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We live in the age of information. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have been using big data to gain insight into customer trends and drive business decisions. Ever wonder how Netflix recommends films and TV series? It analyzes customers’ behaviors to create a clear picture of how people use the platform and what they like.

Customers interact with online businesses daily, providing marketers and product managers with a wealth of information. Yet, less than 20% of companies have adopted a culture of using data to improve their online presence. The reasons for this include the difficulty of distinguishing valuable data from useless data, data silos, and a lack of analytics tools.

That’s where Visitor Analytics, a website intelligence platform, comes in.

Visitor Analytics is an advanced yet user-friendly website intelligence platform with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use and privacy-compliant features. It tracks extensive website statistics, such as bounce rates, website traffic, and average session duration. 

It also offers valuable insights into visitor interactions with behavioral analytics tools like session recordings and heatmaps. The platform is designed for digital marketers, demand specialists, and website owners.

This article will take a look at what Visitor Analytics offers:

Visitor Analytics Features

Web analytics entails collecting, analyzing, and reporting website data to understand user behaviors and determine the success of business strategy goals. They measure how many users visit a website, how they arrive at your website, how long they stay, how many web pages they view, and which pages they view.

1. Web Statistics

Visitor Analytics offers the following analytical features:

  • Web Statistics: that measure website performance with metrics like the number of visitors, the average duration of sessions, and bounce rates.
  • Visitor Statistics: uses visual maps and traffic charts to track users’ geographical location and time of visits.
  • Page Performance Statistics: highlights the content customers prefer through data on pages receiving the most visits and the landing pages that boost conversion rates.

Visitor Analytics also provides hardware information that helps you optimize the user experience according to the devices customers use most or their operating systems. Campaign tracking measures the performance of digital marketing campaigns. Competition analysis compares your website performance with that of similar businesses in your industry.

The app’s dashboard gives you a complete overview of critical web statistics, including the number of visitors, page visits, bounce rates, and conversions.

Visualizing this data in charts and graphs allows you to identify patterns and trends at a glance. For example, a downturn in visitors to your SaaS blog hints at content problems. To resolve this, you can start developing an appropriate content marketing plan for SaaS audiences.

2. User behavior analytics

Knowing how visitors behave on your website is incredibly useful. With Visitor Analytics, you can view your customers’ actual activities with session readings and heat maps.

Visitor session recordings or session replays are real recordings of visitor sessions on your website. You can see customers’ mouse movements, what they clicked on or how fast they scrolled through content. This invaluable feedback gives you a thorough understanding of how customers interact with sites.

For example, you may learn that users hardly scroll to the bottom of the page where your call-to-action (CTA) button is. So, you move CTAs up the page to boost conversions.

This session replay shows the user clicking on unclickable elements. You can use this insight to redesign your web pages around user’s behavior. 

Heat maps, shown below, are visualization tools that use color to show which parts of a webpage receive the most attention. Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) indicate high visitor activity, and cool colors (blue and green) show low activity.

Visitor Analytics’ heat maps trace three mouse actions: clicks, moves, and scrolls. In the example above, the warm areas indicate where desktop visitors clicked most. There are also options to see the mouse movements of tablet and mobile users.

Conversion funnels monitor user paths from landing pages to purchases. Conversion funnels deliver visibility of the customer’s journey, enabling you to identify where visitors drop out of your sales funnel. See the example below.

Out of the 300,000 users that viewed the homepage, one-third made a purchase. Most visitors dropped out at the product pages. So, you may consider optimizing these pages.

3. Data Protection & Privacy

As its leading priority, Visitor Analytics stays updated on several data privacy laws to ensure compliant tracking. These include the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA), the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and (GDPR), China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL).

Visitor Analytics Pricing

Visitor Analytics has both free and paid plans, with pricing based on the number of monthly visits. The free option tracks up to 400 website visits per month. The most expensive option tracks up to 100,000 monthly visits. So, there are options for bloggers, small businesses that want to grow, and large enterprises.

All paid plans offer the same features. The difference is the volume of data analyzed. For example, the basic plan allocates four pages for heat maps. The Pro Plus plan allows 25 pages.

Visitor Analytics Pros and Cons

Visitor Analytics positions itself as an alternative to Google Analytics. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages it has compared to its competitors.


Internet privacy is a growing concern for many customers, and privacy laws like GDPR & CCPA are in place to manage how websites use customer data. Unlike Google Analytics which uses data for other services like Google Ads, Visitor Analytics doesn’t store personal data. That means there’s no need for cookie consent banners.

Another advantage Visitor Analytics has over other analytics software is the visitor behavior analytics features, session replays and heat maps. Website managers gain first-hand information about how users interact with the website, allowing them to optimize web pages based on how real visitors navigate.

The third advantage is the platform’s ease of use. Unlike Google or Adobe, which recommend certification to use their analytics, Visitor Analytics’ navigation is intuitive. It offers the same data sets in a visually attractive and user-friendly interface.

The website intelligence platform also provides key features like surveys and polls in the freemium plan. However, you’ll only be limited to one of each per month.


A common complaint is an application crashing or freezing frequently. Moreover, customer service isn’t available 24/7. 

However, the majority of the reviews Visitor Analytics gets are positive. Visitor Analytics continues to find ways to improve its product and services.

In Closing

Many companies are sitting on a treasure trove of customer data that can improve their business outcomes. Website analytics tools collect and process data about how users interact with your website. These insights are valuable, shaping business strategies like content marketing.

Yet very few companies are using web analytics to drive their online success. One of the reasons is that they aren’t aware that there’s software that can help them with analytics.

Visitor Analytics tracks essential website stats, allowing marketers to measure the performance of their content and web managers the performance of their websites. The software also traces user behavior with heat maps and session replays, recording how real-life customers navigate the website.

The combination of web and user behavior statistics makes Visitor Analytics an all-in-one analytics app. So, whether you’re a marketer, analytics specialist, or business owner, it’s a powerful tool you should include in your arsenal.

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