SmartKarrot review: What you need to know


Customer experience is the primary factor that will distinguish you and your company from the competition. When you achieve customer success, you may minimize churn, boost retention and renewals, and generate more revenue.

Luckily, customer service solutions have become more modern and tech-savvy than ever before. Customer success software, like SmartKarrot, can help you provide high-quality service and support to your customers.

The SmartKarrot platform is a client relationship management tool that aligns your customer with your company’s goals. It helps you boost customer success by enhancing user onboarding, adoption, engagement, retention, renewal, upsell, and revenue growth at scale. 

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about SmartKarot.

SmartKarrot features

SmartKarrot is a product and customer success platform that assists businesses in collecting and analyzing customer data across various systems. SmartKarrot’s main benefits are focused on the need to reduce churn, generate upsells, build advocacy, increase team productivity, and improve customer experience.

So, let’s learn more about SmartKarrot features.

Account Health Score

A customer health score is a metric that helps customer success teams quantitatively predict whether a client will grow, stay the same, or churn. A health score system might vary from one company to the next based on the company’s objectives, demands, and tactics. It might include data like total product usage, the need for support, the number of renewals, customer engagement length, survey data, etc.

SmartKarrot provides the most crucial insight and metrics for health scores. 


Customers’ health scores on SmartKarrot include the following:

  • Duration Index: This is used to track user engagement and how regularly they are active.
  • Retention Index: SmartKarott provides you with the percentage of users who return to your website and continue to use it over time to measure retention.
  • Loyalty Index:  This is a measurement of how long people continue to use your product or service over time. Users who continue to use the product for at least one month are considered loyal.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Index: NPS determines whether the user would recommend the service or product to others. The Smartkarott measures customer satisfaction over a specified reporting period to calculate NPS.

SmartKarrot records customer behavior and satisfaction to assist CSMs in taking meaningful actions that drive business goals.

360-Degree Customer View

A 360-degree customer view is a unified, all-encompassing overview of a customer’s data. The data might include a customer’s basic contact information, past and current purchase history, and interactions with company touchpoints encountered on their customer journey.

SmartKarrot provides a 360-degree view of client data such as profiles, tasks, health scores, support requests, financial information, and product use.


It combines previously collected data, giving you context and perspective for every customer. You may establish alerts for the entire portfolio, accounts, or events via this 360-degree view. You may also create a ticket and task management view that displays the most relevant data to you.

Task And Touchpoint Management Tools

SmartKarrot assists businesses in developing products based on prior data and insight. It provides playbooks, and collections of prescriptive best practices ranging from onboarding through advocacy and are customizable to company needs. In addition, it considers how customers engage with your products so that you can make better-informed decisions about product development and management. 


SmartKarrot also helps organizations improve customer engagement and retention by managing many interactions at various touchpoints. Touchpoints in SmartKarrot allow you to record client interactions and tag them with their associated accounts and contacts. 

SmartKarrot’s customer experience solution allows automated touchpoints, alerts, and usage-based user behavior detection. Managers can also configure an alert system to get real-time notifications for situations such as stakeholder changes, milestones, and contract expiration.

Automated Customer Campaigns

SmartKarrot generates hyper-personalized campaigns that allow you to meet your clients at different phases of their buying journey. It provides automated customer campaigns that help businesses engage with consumers through emails, text messages, and push alerts. This can happen during onboarding, feature launches, and other activities. 

SmartKarrot configures and automates across NPS, detailed customer surveys, customer segmentation, pulse feedback, product adoption guidance, and more. It also offers API integration with a variety of third-party apps.

SmartKarrot pricing

SmartKarrot offers four subscription plans: Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. It, however, does not provide the pricing, and you must contact them to get it. It also does not offer a free plan. 

Prices vary based on factors such as customization, additional features required, number of users, and deployment method.


The Starter Plan provides everything you need to manage customer experience, such as customer 360, Healthcare, Success Playbooks, Email Campaigns, surveys and NPS, Product Analytics, and so on. However, it only supports one product.

The Growth Plan supports two products and contains the start plan feature. It also comes with additional features like an intelligent customer portal, advanced automation, platform Intelligence, etc. 

The Pro Plan includes support for three products and five system integrations. Furthermore, all features from the Growth Plan are included, as well as customer Call Intelligence, CS Team Collaboration, and so on.

The Enterprise Plan includes limitless products and system integrations. It contains all pro features as well as Sandbox, private cloud options, access to CS advisory and consulting via partner network, and access to CS certification.

SmartKarrot pros and cons

SmartKarrot enables businesses like yours to stay relevant to their consumers. Its services are categorized into three parts: helping organizations know their consumers, identifying opportunities and risks, and developing actionable strategies based on these insights.

However, there are always pros and cons. Here is an overview.


  • Easy to use platform with a nice user interface. 
  • It helps in data capture and tracking, tailored communication with targeted audiences across different channels, and customer health score monitoring.
  • It delivers extensive insights based on many performance metrics and helps in comparing future marketing initiatives’ success.
  • You may create surveys in various forms to learn what’s on your audience’s mind.
  • SmartKarrot offers ready-made templates to save you time. There’s also the option to attach a reward for a prompt answer.


  • The prices are not included. You must contact the company for pricing.
  • The implementation is not a simple cut-and-paste code but rather a more complex SDK-based deep integration process.

In Closing

SmartKarrot is a customer success platform that is innovative and intelligence-driven. It’s an excellent fit for B2B companies looking to manage and build their client portfolios. It’s also a great fit for customer-centric enterprises and small businesses in various industries.

Based on your particular business-related requirements, the appropriate thing to do is define the various key aspects that necessitate investigation. Look at the critical features, cost, user technical ability levels, firm size, etc. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is, however, always that tool that can help you reach your customer support goals. SmartKarrot might just be that tool for you.

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