Wishpond Review: Everything You Should Know


Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation software. This combination of lead generation, customer nurturing, and more general digital marketing tools makes for a really valuable tool.

Tools like Wishpond’s landing page editor and lead form templates help attract and capture more leads. Lead scoring and email marketing solutions enhance customer nurturing and help convert more visitors into customers.

Website management and automation tools are useful for your more general marketing strategy. You can also create custom campaigns, social posts, and website popups to enhance your marketing efforts.

With the basics covered, let’s take a look at the features of Wishpond and how they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Features of Wishpond

The features of Wishpond are split into four categories; Capture, Nurture, Convert, and Services, as shown below.

Let’s look at features in each category more closely.

The Capture Category

Wishpond’s capture category has a wide variety of templates you can use to create effective landing pages. It also has a website builder that gives you access to powerful marketing tools. These can help you capture leads with ease.

You can use the social promotions feature to generate more traffic and attract prospects through engaging social campaigns. You also get to run a variety of social contests and competitions to create more interactive customer relationships.

There’s an appointment booking feature too—this will make scheduling meetings easier for you and your clients. Finally, marketing funnel templates are available to help you guide customers through their customer journey.

Nurture Category

Here, you’ll find an email marketing platform with tools that help you create engaging email campaigns. Also, there’s an email API that helps you reach customers more efficiently by enhancing the deliverability and security of your emails. 

For small businesses, keeping up with sales and marketing campaigns can be challenging. Wishpond makes this easier through sales and marketing automation features. These allow you to save time and streamline your lead-capturing processes.

Convert Category

Wishpond has a wide range of form templates you can choose from. These templates allow you to create engaging lead forms, which are essential to converting visitors into customers.

Also, you can use Wishpond’s popups on your web pages to keep customers moving through your sales funnel and convince them to purchase. 

Wishpond’s Shopify marketing platform is designed for easy use. Therefore, it’s perfect for beginners. It has advanced reporting tools to help you track web page views, email engagement, and Shopify purchases. 

Finally, you can make your landing pages shoppable with Wishpond’s payments software. There’s also a Stripe integration that promises to help users receive payment in over 135 currencies, using multiple payment methods. 

Services Category

Wishpond gives you access to a dedicated marketing team who takes care of your marketing strategy. You can also hire a dedicated team for paid ads, SEO, or graphic design.

Overall, Wishpond has almost everything you need to generate leads and run your marketing campaigns.

Pricing of Wishpond

Wishpond’s pricing plans are not visible on its website. As you can see in the screenshot below, the pricing page includes an option for customers to book an appointment to discuss pricing plans instead.

The pricing page speaks of flexible pricing and a free trial account. According to review sites, aside from the free version, Wishpond offers three main pricing options: Basic, Pro, and Growth. Each of these options can be paid monthly or annually as follows:

Paid AnnuallyPaid Monthly
Basic$528 ($44 per month)$69
Pro$928 ($69 per month)$119

Below are some of the features that come with the Pro and Growth plans. For an extra $100 per month, in the Growth plan, you can get four times the leads you’re allowed in the Pro plan. You get customer support and landing pages, too. The number of landing pages isn’t specified. You can ask Wishpond’s representative when you make your query.

Unlike the Pro plan which allows only up to five users, the Growth plan allows for unlimited users. This feature can come in handy especially if you’re managing a big business and are running multiple marketing campaigns. Both the Pro and Growth plans allow for marketing automation. 

Pros and Cons of Wishpond

Now that we’ve gone through the features and pricing options of Wishpond, let’s break down the pros and cons of the tool.


First, let’s go through the pros. The pros are mainly centered around ease of use. 

  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Easily integrated with other software
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Flexible landing page builder – easy to navigate
  • Social campaign and email marketing automation software streamlines marketing efforts

Based on the pros, the tool is perfect for companies that have just started running marketing campaigns. There is no steep learning curve. So, even if you’ve never used a marketing tool before, you won’t have a hard time using Wishpond.


Now let’s look at the cons. 

  • Lack of communication – difficult to reach customer service for assistance
  • Lack of pricing information on the website
  • Reports of customers’ cards being charged after unsubscribing
  • Subscriptions auto-renewed 
  • Limited pricing options

Wishpond is continuously improving its tools and services. 

In Closing

So, to sum up, Wishpond looks like a handy marketing automation solution. It includes a variety of lead capture, nurture and conversion software you can use to ensure your business’ success. There are general digital marketing tools, too.

Many reviews have also noted Wishpond’s friendly staff. Features like the landing page builder, for instance, work really well, too. Customers also found the tool easy to use, especially for beginners. Of all Wishpond’s features, this is perhaps its most important pro. Beginners with no experience with marketing tools won’t have a hard time using Wishpond.

As with any other tool, Wishpond comes with some cons. Overall, though, Wishpond’s pros outweigh those cons. 

If you’re looking for a tool that can do practically everything marketing-wise, don’t look any further. Wishpond is just the tool for you. Go try it out today.

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