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Let’s face it: Online users are super picky today.

Overwhelmed with tons of content they absorb, they’ve mastered banner blindness and the super short attention span, with no hurry to notice and care about the information brands try to communicate on social media.

The fight for users’ attention and the competition for their interest is crazy. Marketers, designers, and other creative specialists working with content assets continue looking for tools that would help engage a broader audience but require no specific skills or much time to use.

The features of VistaCreate come in handy here.

On social media, engagement comes from exceptional visual content. VistaCreate is a multifunctional tool for crafting and posting eye-catching visuals that allow your brand accounts to stand out from competitors.

This article will tell you how it works.

VistaCreate Features

VistaCreate is a design tool allowing users of all skills to craft visually pleasing content assets for social media. It provides a massive library of trendy templates by professional designers, editing tools for customizing those templates, and marketing instruments for scheduling and posting content across various business pages.

Let’s jump into details!

Social Media Graphics Design

VistaCreate shares 100K+ professional templates for designing your Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook posts. They update the library monthly and add more professional templates for users to work with the latest design trends. 

Besides social media templates, you can find customizable graphics for cards, posters, flyers, banners, logos, etc. The tool provides templates for 80 design formats to satisfy all possible business needs. Svarbiausia – rezultatai! Mūsų SEO paslaugos kaina tai investicija į tavo verslą! It stands to reason that all templates are fully customizable: 

Dozens of photo editing tools and design objects are here to help you create unique visuals for social media accounts.

Creative Assets for Custom Design

VistaCreate offers a user-friendly, multifunctional editor to customize your designs: 70M+ creative assets are available for your projects to enhance visuals! 

More than that, you are welcome to upload your own images, videos, logos, vectors, and other assets to craft social media designs and branded content that will communicate your brand’s authenticity and tone of voice.

Here’s what you can do in VistaCreate’s online editor:

  • Edit existing templates: remove backgrounds, change size and colors, add texts or frames, use photo filters, flip or rotate images, add objects (50,000+ static and animated design objects available), whatever.
  • Animate your designs with 9,000+ animated objects.
  • Add music or videos to your designs: VistaCreate’s library offers 8,500+ music tracks and thousands of Full HD video clips.
  • Make stickers from your uploaded images or VistaCreate photos.
  • Design in a team: You can invite up to 10 members to your multiuser account to design social media graphics with you.

Also, feel free to use a cross-platform editing feature: You can create a design in the app and continue editing it on a desktop, and vice versa.

All-in-One Content Maker

No need to design your social media graphics in VistaCreate but schedule or publish them via a different tool. VistaCreate has covered everything:

You can create custom visuals and manage their publications in the same place!

  • Use templates or create your Brand Kits to design individual social media posts.
  • Post them directly to your business pages on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook with the Publish feature.
  • Plan your content with Vista’s social media scheduler. Decide when to publish your pre-made designs to get the maximum reach.

If you’ve already planned and scheduled your social media post but want to change it – no problem: in VistaCreate, you can edit the pre-planned posts in the Post Planner tab with a few clicks.

Social Media Scheduler

It’s the all-in-one feature allowing you to design, schedule, and publish social media posts across several channels.

First, you log in to VistaCreate, choose the format you need (Facebook or Instagram posts or Pinterest graphics), and decide on a pre-made template for your design.

Then, customize it via editing tools and design features. Once ready, prepare to schedule: Provide VistaCreate with access to your business social media accounts so it can post ready visuals on your behalf.

Finally, schedule your design. Click “Post” in the scheduler, choose the account you want to post on, and decide on the date and time to share the design. If you plan to share it via several accounts, you can resize it for another social media platform in the Post Planner tab.

Cross-Channel Posting

VistaCreate is a perfect graphic design tool for those with several business pages on social media. Its media planner allows you to schedule posts for various social media platforms in one account:

Connecting Vista’s social media planners to your Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, you can create, edit, and manage publications on all those channels simultaneously! 

Also, you can design one visual for all social media pages by customizing its size for the corresponding platform. It’s an opportunity to save time and resources on content planning, creation, scheduling, and promotion.

VistaCreate Pricing

At the moment, VistaCreate offers two pricing plans: Starter and Pro. The Pro plan has a few extra features that could come in handy for those planning to design and schedule social media graphics in a team or use Sticker Maker or unlimited Brand Kits. 

If you are new to such tools and want to test the features first to see if it fits your design needs, consider the Starter plan.

The Starter plan is free of charge. Everything you need to start using it is to sign up to VistaCreate and get a free account.

Here’s what you have with the Starter plan:

  • 100K+ design templates for your social media and other formats
  • 1M+ creative assets for customizing and enhancing your designs in Vista’s editor. Create assets include royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • One Brand Kit with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Styles and Logomaker features
  • Free fonts, music, animations, backgrounds, and objects
  • 10 GB storage for files and projects
  • Direct posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Post Scheduler

The Pro plan offers the whole Starter pack with several extra features like access to more creative assets in the library, a team account, or background removal. It costs $10/month and provides a 14-day free trial that you can cancel anytime.

Here’s what you have with the Pro plan:

  • 100K+ design templates for your social media and other formats
  • 70M+ creative assets for customizing your social media designs in Vista’s editor.
  • A team account of up to 10 members to create and edit responsive designs with colleagues
  • Background Removal and Sticker Maker features
  • Unlimited number of Brand Kits
  • One-click resize to multiple formats to fit various social media platforms
  • Unlimited storage for files and projects
  • Version History: You will see 15 versions for three months, and the design will remain available for download

VistaCreate Pros and Cons

VistaCreate is among the top graphic design tools on the market. Indeed, its trendiness and performance, together with the all-in-one instrument for creating stylish designs for business and personal needs, make it worth trying.

But nobody is perfect, right? Let’s look at the pros and cons of VistaCreate compared to other related tools.


  • Library of trendy templates: VistaCreate offers the most massive library of pre-made trendy templates. Users can customize about 80 design formats, from social media posts and blog graphics to logos, cards, flyers, and brochures for their business. 
  • Regular updates: The database of pre-made, customizable templates gets updated monthly to provide the latest design trends. In other words, Vista’s users get exclusive designs and can’t be afraid their visuals will look like many others on the web.
  • The tool is multifunctional: It gives users an all-in-one instrument for visual content creation, customization, and publishing. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, VistaCreate is available for specialists of different professions, not only experienced designers.
  • Web and mobile versions: You can download the tool to Android & iOS platforms and get the same number of templates and creative assets as a web version.


  • Limited mobile version: It doesn’t have Brand Kits, team accounts, and Post Scheduler. Users have no opportunity to upload custom fonts here, and they can’t fully edit multi-page designs.
  • The work with video files is limited: No video crop or split, and no video timeline available.
  • Unsubscribe Features: Users can cancel their subscription to VistaCreate only via the platform they first got it. Thus, if you subscribed from the web, you can’t unsubscribe on mobile, and vice versa.

In Closing

VistaCreate is a multifunctional graphic design tool for creating eye-catching and trendy visuals for social media and other marketing channels. Its comprehensive feature set makes it easy for users, even those non-designers, to create impressive graphics, publish them directly from the tool, or schedule them to go live later.

It offers a massive media library of professionally designed templates that’s constantly updating and an intuitive editor with dozens of tools to customize interactive designs with animations, music, vectors, videos, and other creative assets.

VistaCreate has templates and editing instruments for any design format you can imagine. It’s free to use, available on the web and Android/iOS platforms, supports cross-channel posting, and provides users with a free social media scheduler to boost your brand visibility and audience engagement. 

With VistaCreate, you can design unique visuals for all platforms and share them on different channels with just a few clicks.

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