Right Inbox: From 100,000 to 286,000 Monthly Visitors


Right Inbox is a tool that makes your Gmail better. It lets you track emails, send automatic follow-up messages, and use ready-made templates with just one click. You can also schedule emails for later, set reminders, and jot down private notes on your emails. It’s all about making email easier and more effective.

Campaign Overview

  • Campaign: Complete
  • Links Secured: 137
  • New Referring Domains: 63
  • Traffic Increase: 186,000

The Challenge

Right Inbox was doing pretty good, getting about 100,000 visitors every month. But they wanted to grow even more. They were looking for an all-in-one SEO agency to help with making content plans, creating content, and building links to up their SEO game.

Our goal for the SEO project was simple: get more organic traffic, make the brand more known, and climb up the search engine ranks. We needed to come up with a plan to make it happen.

We developed a detailed plan for content and link-building that fit what Right Inbox needed. This included figuring out the right keywords, creating a content calendar, and picking which web pages to focus on for building links.

Our Results

We started by looking into keywords. In partnership with the team at Right Inbox we settled on a strategy targeting Gmai-related keywords. After settling on the approach, we created an aggressive content schedule. We also laid out a plan for building links that would go hand-in-hand with the content.

Once we all agreed on the plan, we divided the work. Our team wrote the first batch of articles and kicked off the link-building efforts. Right Inbox then took over, with our team stepping in to help when needed.

A year after we started, Right Inbox’s monthly visitors jumped from just over 100,000 to 286,000. We’re still helping out the content teams at Zoomshift and Voila Norbert, which are part of the same parent company.

Ready to experience explosive growth like Right Inbox?

We worked with Right Inbox to create a custom SEO plan that covered it all—from planning content to building links. This really bumped up their monthly visits and made their brand more well-known.

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