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Time-tracking is an essential element of your job. It gives critical insight into your workforce. Proper time-tracking also helps you make informed decisions regarding project pricing and management, team scheduling, and even how you spend your day. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of employees’ working hours and ensure they are adequately paid for their time.

Instead of guessing, it’s critical to keep track of your time. Fortunately, various time-tracking apps will do the math for you. Using a time-tracking tool will help your team become more organized, transparent, and productive.

Companies and individuals alike use time-tracking apps. Traqq is a time tracker that allows you to log work hours and monitor your team’s productivity. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Traqq and how it can help you.

Traqq features

The best time-tracking apps make it simple to set and stop timers, adjust working hours and check reports to see how long projects take to complete. They also help you generate invoices and export critical data.

But that’s not all. You may also come across more features depending on the tool you pick. However, the need for specific features depends on the nature of your business and your purpose for using the time-tracking tool.

Thousands of apps are attempting to meet consumer demands, making the competition fierce. So, it may be challenging to identify the best time-tracking app for you. 

Traqq includes both team and time management activities. It helps businesses track their performance and internal operations. Let’s learn more about Traqq features to see whether they can satisfy your business’s needs.

Transparent tracking

It is always up to the employees to make work transparent. Therefore, if your staff lacks ethics and honesty, you will have no idea how much time they spend on their work. Luckily, companies can use time-tracking apps to increase transparency by showing managers what employees do during work hours.

Traqq includes a variety of features for transparency. It can take screenshots, monitor members’ activities, and generate productivity analytics. It provides teams with insight into how work hours are spent and how they may become more effective.

Offline desktop time tracking: Traqq can record time at work, productive time, and downtime even when the employee is not connected to the internet. And once the employee gets back online, the data will be synced and updated in your report.

Mouse and keyboard activity tracking: Traqq tracks user activity by recording mouse and keyboard clicks. The app provides statistical data in the form of a percentage of activity level for each activity. You may look for activity peaks and troughs. You can then analyze the potential reasons behind them and take steps to ensure optimal production.

Automated desktop screenshots and screen recording: This tool will record each employee’s applications and websites while their time is being recorded. You will receive a pie chart displaying the percentage of time spent on each app or website. That allows you to ensure that employees spend their work hours on the right tasks.

This information can assist you in determining whether the time is being wasted and help you take steps to restore efficiency.


The Traqq app collects screenshots and stores them in the employees’ online accounts. Employees can go through the screenshots and remove any they don’t want the company to see. However, deleting screenshots decreases their recorded work time on Traqq. Each deleted screenshot corresponds to a 10-minute reduction in total hours worked by the employee.

Reporting features

A time-tracking report is one of the most crucial files for you and your clients. It is essential for project management, budgeting, and analysis. The flexible reports provide you with a clear picture of the various factors that may affect your team’s productivity. They help you grasp how your business is currently performing and what aspects could be improved. 

Traqq allows you to track the time & activities and generate reports. It generates a weekly summary report and a time and activity report. You can also get app and website usage data, a report on any manual time adjustments made, income reports, etc.


You may select the period for which you want a report and have the report list the information you want. You can export these reports in various formats. For example, you can send them through email, CSV files, or a universal PDF document.

Furthermore, all gathered employee data is automatically integrated with payroll and invoicing spreadsheets with just a single click.

Team management

Employees must understand their mission and goals to meet project objectives and deadlines. Everyone involved must be on the same page and put in the effort. To efficiently deliver your tasks, you may need to form teams or manage your employees. Thankfully, Traqq lets you group your employees.

When you are the account owner, you have complete control over your team. That means you can configure it to align with your company goals. For example, you can organize your team into many groups, each with its manager.

Moreover, you may give responsibilities to employees when you build up your Traqq account’s team and groups. Each role has its own set of permissions.

Traqq pricing

Traqq’s price is pretty reasonable. Premium Starter, Premium Teams, and Enterprise are the three plans available. Every Traqq plan includes all the tools and features you could need for project time tracking.


The Premium Starter plan is entirely free. It allows you to have three people on your team. The Premium Teams plan supports anything from 4 to 100 individuals on your team. It will cost you $7 per month per seat. It provides a 21-day free trial.

With the Enterprise Teams plan, you can have over 100 people on your team. Sadly, Traqq doesn’t include the cost of this plan. Instead, you must contact the team for a custom price quote.

Traqq’s pros and cons

Traqq covers nearly every task necessary for effective team and time management. It is a convenient and efficient app for managing and monitoring a team and tracking activities. However, it does have some drawbacks as well.

Let’s quickly go through some of the pros and cons we discovered on Traqq.


  • Traqq is a user-friendly and detail-oriented tool.
  • It has a free version.
  • It allows for monitoring and managing the activities of team members during project work.


  • It doesn’t have a mobile app version.
  • There is no version for Linux.

In Closing

The growth of remote work has complicated employee activity monitoring that many managers need to be on top of. Fortunately, technology makes it easier to know what your remote teams are up to. And time tracking tools are some of the best software solutions that every remote team manager needs.

That’s where Traqq comes in. 

Traqq is suitable for start-ups and businesses with limited budgets and human resource management capabilities. The tool has advanced tracking features that enable accurate and transparent tracking. It helps keep track of what your employees do with their mouse and keyboard. It also allows you to monitor work progress both online and offline. 

In other words, Traqq makes it easy to manage your team, regardless of how big or small it is. It’s a decent tool that’ll help you guide your staff towards reaching team goals.

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