10 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms for Digital Ninjas


If you’re a retailer who runs an affiliate marketing program, you may well already be using an affiliate tracking software. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or considering launching a program, you’re probably wondering which of the many available platforms is the best one for you.

But how do you know which one to choose? Today we’ll look at ten of the best affiliate tracking software on the market and weigh the pros and cons to help you make a decision. 

What is an Affiliate Tracking Software?

Affiliate tracking software gives you all the tools you need to run an affiliate program. It receives applications from new affiliates, gives them the coded links they need, and automatically calculates commission. The program owner – that’s you – can see affiliates’ performance, approves applications, and makes payments. Affiliates can view their stats and commission. 

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a tracking software. You must consider the price, level of automation offered, user-friendliness, and any additional features to assess if a program is right for you. 

Here’s an overview of the ten best affiliate tracking software platforms for digital ninjas:

SoftwareStarting FromBest Thing About ItBiggest Problem
Voluum $69 per monthOne of the fastest trackersNo cross-device measurement
OSI Affiliate$67 a monthEasy to set upNo major problems
CakeBy quoteQuick and efficient reportingLags at times
Offerslook$259 per monthUser-friendly interfaceExpensive
AnyTrack$50 per monthAffordable with third party reporting integrationsRelies on third party reporting
Post Affiliate Pro$97 per monthIntegration with other platforms including WordPress, Paypal, and Stripe Complex interface
Tune$499 per monthReliableExpensive
PartnerizeNot provided by vendorAI capabilitiesToo much customization
iDevAffiliate$39 per monthAffordable solutionMediocre customer service
Tapfiliate$69 per monthGood integration with over 30 other platforms Difficult to set up
Refersion$89 per monthGreat user interfaceRefunds can’t be monitored
We Can Track€50 per monthGoogle Analytics integrationHistoric Google Analytics data can’t be changed

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into the specifics of each platform.


Voluum is one of the fastest affiliate tracking platforms currently on the market. This is due to the company’s six data centers scattered across multiple continents. With the platform’s speed and 100% uptime, users can ensure no click loss.

Voluum provides users with rich data with which to analyze their campaigns. There are over 30 data points available about every single visit, click, and conversion. This granularity allows for in-depth analysis, allowing for more informed future marketing decisions. 

Voluum is easy to use and fast to set up, with some users reporting getting up and running in as little as 15 minutes. 

The system also integrates with many of the major advertising platforms. It does not, however, allow for cross-device tracking, which is a significant disadvantage. Voluum has another option, Voluumdsp.com, if you want to handle your ads.

Voluum’s paid plans start at $69 per month and include basic tracker features. However, you’ll need one of the more expensive plans to take full advantage of all the features. The Grow plan starts from $449 per month, and the Agency plan starts from a very pricey $999. 

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate gives you all the tools you need to run your affiliate program. With the tool, you can assign all your customers and influencers promo codes so they can easily promote your products on social media. You can also make sure they promote the right brand message. 

With the social sharing feature enabled, you can give those promoting your products direct access to pre-written posts with graphics. Since every plan includes full integration with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, they can easily enable cross-channel promotion. 

For those just launching their program, OSI Affiliate is a great choice. The affiliate tracking platform has an exclusive influencer directory you can tap to recruit top affiliates for your program. The platform also has a library of professionally-designed landing page templates for your referral program. The built-in promotional resources are particularly useful. 

OSI Affiliate is straightforward to set up. If you have questions, though, its customer support is very reliable. The team will assist you in any way they can and offer suggestions and tips at every step of the journey. If OSI Affiliate adds more payout options, it can easily become one of the best affiliate tracking platforms on the market.

OSI Affiliate offers a 15-day free trial, with no risk. Its paid plans start at $67 monthly. That allows for 200 affiliate users, the use of your own domain, and 20,000 tracking requests. The most popular plan, the Professional plan, costs $97 per month. It allows for 500,000 tracking requests, 1,000 affiliate users, advanced social sharing, and the use of your own domain. The Premium plan, at $247 per month, allows for one million tracking requests, 5,000 affiliate users, advanced social sharing, the use of your own domain.

Cake’s Journey

Cake offers performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation, and multichannel marketing. Cake’s affiliate marketing solution, Journey, allows users to review their campaign data from across all channels in close to real-time. Its reporting happens within the hour, far quicker than most other tools. Journey also tracks the exact links that led to each conversion. 

It’s easy to organize and filter client lists through the tool’s tagging system. Journey also offers strong integration with other systems, including Quickbooks, Facebook, and Payoneer, among others. 

Affiliate program managers appreciate Journey’s fast and accurate payment calculator, which shows all the payments due for each cycle at the click of a button. 

Journey is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with users describing it as one of the most intuitive platforms on the market. Some users, however, have reported experiencing occasional lags. Cake’s customer service is excellent, often lauded as amongst the best in the industry. 

Cake offers customized pricing and offers a free demo.


Offerslook enables users to run offers, generate invoices, and manage affiliates. It is highly customizable, enabling program managers to build a platform using their own branding. 

You can set, pause or schedule offers at any time and enjoy real-time reports with visualized data snapshots. For the security-conscious, Offerslook has advanced anti-fraud features. This tool also allows you to conduct email marketing campaigns. 

Offerslook is so easy to set up and intuitive to use that even beginners can be up and running in no time. There have been complaints about the company’s customer service, with some users reporting difficulty getting through or a lack of support. 

Offerslook is also one of the more expensive platforms. Its price, which is conversion-based, starts at $259 a month. This package includes 10,000 conversions. However, Offerslook also offers a 30-day free trial with unlimited clicks, should you wish to try it out before making a purchase. 


AnyTrack is an affordable solution for the features it offers. With this software, users can track any type of traffic data using code assimilation. AnyTrack automatically determines traffic sources, channels, and custom variables. 

AnyTrack allows for over 50 integrations with various affiliate networks and ad networks, which the user can access with one click. It also integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, services not currently offered by any of the other platforms in this list.  

The platform is flexible, catering to a variety of different marketing needs, and enabling data-driven marketing campaigns. AnyTrack focuses on providing its customers with reporting through third-party tools like Google Analytics and Data Studio. This allows you to set up tracking through AnyTrack, but use your favored tool to view affiliate reports. In this sense, AnyTrack is more of a software solution that facilitates tracking, rather than a tool you should rely on for reporting.

AnyTrack’s paid plans start at $50 a month. This Basic plan includes one website and three affiliate networks. There’s also a Personal plan that’s perfect for PPC marketers. With this plan, users get unlimited affiliate networks for three websites. For larger companies, the Advanced plan gives you ten websites and unlimited affiliate networks at the cost of $300 per month. 

A 14-day free trial of each of the three plans is available. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a robust platform capable of running an entire affiliate program from end to end. As it enables automation of the vast majority of functions, it can save you a considerable amount of time once your program is up and running. This includes automation of payments, which keeps your affiliates happy as you never risk missing a payment. 

The front page signup and login GUI is highly customizable, allowing you to build a platform that aligns with your brand. Due to the number of options available, some users report that the platform is not always user-friendly. 

Post Affiliate Pro can integrate well with many other platforms, including WordPress, Paypal, and Stripe. The software also documents and monitors all of the plugins and features that you choose to install. 

Compared to other products of a similar price-point, Post Affiliate Pro is a bargain. The paid plans start at $97 a month, which includes advanced affiliate features. Prospective customers can take advantage of the 14-day trial period. Customers also praise the company’s customer service as amongst the best in the business. 


Tune is one of the most reliable affiliate tracking software platforms on the market. It is also one of the most flexible platforms for building, managing, and growing partner programs and networks. For these reasons, it is deservedly popular. 

Users can expect robust reporting functionality with Tune, with the ability to optimize reports according to their business’s specific requirements. This allows you to both see an overview of your affiliates and their performances, and to drill down into the nitty-gritty. 

Tune is easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those at the start of their affiliate marketing journey and experienced players. Most of its features are straightforward. The software also has an API, which means it can integrate well with many other software and systems. 

The disadvantage of Tune is that it is expensive. Paid plans start at $499 a month, with this Bootstrap plan including 1000 conversions and 50 active partners. There is also the Startup plan, which costs $879 per month, and the $1500-per-month Scale plan. For those with more complex requirements, custom plans are available. 


Partnerize allows users to manage all types of partnerships in-house, from traditional cost-per-action agreements to brand partnerships. The platform provides excellent documentation and robust reporting, with reporting fields that can be customized.

Partnerize focuses is built for larger brands. Therefore if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or run a tiny company, it is probably not the best choice for you. The company has been around since 2010, making it one of the most well-established affiliate marketing platforms. 

The Partnerize platform is known for its AI capabilities, which you can use to predict future results from your affiliate programs. You can leverage this for smarter marketing campaigns and more effective partner recruitment efforts. 

The price of Partnerize is not listed on the company website but is available upon request. Potential clients can also request a demo. Unfortunately, a free trial is not available. Many users speak favorably of Partnerize’s support, describing the company as customer-focused and happy to help. 


iDevAffiliate is one of the oldest affiliate tracking software platforms, with over 15 years in the industry. If you’re looking for a basic but functional affiliate software without all the bells and whistles, this may be the one for you. iDevAffiliate is simple to use and easily customizable.

The software boasts robust reporting capability, with a well-laid-out admin center offering multiple kinds of graphs and reports. Users can print these graphs or export the data into a CSV file for use in any major database system. 

iDevAffiliate focuses on integration, with capabilities to integrate with ecommerce platforms, billing and payment tools, and other digital marketing software. 

iDevAffiliate is the cheapest platform on this list, with its paid plans starting from just $39 per month. Its Cloud Premium plan, which includes unlimited affiliates, commissions, and traffic, costs $59 a month. The company’s tech support, however, has room for improvement. Some customers have complained of unfriendly and unhelpful staff. 


Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software that allows users to create, track, and optimize their affiliate and referral programs. With this tool, global campaigns are easy since it supports multiple languages and currencies. 

The Tapfiliate platform can be challenging to set up. However, once it is up and running, it offers an array of tools to help you manage your affiliate program efficiently. Reporting is robust, making it easy for both program managers and affiliates to track their performance, and the affiliate dashboard is intuitive and straightforward. 

Tapfiliate is an all-in-one solution that can integrate with over 30 other platforms, including Zapier, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Stripe, Appy Pie AppMakr, and Shopify. Its enhanced social media integration allows affiliates to embed branded content (videos, banners, images, links, and more) directly into posts. 

The software’s basic paid plan starts at a reasonably priced $69 per month. Unfortunately, a free trial is not available. Users consistently rate Tapfiliate’s customer service highly, describing representatives as responsive, patient, and understanding. 


Refersion is one of the most user-friendly affiliate tracking software platforms on the market. Businesses can easily track the best-performing affiliates via an easy-to-use dashboard. It also allows program managers to incentivize their influencers via unique discount codes and commission bonuses. 

Refersion tracks payments to affiliates but does not monitor returns or refunds. The platform has integrations with many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, as well as payment platforms. 

The software is also intuitive and accessible for affiliates. You can access your unique links and discount codes easily.

Refersion is competitively priced. The paid plans start at $89 per month. The plan includes up to 130 affiliate orders and unlimited affiliate visits. Big businesses and those looking to scale their affiliate marketing efforts can opt for the Enterprise plan, which is custom priced for each client. 

We Can Track

We Can Track is recently founded in 2019 and has its goal to develop technologies that makes affiliate publishers more successful.

The founders have previously worked for years in data analytics and development for a successful global affiliate publisher themself. After experiencing the bottlenecks affiliates go through they decided it was time to quit their jobs, found We Can Track and build a technical solution.

We Can Track is now famous for their easy aggregation of commission data into one sophisticated dashboard. And then automatically integrate this data into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Data Studio, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and other marketing tools.

This enables affiliates to explore and measure correctly new traffic sources. Set up new partnerships with other publishers. And optimize their revenue on keyword, geo, device and content or page level.

Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platform

Each affiliate tracking software platform we’ve discussed has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, Voluum is the standout choice in my opinion. Its 100% uptime, granular data analysis, and quick reporting capabilities set it apart. 

The 30+ available data points about every click, conversion, and visit allow you to track performance accurately and to consistently improve your marketing strategy. Voluum also represents excellent value for money for the features it offers. 

Of course, the needs of each business will be different. I hope this guide allows you to make an informed decision on which platform is best for you.

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Hope you like our content. If you feel you have a solution that should be on this list, shoot us an email. We want to make our articles as comprehensive as possible.

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