Zoomshift Review: All You Need to Know


Zoomshift is a scheduling software solution designed to help managers and hourly employees track their shifts with utmost ease. The time tracking platform brings dozens of employee management features in one place. 

Besides time management and shift scheduling, the tool also offers convenient payroll scheduling. This set of features makes it easier for both managers and shift employees to perform their respective tasks. In the end, businesses that use Zoomshift enjoy higher efficiency and smoother operations. 

Another thing Zoomshift has going for it is user-friendliness. The software solution has an intuitive interface that is miles ahead of other scheduling and time tracking tools. That’s particularly true for the web version of the software. Moreover, it has free mobile apps available on both Android and iOS. These allow managers and employees to keep track of their schedules while on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top Zoomshift features.

Zoomshift features

Why should you consider Zoomshift over other work schedule software solutions? Below are some of the key features that you can expect from this software:

Work scheduling

Zoomshift comes with a neat and easy-to-use scheduling dashboard. It comes with templates that will help you create employee schedules within minutes. The tool also supports drag and drop functions, allowing you to customize employee shifts easily.

You can invite employees, managers, and other supervisors into the dashboard. Not only that. You can also grant certain functions to specific people. For example, you can give shift supervisors permission to respond to shift changes or time-off requests.

Besides viewing their schedules, employees can also request time offs, pick up open shifts, and set their availability right from the dashboard. Your team members can also use the dashboard to swap shifts with other employees.

One nice touch from this work scheduler is the color-coding capability that lets you assign specific colors to every position. This seemingly minor detail also makes it easy to track each employee. A single glance at the dashboard can show you which employee is overworking or underworking, and which shifts need to be filled.

The work scheduling features will help you reduce labor costs and boost staff accountability. The dashboard also supports group chat and direct messages, boosting communication within your team. Plus, it sends automatic notifications reminding employees that their shifts are about to start. 

Time clock

The time clock software solution saves labor costs in various ways. First, it gives you the ability to block both overtime and early clock-ins. Second, it eliminates timesheet errors that can lead to erroneous payrolls.

Tracking employees is also effortless, thanks to this software. You can track late punches, missed shifts, extra shifts, etc. The tool also sends notifications when an employee is about to go into overtime.

You will find the payroll reporting tools very helpful too. The reports show worked hours allowing you to calculate gross pay quickly. You can also analyze the reports in detail, looking at how employees in different positions or locations (if you have multiple stores) performed. 


Zoomshift has a comprehensive time tracking tool that goes beyond monitoring worked hours. The tool also tracks sick time, jury duty, holidays, vacation time, and paid time offs (PTOs). 

Why is all that data necessary? It gives you a clearer picture of how your employees are performing. It can also help you identify team members who might be holding off on vacation time.

Zoomshift uses a GPS time clock for time tracking. Users can access the clock from a desktop and through mobile devices. Therefore, the tool is also ideal for companies that operate out in the field. Your employees will be able to clock in and out conveniently from their phones.

Also, the tool provides real-time data. Therefore, if an employee forgets to clock in or out, you’ll see the error from your device. That allows you to rectify the issue before it leads to costly mistakes.

Shift planning

The shift planner allows everyone to see their shifts from one place. That effectively eliminates confusion or misunderstandings that can lead to embarrassing and expensive no-shows.

This planner also encourages unavailable staff members to find shift replacements on their own. Your employees will never have to call you or a supervisor for a shift swap. They can just update the dashboard, and a notification will be sent out to the rest of the team. That allows someone else to pick up the shift. 

The notification doesn’t have to be public either. As you can see in the screenshot below, employees can offer their shifts to specific team members from within the platform.

Zoomshift also takes the hassle out of shift planning by providing dozens of shift templates. Instead of creating shifts from scratch, use these templates and get the job done within minutes. Plus, you can copy shifts from previous weeks or months and use them for future shifts. That means you can plan months-long shifts in just a few minutes. You can visit this page to find out more about its other shift planning features.

Employee time-off tracking

The Zoomshift employee time-off tracker comes with an automatic PTO calculator. It also supports convenient time-off management. The tracker will even send notifications when an employee is about to max out their PTO limit.

The software also generates insightful PTO reports. These reports show PTO balances per employee and upcoming PTOs, among other details.

Zoomshift pricing

Zoomshift is one of the most affordable scheduling and time tracking software solutions on the market. At just $2 per active member monthly, the starter plan comes with most of the crucial features.

Sign up for the premium package if you want to unlock the full potential of Zoomshift. That package features activity logs, GPS time clock, timesheet rules, shift rules, and overtime warnings. 

You can also contact the team for a custom plan. Custom packages include premium features and extras like priority support, sub-account management, white-labeling, and API access. 

Zoomshift offers both monthly and annual plans. Go with annual plans if you want to save more cash. For example, the $5 per month premium plan costs $4 per month under the annual plan. The $1 difference may not seem like much, but the difference will compound over time as you add more active members.

Zoomshift doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, but every plan comes with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required. Take advantage of this trial to test whether the platform is a good fit for your business or not.

Zoomshift pros and cons

Zoomshift is an excellent time-tracking and employee scheduling tool. Here are the pros and cons:


  • It’s effortless to use
  • It sends text, email, and push notifications alerting staff members of shift changes.
  • The software solution is available on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • It comes with customizable shift templates.
  • The shift planner and timesheets support accurate labor costs forecasting.


  • It can become expensive if you have a large team.
  • The performance of the mobile app could be better.

Overall, though, the tool is a great addition to your technology stack since it allows for increased efficiency.


Zoomshift is an excellent time tracking and employee scheduling software solution. It streamlines operations helping businesses increase efficiency. Moreover, the tool can boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover since it gives them more control over managing their shifts.

Zoomshift works best for smaller businesses with hourly employees. That includes businesses like restaurants, salons, call centers, construction companies, etc. It’s also an excellent option for companies with staff members distributed across multiple locations.

Try it and you’ll see how the tool can definitely make a difference in your business.

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