WatchThemLive Review: Is It the Proper Tool for User Behavioral Analysis?


We all want more information about the users that visit our website. One of the most commonly used tools for audience analysis is Google Analytics. It provides people who know how to use it with plenty of insights. However, some people want to dig a little deeper, utilizing tools like screen recordings and heatmaps to see what people do on your site.

There are various tools on the market that provide this type of functionality. This guide will provide a comprehensive review of WatchThemLive. Let’s dive right into the article.

What Is WatchThemLive?

WatchThemLive is a freemium web-based app that will help you conduct user research. The core features of the tool include heatmap, session recording tool, and analytics. To get started with WatchThemLive, you need to sign up and create an account.

After signing up, you need to add a tracking code to the header of your site. You then need to verify the installation. You have to go through a similar process when setting up Google Analytics or most other heatmap software real-time or session recording tools.

Let’s look at each of the features in turn. 

Session Replays

Session replays provide a video showing what actions people take on your site. Recordings are automatically activated as soon as you set up your WatchThemLive account.

To watch a session recording, select the “Session Replay” tab from the dashboard. 

You can use some useful filters to create a list of relevant videos to watch based on your criteria. You can filter videos by user’s name, page, email, device, country code, screen resolution, and even browser.

Note: Don’t forget to exclude the users you don’t want to include in the tracking process. 

Navigating the session recording dashboard is straightforward. It’s easy to review sessions so you can see how people engage with your site.


One of the main features of WatchThemLive is its heatmap. A heatmap shows how visitors interact with your site. You can see where people click on your page and things like scroll depth. Setting up a heatmap with WatchThemLive is straightforward.

After clicking on the “Create Heatmap” button, add the page URL where you want to set up tracking. You’ll also need to name the test.

You’ll need to collect sufficient data before the heatmap is activated.

The heatmap will show where people click on your site. As you can see, setting up the heatmap is very easy. You can use the data you gather to optimize your site.


WatchThemLive also has an analytics feature that you can use to conduct detailed behavioral analysis. For example, you can easily analyze visitor sessions. 

You can see general information from the dashboard like visitor numbers, average time per session, sessions, and the operating system they use. You can also segment your audience using various filters. 

For instance, the country code filter has a subfilter allowing you to choose different identifiers to apply using “Is”, “Contains”, or “Starts with” terms. WatchThemLive also provides real time audience tracking. It syncs data in less than five minutes. 

Moreover, with WatchThemLive, you can set goals to track conversions. You can then see the percentage of visitors who completed the goal. 

WatchThemLive Pricing

WatchThemLive has a freemium entry plan and three paid plans. The free plan has all the features you get with the paid plans, but there are limits on the quantity of data you can gather. Data is only retained for five days as well.

The three paid plans on offer are Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise. They cost $9, $39, or $149 respectively per month. The monthly cost reduces to $7, $39, $124 if you pay annually. 

The plans are competitively priced for what you receive. Having the option to use the freemium plan means you can try the platform before you buy, which is handy.

WatchThemLive Review: Final Decision

WatchThemLive is a great overall tool, though it is in the early stages of development. The online app has an easy-to-use interface and provides a good user experience. You can access all of the features with the freemium plan, and the plans are competitively priced. Finally, the live analytics, visitor profiling, and reports for online and offline usage will provide plenty of insights to web owners and marketers.

If you’re looking for a heatmap or session recording tool, consider signing up for WatchThemLive. The analytics feature provides plenty of great insights, but you can do a lot more with a tool like Google Analytics, which is the industry standard solution for a good reason.

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