8 Intelligent Logo Makers that are Cheaper than a Designer


A company logo is one of the first things you create when you launch a new business. Let’s face it, we all like to pretend we’re designers and having a logo somehow makes your project feel more real. Plus you won’t feel like an idiot if you don’t have a logo when someone asks you about it.

With modern logo makers you can create an attractive imagethat doesn’t look like it was designed in Microsoft Paint. Using ermm ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the best online software will pair up an attractive looking font with a suitable vector and put it all together in a suitable color scheme.

To help you design your company logo we’ve shortlisted the best logo makers available in 2018. If you’re too busy to read the whole article, you can find a summary of our review of the premium logo makers in the table below.

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
LogoPony$49 a designEasy to use interface, nice designs and a few extras.None.
LogoJoy$20 a designEasy to use and creates nice designs.Real cost is $65.
LogoZign$75 lifetime Lifetime access while in beta.Not really powered by AI.
BrandMark$25 a designYou get all the features.Real cost is $65.
Designhill$15 a designYou get all the features.Real cost is $50.

Now for the full review with all seven options 😉

1. LogoPony

LogoPony was one of the first logo creators using machine learning to be released. It’s as good as, if not in some ways better than LogoJoy (think Samsung compared to Apple).

To design a logo you just enter the name and the tagline of your company on first page. On the next page you choose how playful or serious the logo will be, color scheme, a couple of suitable icons and you’re done. Press ‘Make Me a Logo’ and after a few seconds the software will generate endless logo options for you.

Overall LogoPony is the best logo maker for a one off design. It’s cheaper than most of the competition. For $49 you get your logo in a range of formats and sizes, plus you get icons, favicons and watermarks. This covers your branding needs for a web business.

2. LogoJoy

LogoJoy was the first logo maker powered by machine learning and the most established company in this market. Since it’s launch in 2016 Logojoy has sold over 50,000 logos and generates over $600,000 in revenue each month. It’s a very big number!

With all this money LogoJoy has developed a great product. It has the best user interface of all the logo makers. And they create some great looking logos (there are some advantages to having so much capital to reinvest in your product). Yet while I like LogoJoy it is expensive…

LogoJoy has three price plans. The first one is pointless (you get a low resolution file of your design for $20). This means you need to pay at least $65 for your logo. For $65 you get high-resolution files of your logo with less extras than LogoPony. A custom design meanwhile costs $195.

3. Logozign

LogoZign is one of the newest logo makers to hit the market. It’s unique selling point, which puts it at the top of the list of best logo creators, is the pricing. While every other logo creator charges users per design, LogoZign allows you to create unlimited designs for one price. It currently costs $75.

The reason Logozign can offer this pricing is down to intelligent partnerships with free vector libraries. It’s also an offline product (though you do need an internet connection for it to work). This reduces the cost on the company side, which is passed on to you as the user.

Ultimately I’d recommend Logozign if you need to create quick logos for clients. For example it’s great for fiverr sellers. However if you just need a logo for your business then use either LogoJoy or LogoPony (it’s cheaper and the auto generated designs are often of a higher quality).

4. BrandMark

BrandMark has tried to establish itself as a one-stop branding website. The main service it offers is the logo creator. However, you can use BrandMark to come up with font pairings and colour schemes for your marketing material.

Overall BrandMark has a good logo maker, but I have a few problems with the app. When designing your logo you don’t get to choose the icon. This speeds up the process of designing a logo on the front end. The trade off is that you spend more time choosing your logo. But the main issue is that you can only see one logo at a time, a pretty silly oversight with the User Interface.

The BrandMark has the same kind of tiered pricing scheme as LogoJoy. It does offer a few extra features though. This includes social media icons, logo suitable for iOS and Android apps. That’s more than you get with LogoJoy, but less than you get with LogoPony.

5. Designhill

Designhill is the only company on this list that’s not a pure software agency. They are more like a membership site where businesses can hire freelancers to create graphics for them. They are obviously very successful, unfortunately the logo tool needs to be improved.

Creating a logo with the Designhill logo maker follows the same formula as most of the other platforms listed. It feels like a premium product. You won’t have a problem until you have almost finished your design. My first issue is that you are forced to signup to the platform to see the logo. I’d say this is an inconvenience rather than a problem.

The real issue is that what you asked for isn’t what you get. For example, I wanted my logo to be blue. I got pink, red, black and plenty of other colours, but not much blue. The quality of the logos also need to be worked on if they want to compete with a logo maker like LogoPony. Still, they do offer a better pricing structure for their custom designs than LogoJoy.

6. Basic Premium Logo Creators

There are a lot of logo makers to choose from, but only a few of them use machine learning to create custom designs. Most of them are quite old and share the same user flow; you choose your logo a library of pre-set templates and edit them from the drag and drop interface.

A few examples of logo creators that fit this template include Logo Maker and Logo Genie. They’re ok, but… You’ll end up with the same kind of logo as that used by a hundred other online businesses, just with a different name.

7. Free Logo Makers

In addition to the older premium logo makers there are a lot of free logo creators online. The majority of these free logo makers are pretty bad. They use the same interface as the basic premium logo creators, just with less templates (if at all).

Most of the free logo creators were created to bring traffic to a website. The idea is that you either optin to an email list or purchase a premium service. Designmatic and Logaster are two good examples of design agency websites with a free logo maker. Shopify, which is often in the list of top logo makers, created a simple drag and drop logo maker for the same reason.

A lot of people use the free logo makers to create their logo. Personally I wouldn’t use them. If you want to create a logo for free screenshot a logo you like and recreate it in Photoshop or something similar. You’ll probably end up with a better looking logo than you’d get from one of these free logo makers, which brings me on to the next point…

8. Alternatives

If you don’t want to use a logo creator there are plenty of drag and drop design platforms that make it easy for you to create attractive logos. Top of the list are software options like Canva and Youzign. These platforms don’t have the pre-built logo templates that you’ll find with the premium logo creators, so you’ll need to create your logo from scratch.

Keep in mind hiring a designer meanwhile is pretty cheap. There are plenty of freelance sites where you can hire a good designer for a lot less than $100. For example Freelancer and eLance are good, though you’ll need to spend a lot of time filtering results. 99Designs is slightly more expensive, but the quality of the designers you’ll find on the site are generally better.

Alternatively you can always run a competition and get designers to submit work to you. You can get some really good logo designs this way, though it is expensive. For example you can run a logo design competition on DesignContest from $275 a competition.

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