Woorise Review: What You Need to Know


Competitions have always been popular with businesses. When I was a child, cereal companies offered prizes to customers who filled out a form. Prizes could be face caps, T-shirts, an extra box of cereal, or something more expensive like a family vacation. 

Although those kinds of giveaways have fazed out, the concept behind it was clear — Brand marketing. Now, the contest platform has shifted to social media, with 55.82 percent of brands running viral giveaways across social networks.  

The result? New customers. New email subscribers. And more followers. 

Of course, you can run manual giveaway campaigns on social platforms. But, social media tools such as Woorise help you maximize efficiency and generate more leads. 

Woorise is an all-in-one social media tool that helps small businesses with lead generation and marketing efforts via viral giveaway campaigns, contests, surveys, and quizzes. 

The software integrates with other marketing and payment platforms such as Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, and PayPal to help you scale your social campaign efforts. 

This article will discuss all you need to know about Woorise. 

Woorise Features

Woorise markets itself as an all-in-one marketing platform. You can use the tool to create landing pages with the landing page builder, run competitions, surveys, and quizzes.

The platform has extensive features that allow you to create and design perfect social media campaigns and embed them on your website and other social platforms. We’ll discuss some of the key features of the tool below.

Drag-Drop and Customization Interface

Woorisehas a drag-and-drop interface that lets you effortlessly build various social campaigns. You can create quizzes, forms, social contests, and giveaways by dragging and dropping elements onto the page using beautiful and responsive templates. 

This feature allows you to customize content blocks like the header, cover image, or tables and place them in a preferred position. With this, you can customize your preferred design in a few clicks. The dashboard has a WordPress style user-interface that makes it beginner-friendly without core technical or coding skills.

Woorise also enables you to create and customize campaigns for various social media platforms; other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are other gamified templates like the “Twitch”, “Instant Win,” and “Game Key Unlock” templates.

You can also customize the nitty-gritty details to ensure your campaign stands out. For instance, you can show a timer countdown or include start and expiration dates. Along with that, you can also add official rules of the contest to ensure everything flows seamlessly before publishing.


Woorise lets you track the performance of your social media campaign via analytics. 

Here, you can see performance data such as how many entries and how many views the campaign has. Woorise analytics also breaks down your data based on devices used, top locations, and the channels with the most engagement. 

There’s also the option of incentivizing entries through viral shares. That way, points are awarded to participants based on how many shares (and clickthroughs) they make. Each participant will have a unique URL to share on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or via Email. 

You can also use Woorise’s domain or embed your new contest link into your website, blog, or Facebook page to track engagement and shares, thus gauging your referral marketing performance. 

Privacy, Security and Fraud Detection

Woorise has privacy and security measures in place to comply with GDPR standards. It also features a secured user login via two-factor authentication for registrations and secure log-ins.

Woorise’s fraud detection system further strengthens these security measures through email verifications and Google reCaptcha for campaign participants. 

Other Woorise features include;

  • Data exportation into one CSV file using filters and a date range to streamline the data you need to export.
  • Instant Win feature allows the system to pick winners based on odd, random pre-selected dates automatically. 
  • Integrations with diverse platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, Aweber, MailChimp, and so much more to fit all kinds of small businesses. 
  • Geo-Targeting allows you only to target specific regions.
  • Multiple Languages including RTL languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. 
  • Built-in Workspaces for use within the same Woorise account, or a completely different one, making it perfect for social media managers who manage different social media brands. 

Participants can also receive email notifications when they successfully submit a form. You can also personalize these “Thank You” notifications based on conditional logic defined by user choices. 

 Woorise Pricing

Woorise has two billing options — monthly and yearly, spread across three paid packages and one free package. The free package has unlimited campaigns, 500 entries per month, and email support only. 

As for its paid plans — Basic, Grow, and Pro — users have robust options such as integrations and the liberty to have multiple team members on board an account. 

The Basic package starts at $29 per month ($23 per month if paid annually) and includes 2000 monthly entries, improved support via email and chat, but no integrations. You can find premium features such as integrations, custom domains, email notifications, and the option to remove branding in the Grow and Pro packages, which start at $49 and $99 monthly. 

Woorise Pros and Cons

Although we’ve unpacked the features to expect when using Woorise for social media marketing and lead generation, this software has some drawbacks and benefits. 

Let’s take a brief look at them below. 


One of the features that stands out for us as a benefit is the diverse platform integrations. That makes it easy to use alongside other tools in your marketing toolkit. Not to mention, its beginner-friendly interface makes it easy for non-technical savvy people to operate, even on a free account. 

Woorise has many lead and campaign generation options that aren’t tied to just giveaways and contests. That versatility is important, as it increases the scope of use.

As a business owner, you need lead generation tools to engage people who visit your site or follow you on social media. Woorise is just such a tool. You can 


Overall, Woorise is a great tool. While it is beginner-friendly, it would be great to have some onboarding video options for new users or some training on how to begin. People with knowledge of coding might also feel restricted by the tool as you can only CSS edit the form’s design on a pro plan. 

Another noticeable drawback is that Woorise is based on WordPress. That might alienate some users who use another platform. 

Final Thoughts

Engaging with your social media followers is one of the most effective methods to market your brand and broaden your reach. Fortunately, when it comes to viral social media campaigns, multiple online competition software platforms will meet your requirements.

Woorise is one such software. It is a good option if you require something outside the usual scope of social giveaways and contests. With many campaign options such as surveys, polls, and quizzes, you can engage your audience in different ways and generate leads to scale your marketing efforts. 

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