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Maintaining productivity and income is never guaranteed in today’s business environment. Technologies and business models are changing, and new competitors from outside the industry are entering the market. For that reason, anyone in any industry should identify new business and growth opportunities. 

Innovation is integral to survival, allowing organizations to adapt to changing market conditions.

Data-driven innovation is an effective method for making various business decisions based on actionable data. Valuer is an AI-powered data-driven platform that assists businesses in discovering relevant technological innovations and business solutions. It helps you find new market opportunities and select strategic efforts to drive your company’s growth.

This article will go over all you need to know about Valuer.

Valuer features

Valuer is a versatile platform that can enhance your entrepreneurial life in various ways. For one, it can help you discover organizations, allowing you to uncover high-potential startups for collaboration initiatives and investment in new enterprises. 

The goal of Valuer is to help you stay on top of your industry and disruptive technology.  You may use it to meet your innovation requirements, find new incoming businesses, or learn more about a startup, industry, or technology.

Let’s go further into Valuer’s features to understand its capabilities better.

  1. Find companies that use specific technologies

Finding a business that requires an add-on, integration, alternative, or extension to a specific piece of software you have is an efficient approach to closing a sale. Knowing what marketing technologies companies use and preparing your team for a sales conversation provides you with a competitive advantage to achieve your goals.

So, if you offer a solution that improves the effectiveness and productivity of any technology, you must identify and monitor the businesses that use that technology. Valuer makes it simple to find these businesses using their AI-driven solution.

Simply type your description in the text box of the technology you want to investigate, and you will begin the process of finding the answers you want. As seen in the screenshot, you may specify the industries and sub-industries you want the AI to focus on inside that search.

These steps are entirely optional. You can continue to search without specifying an industry or sub-industry.

Valuer will then create a list of companies that meet your criteria. These results are organized according to a “match score,” which is a percentage that rates how close a startup is to your initial search.

Furthermore, you can request a company enrichment report on any company profile you come across on the platform. That allows you to access in-depth data put into a report format. The report covers the business model, value proposition, product portfolio, market opportunities, and achievements.

  1. Find look-alikes

Finding similar companies to your customer, partners, or rivals helps your business establish a solid market and competitive intelligence approach. It also enhances lead generation, lowers marketing costs, enables more accurate targeting, and increases conversions.

Valuer provides another search feature that allows you to take a company you’re interested in and identify related companies. Simply put the name into the search field, and the platform will generate a list of similar businesses.

You may further narrow the results page by using search filters. With automatic pre-screening of possible partners, Valuer increases visibility and simplifies the review process for potential investments. It allows you to access vital data such as location, funding stage, and the number of employees, among other things.

  1. Explore industries feature

Industry analysis provides a thorough insight into the industry’s current and future situation. It assists you in identifying potential opportunities and risks. That helps you develop effective business plans and marketing strategies.

You must grasp demand-supply statistics, the level of competition in the industry, technological developments, and the impact of external factors on the business.  

Valuer allows you to swiftly and efficiently explore various industries. You may browse a list of pre-determined industries and access a cluster map of each industry.

Each industrial group displays several sub-industries and the startups that operate within them. The companies provided depend on the sub-industry and the target industry you are viewing and have selected.

  1. Explore technologies

Exploring technological options is critical for both small and large businesses. New technologies arise regularly, and they impact user experiences. As a result, you must develop your products and services based on the new information and communication technologies.

Valuer lets you look through a list of pre-defined technology sectors. You can also choose a technology or a technical sector application to obtain an overview of the technology and the companies involved. You have the option of ordering a technical deep-dive report as well.

You will receive a report including data and insights on an in-depth description, benefits, applications, market opportunities, maturity, and sustainability.

Valuer pricing

Valuer offers two price options: pay as you go and customer plan. Pay-as-you-go plans charge you based on your use and needs. 

It allows you to pay per user or order. It includes all of the essential features you require, such as business enrichment, technology deep dive, reports, industry discovery, company discovery, and technology discovery. The monthly charge starts at €39 per user.

The custom plan offers additional options. It comes with resources and services like startup matchmaking, booking expert meetings, and free SDG and industry research papers. It also offers data mining, API integration, and data auditing services. 

Valuer provides a 14-day free trial.

Valuer pros and cons

Valuer aims to connect investors, businesses, and corporations with agile startups and technologies to accelerate their growth and innovation. They employ AI technology and solutions in response to customer needs, new algorithms, and solutions as they arise.

But there are always advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of Valuer’s pros and cons.


  • Valuer is flexible and reliable.
  • It provides data-driven tools.
  • Valuer generates a real-time list of possible partnerships, organizations, investments, and the most eligible startups in a specific area and industry for the early developmental phase. 
  • It offers a reasonable price.
  • It integrates with third-party productivity tools such as Teams and Slack.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

In Closing

It is critical to foster an innovative culture. It enables you to optimize your processes, launch new products and services, create development strategies, and increase profitability. Valuer aspires to serve as a link between corporate innovation, investors, and accelerators. 

So, if you want access to a massive and growing database of startups, scale-ups, patent information, and technology insights, Valuer is the tool for you. Valuer accelerates the process of screening companies by using a data repository and AI algorithms to offer consumers probable matches. It can help you sift through millions of records and give selected companies or technologies greater context and depth.

With Valuer in your tech stack, you can find new market opportunities and ensure your company’s survival and even growth in the years to come.

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