboDial as a webinar tool is to integrate it into your follow up sequence. You will need to segment your email list to do this of course.

Target attendees who stayed until the end of the webinar, but did not make a purchase. The best time to send a text message is 24-hours after the webinar. Any sooner and you look desperate, and later and your text message starts to lose relevance.

Neil Patel uses this platform for his webinars. The way he uses TurboDial is pretty simple.

He sends an initial text message saying ‘hello.’

When the person responds to ask who it is, there is an automated response from the support team. If the conversation continues past this point then a support team member steps in to take over the conversation.

TurboDial is easy to use and effective. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need support staff to use TurboDial at scale. It works best with high ticket items, though it will boost the conversion rate for low ticket items as well.


Connectio is a platform that enables marketers to run facebook retargeting campaigns to their email list. I’ve reviewed the platform before here.

Facebook ads are a proven way to boost your conversion rate for an offer. The creator of the platform uses Connectio to boost the conversion rate on offers he promotes by an average of 50%. It’s a very effective webinar tool.

Unlike TurboDial, Connectio works with most of the big email marketing platforms. It’s also very easy to use.

The messaging for these retargeting Facebook ads can be simple. You can see an example below.

Acknowledge that the person attended the webinar, and create a sense of urgency that the offer they were exposed to will expire shortly. You don’t need to be inventive, because after 90-minutes of attending a webinar your audience should already have a connection with you.

Final Thoughts

When you have a webinar sequence that converts the easiest way to increase your revenue is to get those attendees back to the webinar or sales page. The three software platforms listed above will help you achieve just that. By combining email marketing with facebook retargeting, and text messages it’s possible to double your conversion rate.

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