Just What Does it Have to Offer: Systeme.io Review


Running your online business with too many tools may be a real nuisance, and the costs of maintaining each tool gradually build up as you expand. Fortunately, thanks to alternative solutions, you don’t need as much business software or email marketing software as you would imagine.

All-in-one online marketing platforms reduce the need for an overload of various tools and the necessity to integrate them, which frequently causes unnecessary technical issues and frustrations.

One of these platforms is Systeme.io, an all-in-one online marketing platform that makes it simple to start, grow, and scale your online business. With Systeme.io, you can create sales funnels, manage customers, send emails, manage your affiliate network, and sell digital products – all using a single platform.

This post will go over everything you need to know about Systeme.io.

Systeme.io features

Systeme.io is a lead-generating and marketing platform that converts visitors into sales. It offers multifunctional software that combines several features into a single interface. Each of these features is critical in building a successful online business.

We have summarized all of the features of the platforms to determine whether it truly gives everything you need to run a business from start to finish. So, here are the key points:

  • Sales funnels: You can create sales funnels with only a few clicks. There are many pre-made templates to select from, and a page builder is a drag-and-drop tool. You can integrate your email list, payment system, and membership sites into your funnel.
  • Email marketing: You may automate and generate email sequences. You may also tag leads with custom tags, create lists based on their behaviors, and subscribe to membership.
  • Affiliate dashboard: On this dashboard, you can publish your offers for other affiliate marketers to advertise and review any deals that are available for you to promote. You’ll also find a selection of items listed in the Systeme.io systems marketplace that you may advertise.
  • Marketing automation: Systeme.io makes it simple to dynamically automate a broad range of tasks, such as sending emails, creating an online company, selling items and services, gathering leads, etc.
  • Evergreen webinars: The software makes it simple to host evergreen webinars that consistently generate leads and revenues.
  • Membership sites: Without any coding expertise, you can quickly construct a membership website with varying membership pricing dependent on how much money individuals are ready to spend each month.

The features listed above give you an idea of whether Systeme.io can help you set up complete sales and marketing funnels for your products or services regardless of your existing expertise.

Systeme.io pricing

Systeme.io is one of the most cost-effective marketing platforms. Its plans page details everything included in the free and premium plans.

Systeme.io offers a free package that includes all features. Everything is unlocked in the free plan from the beginning. Even with the free plan, you can still run a whole online business. However, the plan is subject to certain limitations, such as the number of sales funnels, custom domains and email campaigns. 

Outside the free plan, there are three premium options to you can choose from when you decide to upgrade: Startup, Webinar, and Business.

  • Startup: $27 a month, including 5,000 email subscribers, three custom domains, and other features.
  • Webinar: $47 a month, including 100,000 email subscribers.
  • Company: $97, including up to 150,000 email users, unlimited custom domains, and unlimited webinars. It is the only package that includes one-on-one coaching sessions and free migration.

Other features, such as the number of sales funnels, blogs, courses, students, automation rules, and so on, also change as you upgrade.

Systeme.io pros and cons

Maintaining a single interface where you can control everything reduces the learning curve significantly, making it ideal for beginners. There’s no doubt that Systeme.io offers a variety of tools that make company owners’ lives simpler.

However, no software is perfect. So, we have compiled a summary of the pros and cons of the platform to understand better what the tool is truly worth.

1. Pros

  • All of the necessary marketing tools are in one place.
  • It is affordably priced for anybody establishing or growing an online company.
  • It offers a free plan, which is ideal for those just starting.
  • The page builder is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Usually, external page builders are hard to learn.
  • You don’t have to worry about plugins and themes, upgrading and maintaining them, and others because they’re hosted on the Systeme.io server.
  • Allows you to build a membership website without coding.

2. Cons

  • Systeme.io’s email marketing and segmentation features are pretty basic. You won’t be able to segment your email list based on different filters and advanced searching.
  • You’re entirely dependent on whatever Systeme.io has to provide. For example, you won’t be able to make small changes to the brand colors and typefaces. 
  • You are limited to the templates they supply and can’t change, edit, or import them.
  • The majority of the templates are geared toward a direct offer.  If you are selling that one thing and want to market that one product, it is designed for that purpose.
  • If you have a physical product, you won’t be able to do things like add items to a cart, then let your consumers check out and have everything in one place; they don’t have to buy your products separately.
  • System.io’s dashboard is relatively straightforward. There isn’t much there; the only information you’ll see is how many leads and how much income you have.
  • There is no integration with external tools or services like Slack or Trello.

To sum up, Systeme.io’s nature as an all-in-one solution is both its advantage and disadvantage – you have everything you need in one package, but you’re confined to what it offers. In other words, the software doesn’t evolve with your needs.


Systeme.io is ideal for beginners, small company owners, and seasoned marketers trying to simplify their operations and reduce costs. You will gain the strength and flexibility to focus on what matters. However, I don’t recommend it for larger businesses requiring more customization and integration with other applications. 

If you’re still unsure about the system and if it’s good for you, I recommend creating a free account and testing out all the features to see if it’s right for you. We hope this article was insightful and helpful in giving you a better understanding of the system.

Good luck!

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